March 6th, 2011


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I have a pimple on my inner labia.  So to try to get rid of it I've been taking hot baths and using a hot wash cloth on it.  However now the area is dry and itchy as a result.  What can I use to moisturize the delicate skin there?
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back pain and breasts.

I'm 24 and have a small frame and D-cup breasts. I also have a really, really sore back.

I work at a spine place and had a spine MRI that didn't show anything. I'm kind of grasping at straws because I can't find a conclusive reason for the pain, but I am wondering if I can relieve some of the pressure by getting a better bra. Anyone else had an awesome experience with a certain bra? I'll try anything at this point - my back really, really hurts! :(

Sitz baths and bartholin gland abscesses

I've been dealing with bartholin gland abscesses pretty much monthly since July 2010. Thankfully, the last time I actually had to have it cut open/drained/etc was the end of September. I had a word catheter inserted but it only stayed in for two days; my gyno wanted it in for a minimum of  4 weeks but hopefully 6. However, the two days it did stay in seem to have done it some good. Ever since then, even though it came back every month, it would open up/burst on its own instead of having to get cut open and drained. I preferred this since it didn't hurt at all, compared to getting it cut open. D:

For the past two months, I haven't even had one. Words cannot express how happy I was. I always have a tiny bit of a swollen area there, but it was never hard/rigid, tender, and it didn't grow. For reasons unbeknownst to me, it came back yesterday. It's not super bad today, but it does hurt when I sit directly upright and definitely hurts when I touch it. 

I am doing my best to stop it from getting bigger because I can't really miss school. I missed almost all last week due to some flu crud. If I had to, I'm sure it would be alright, but I don't like to get behind or miss at all. So, I took a sitz bath this morning with epsom salts. To be honest, it does feel a bit better after the bath, but I don't know if that's a placebo effect or what. So, I have a few questions:

How much epsom salt are you supposed to use for this kind of thing? 
How many baths should I be taking per day? How often?
And is there ANYTHING I can do besides baths/warm compresses? Just cross my fingers?

This is really difficult for me. I've been depressed for a month or two now but now that this is coming back, I'm even more depressed. I seriously just don't know what to do anymore. I keep wondering why in the world this has to happen to me, on top of all my other problems.
Any advice? :( Thanks.

UTIs and Spotting

I used to be pretty active in VP but a lot of changes in my life happened and I disappeared. Now I´m sick, please help me VP!!!! I have a million questions.

I´ve had a high fever for a week, usually around 101 but swinging up to 104, chills, loss of appetite, vomiting, lower abdominal and back pain. Yesterday in the ER the doctor told me I had a UTI (after examining me for about 2 seconds) and prescribed antibiotics.

I don´t know if I quite believe him. I had some urinary urgency about ten days ago but it lasted for about a day. No urinary pain, no weird smells. However, I am spotting. My period ended on Tuesday (today´s Sunday) and I´m still bleeding a little bit, which is unusual for me, I never spot even when I´m on HBC.
1)Can spotting be a symptom of a UTI? If not, what is the cause?

Also, the last time I had a bad UTI, the pain disappeared within 20 minutes after I took the first antibiotic. Now I´ve taken two pills and the pain is the same (although the fever is gone).
2)Why does it still hurt?!?

3)If I do have a UTI, why don´t I have the normal symptoms like pain when peeing?

4)I´ve always heard that in order to prevent yeast infections on antibiotics, you should eat plain yogurt. But in the medication leaflet it says to avoid milk products while taking Cipro.... So which is correct?

5)To complicate things, I´m living in a South American country where it appears they do not have cranberries nor cranberry juice, even in the most American of supermarkets. Does anyone have any idea on how I can acquire some, or what might have a similar effect?

6)If it´s not a UTI.... what is it? And how do I get better? I´m miserable :(


Hello, lovely people.

I have been approved for the Essure procedure, and will be having it done in April. Hooray!
Until then, i am feeling slightly nervous, as i have opted to have the procedure with only local anesthetic. Can any of you fine people tell me your Essure stories? What should i be wary of during recovery?

(i am 30, no children, one miscarriage and one abortion, otherwise healthy. i have also sat through many tattoos, which seemed to reassure the doctor that i could handle the procedure.)

Thank you.
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Yeast infection, first pelvic exam, and trichotillomania

I checked the vulvopedia for information about yeast infections, but I couldn't quite find what I was wondering about.  

I've had what feels like what I would expect from a yeast infection for the past four days or more - intense itching, kind of burning feeling, really dry down there, and strong smell before the itching started, and swollen outer labia (I don't remember what my inner labia normally look like, but those are probably swollen too).  I haven't noticed any of the cottage-cheese discharge people mention - I actually haven't noticed ANY discharge lately, which is abnormal for me.

