nicole_57 (nicole_57) wrote in vaginapagina,

What's going on?

Hello! About 2 weeks ago I finished taking my prescription of anti-biotics for a boil on my stomach…since then I feel like my vagina is all out of whack.  And I think the anti-biotics are to blame. I was taking doxycycline.

Lately I’ve been having this really strong odor down there…it’s not fishy at all. At the risk of sounding disgusting, it smells more like feces or pus (the only reason I know what pus smells like is from that boil I just got rid of) and it’s really distracting. I’ve also been having a lot of clear discharge lately, like whenever I stand up after sitting for a while I can feel it “pouring” (for lack of a better phrase) out of me, kind of like the feeling when you're on your period and whenever you first get out of bed and stand up in the morning. Nothing down there is itching, burning, painful, or out of the ordinary aside from the smell. I don't think it' YI because it's not itchy and there is no "cottage cheese" discharge and I don't think it's BV because it doesn't smell fishy and it doesn't burn...given I've never had either, but it's just from what I've read about it.

Now, I’m vegan and I eat really healthy and drink a lot of water so I usually don’t have a strong (if any) smell down there…that’s why it’s so weird to me. At first, I thought it was because I switched to a different brand of vegan multi-vitamins but after switching back to my old ones it’s still around. This has really been the only change in my diet.

I am 21 yr old and sexually active…I was actually tested for any types of STDS about a month and a half ago and they all came back negative. And I haven’t had sex recently because I’m really self-conscious about this awkward odor.

What’s wrong with me? I read on the internet that taking probiotics could help…if this is true, what kind should I take? This is just so baffling. I'm really looking for some kind of at-home treatment for this because I try to limit the amounts of prescription drugs I take...
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