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nabothian cyst

Originally posted by madraykin at nabothian cyst
I had a pap smear a couple of days ago and the OBGYN noticed right away that I have a nabothian cyst on my cervix. "it's about the size of a pearl", she said, and "completely normal". After I got home that day I decided to try to feel it for myself and realized that for a while now, i've been thinking that this thing *is* my cervix. It's so big. Is it really normal to have one so large? Has anyone else here had a large nabothian cyst and experienced no problems with it?

I wrote this in 2009 and the nabothian cyst is still there, is this something to worry about? My OB retired recently, I last had a pap in Jan and it was normal...I'm just wondering if I should try to find an OB soon to ask about it or if it really is nothing to worry about.
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