This would be the first yeast infection I've had as an adult.  I'm planning to go into the health services at my school to get it checked and verified, but I'm a bit nervous to do that.  First, I just got my period finally, although it's really light, and I've heard that getting your period can make a yeast infection go away - would this be a good reason to put off going in to see the doctor?

Second, I'm really nervous to get a pelvic exam because I have trichotillomania, impulsive hair pulling, that ends up leaving bloody scabby marks on the upper part of my mons pubis.  I know it's not healthy, and I've been working on it, but it's an improvement over past psychological self-harm issues.  I'm just nervous about having to explain it to a doctor and get lectured.  I'm also nervous that they're freak out and thin I have a rather severe STI and want to do a ton of tests.  Any advice on how to talk to the doctor about this?

missed pill/possibility of pregnancy

 So I feel dumb. I'm on Alesse 28 days and last night my boyfriend and I had sex and then I came home and fell asleep without taking my pill. I usually take it before I go to bed. I just remembered that I forgot and it's passed the 10 hour window that I have with Alesse. I just took my pill now. The pharmacie is closed right now so I can't even go get emergency contraception.

What is the likelihood that I could get pregnant from this?


A Case of the Yeasties

Hello VagPag!

So I have a yeast infection.  5 days ago, I noticed the opening of my vagina was a little bit.. tingly.  4 days ago, when I was staying up all night to finish a midterm, I started to get CRAZY itchy.  3 days ago, it was itchy, red, burning, irritated, and I had some chunks of discharge.  2 days ago, I bought 2% Miconazole Vaginal cream and found acidopholus pills.  Today is my 3rd day using the cream internally and externally, and taking a pill each day.  I guess my vagina is feeling better - it isn't feeling like I have a hot, dry tampon inside anymore, but I am definitely still uncomfortable and have a few bouts of "omg so itchy" every once in a while.  I can't tell how I am on the discharge, since I can't tell what's discharge or what is the cream.  When I go to the bathroom and wipe, I notice a few little spots of blood.  The longest I go without any cream on is after going to the bathroom.. because it starts to hurt and itch so I put more cream on within a few minutes.

I also bought a tub of all natural, plain fat-free yogurt, which I have yet to use.  Should I stick it out and keep using just the cream for 4 more days?  Would it be awful to try to lather some yogurt on for relief?  A side note - I noticed on the nutrition label that the yogurt says it has 15g of sugar.  What!?  I thought sugar was a cause of the yeasties.  Should I not use this yogurt?
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post plan-b question: part 2

hi there! on february 9th i had to take plan b because the previous evening my boyfriend and i had a condom malfuncton which led to semen getting all over/in my vag. i posted again recently when i experienced some spotting a few days after taking plan b, which you guys told me was nost likely due to the hormones from the pill and i should be ok. when we had sex i was on the tale end of my period (i started it the evening of february 4th). now, it being march 6th, i would normally be starting my period any second. but because i took plan b, and had some spotting, maybe it will be coming late..? i have been experiencing some light cramping and sore boobs..and have been a bit moody--all the usual signs i get before my period! it was the first time i took plan b, so im a bit clueless. anyone have any input or been in a similiar situation? when should i worry?

Passive smoking and high risk HPV

Just hoping for some advice. I've been having irregular smears and colpos since 2007 and my last two colpos showed high risk HPV. I've always been careful to avoid any of the things known to worsen precancerous cells, in particular, smoking. However, I just spent 5 months doing an internship in Luxembourg, where smoking is permitted in all bars, many cafes and where it's much more socially acceptable to smoke. I tried not to be around smoke, but it was difficult to avoid all social interaction, and I ended up in a bar for a few hours approx once or twice a month. Also, I was living in a residence with other interns, and one incredibly selfish girl insisted on smoking in her bedroom (next to mine) and also in the kitchen from time to time. I would smell cigarette smoke several evenings a week. I tried to avoid the kitchen and keep my bedroom window open when I smelled smoke, but I was surely exposed to it. I've done some research online about how much smoke is enough to be considered passive smoking but there seems to be a lot of debate about it.

My mom thinks I'm being totally paranoid, saying that this was a small amount of smoke and nothing to worry about, but I just feel so, so uneasy. I normally live in a totally tobacco smoke-free environment and the last 5 months were just a miserable nightmare for me. Every time I smelled smoke or went into a bar, I just imagined the cancer developing. I have two months until my next colpo and I'm so worried. I'm beating myself up over the fact I didn't just return home once I realised how prevalent smoking is over there. Is it likely that this amount of exposure could have severely worsened my condition?