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hi i've been lurking here for a while and have finally found the courage to post.
i suspect i have vaginismus because no doctor has ever been able to examine me "down there" and i have never been able to fit a tampon or a finger in there. my nice doctor is currently in the process of sending me to a therapist to try and help with this problem, it's taking a while because she keeps finding other medical professionals who are unaware of this condition.

in the mean time she suggested that i try dilating and told me to google the vaginismus awareness network and i found the site and it's really very helpful and informative. i started dilating with a tampax pearl tampon applicator, well with the little plastic end because it's the smallest thing i could find. i have been able to get it only about a centimetre in but that was ok, you know start with small goals at first. a couple of days ago it went in almost 2 centimetres and liquid gushed out of me. yep i peed myself, but the liquid was very unlike urine it was clear and odourless. my question is was this urine or something else? is it normal? i've looked a few places and found no answer. i'm just freaking out a bit because this is the furthest i've ever gotten anything into my vagina and this happened.

i'm 21, still a virgin and i've got p.c.o.s. if that helps.

thank you for being a wonderfully supportive community. i'm very grateful for what ever help you can give me.

oh, ps i'm unsure how to tag my entry any help would be great. thanks
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