Penelope (withoutsums) wrote in vaginapagina,

Tea/"natural" PMS relief

Hello everyone,
My period just started and I find myself dealing with my usual PMS/menstruation symptoms, which generally begin RIGHT before the onset of my period and last for about 48 hours total (roughly the day before it begins through the first day). Usually I just pop a couple Midol-type pills (or a generic form) and it helps. Over the years I've tried to find more natural ways of addressing the symptoms (including eating licorice and drinking peppermint tea) but found them ineffective.

My symptoms almost always include:
-Lower back pain
-Cramps (once my period has actually started, I usually have cramps for the first day)

They aren't debilitating, but they are inconvenient (although it is kind of nice to have these physical cues that my period will be starting very soon).

Over the years I've noticed various types of teas and such that claim to offer PMS relief. If anyone has experience with these products I'd love to hear how they work for you (or didn't work). With tea in particular I'm curious how much you have to drink (i.e. would drinking one or two cups a day be effective? or do I need to drink it constantly in order to keep the symptoms at bay?)

Products that intrigue me:
-Yogi Tea Woman's Moon Cycle Tea
-Mountain Rose Herbs Moon Ease Tea (can be found on this page)
-Lydia Pinkham Liquid To Feel Better During Menstruation And Menopause (not a tea, but rather a syrup of some kind I think?)

I've also seen PMS teas sold on places like Etsy and such--if any of you have a favorite tea/natural product that really helps you I'd love to hear about it.

Thanks! :)
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