trina (lacephotograph) wrote in vaginapagina,


So I'm a 22 year old bisexual female, suffers from depression, on a basic birth control pill, and I pretty much have zero sex drive most of the time.

I've searched the tags for erotica recommendations, and have made a list, now I'm asking for some more. I'm thinking maybe erotica will help me turn myself on when my mind just won't do it for me, because the lack of sex is becoming a huge problem in my relationship. My boyfriend is pretty understanding, but sometimes he just needs to scratch that itch, and me saying no is too much, and I don't blame him. My lack of sex drive annoys me too.

So can anyone recommend some good erotic fiction? I'm probably looking more for collections of short stories than fiction that has steamy scenes. I'd like something that I can just pick up and flick through for ten or so minutes. I already own Best Lesbian Erotica 2011, and this is the kind of thing I'm looking for. I'm completely fine with buying online/from overseas also because none of the bookstores in my town carry erotic fiction (I know, I've looked), and I'm used to buying books online. I'm also completely fine with any sort of fiction recommendation, I'll take straight ones, gay ones, BDSM ones, or any other sort of thing there is out there. I'd just really like to know what you guys like to read.

Thanks for helping a girl out!
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