February 6th, 2011

Bleeding from accidental rectal grazing

Hi Superstars,
       Tonight, while my boyfriend and I were having P in V sex with me on top, he slipped out and accidentally grazed my rectum. It hurt a bit at fist, but not so much that I thought he'd entered me, so after a few seconds, we continued.  However, when I went to the bathroom afterward, I noticed a little blood on the toilet paper.  After further investigation, I determined that the blood was coming from my rectum.  I'm not in pain and the amount of blood is fairy small, but I was wondering what I should be doing to make sure that this does not turn into a bigger problem.

Ongoing yeast infection on boyfriend

I've posted a couple of times already about a yeast infection I gave to my boyfriend.  I'm all cured due to fluconazole, and we've had sex a couple times but always using yogurt as lube (which is actually pretty nice) which whether out of merit or luck has kept me from catching it back so far.  However, no matter how much yogurt he puts on himself, we haven't been able to get rid of his yeast infection.  The monistat type options aren't very attractive to us, as I'm allergic and therefore anti-monistat (and he had some irritation with the cream that came with the kit too), and they're also really expensive. 

I'm starting to think that getting him a fluconazole might be the only option, but he doesn't have very good insurance and can't afford to go to the clinic and get the tests done, etc.  Has anyone in the US had good luck ordering fluconazole online without a prescription?  Can you link me to the site? 

Do you think it's worth trying the alternative to monistat, the clotrimazole product?  (or would this be cheaper than trying to order diflucan?)

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I'll admit. I'm kind of dumb when it comes to sex vs. gender, etc. But I think I have a problem. I'm a bisexual female, and I'm very much attracted to the softness of women, breasts, curves, everything! They're just so beautiful. But I look at myself in the mirror, and I just see dumpy shapes. Breasts that do not perk with the excitement of porn stars, a line across my stomach from where the skin rolls when I sit, hips and a butt that do not ever fully fit in the pants I want to wear. And yet, I see this figure on other girls, I see heavier girls, and I find them beautiful.

Why is this..? How can I embrace myself better? I just don't want to be forever covering myself. Even when I'm with partners, I cover myself until we're belly-to-belly, or until I can hide my face in a pillow so I don't have to see myself.

Any experiences..? 
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Pain during ovulation

So, for the past few months I've been having cervical and pelvic pain, usually around the time of the month I should be ovulating. Every month it worries me, but then it goes away, and I don't think about it until the next month. Today it seems to hurt more if I need to pee. At first I thought UTI, but it only happens at certain times of the month, so weird. It never hurt me before the past few months. Is this something I should ask my doctor about? It's just a hassle to get an appointment, which is why I'm asking here: Does this happen to you?

Birth Control

Ok so I been off the birth control pill loestrin 24 for about 4months now, and  I want to go back on them, my husband recently lost his job and is engaging in some behavior that I do not want to bring a child into, Is it safe to go off the pill then back on the pill? And how long dose it take to be protected after starting the pill again.. :) Thanks
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Stomach pain and cramps after sex?

Hey everyone. So my current partner and I have been having frequent sex (a few times per week) for the past few months. I like having sex with him, but I notice that every time after we have sex, I'm usually bloated and gassy. At first, I thought it was because he was pumping air into while having sex and I always make sure to "push" the air out. However, the bloating and gas still remains. Lately, it's gotten so bad that my stomach starts cramping up after sex to the point where I just want to curl in a ball. The pain is usually shooting pains centralized around my navel area, not so much my uterus, and it literally feels like my stomach is twisting itself inside out. I've never experienced this with any of my previous partners. While my current partner can get rough with me in bed, he's never been especially rougher than anyone else, so I'm definitely concerned.
I'm not pregnant and do not have STDs, so what could it possibly be? Any suggestions of what I can do to alleviate the pain?

Thanks in advance.