December 7th, 2010

BV and pregnancy

Hi there.

So I am trying to find the risks of having BV at the time of conception. The only thing I have found are some places stating that BV puts a pregnant woman at risk of miscarriage, or second trimester miscarriage, preterm labor and low birth weight. But the way I interpret that is if you have chronic BV throughout those parts of pregnancy.
Do you all think that I am interpreting this correctly?
Or is the study saying that if you have BV at the time of conception that you have an increased risk for these things throughout pregnancy, even if it clears up shortly after conception?

Thanks for any info!
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Birth Control while Abroad?

 Hello everyone!!

This winter break, I'll be traveling to South Korea, which has a 14 or 15 hour time difference ahead of us here in the US. I mean, I know for daylight savings you can just keep taking it at the same time, but I figured for 15 hours difference, it'd be a little different. Do you all have any recommendations for how should I adjust my birth control schedule...?

Something still feeling wrong.

 I'm going back to the doctor in two hours.

I got my period on Sunday after drinking some tea to get things moving.

This morning it is completely gone.

I had a negative pregnancy test last week, but I'm wondering if they'll want me to take another one today.

Gosh this is such a nightmare you guys....
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irrational prego paranoia

hey guys..ive been feeling very paranoid lately about being pregnant but i think it has more to do with the fact that im always a very paranoid, sometimes irrational, always ocd person..i was wondering if theres anyone out there who experiences the same sort of thing?

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Menstruation Irregularities

My period had been irregular ever since I was a pre-teen. Like it would start and last for two weeks, stop, then start again. Sometimes it doesn't stop at all and it would continue for a whole month. At least, that was what happened during my teenage years. By the time I was 15, I went to see a doctor but the doctor didn't seem too worried about it. She recommended putting me either on steroids or birth control to help regulate my menstruation, but my mom didn't want that and since it wasn't considered a big deal, the doctor didn't insist. And since the doctor wasn't worried, I stopped worrying about it too. My periods didn't hurt back then, but their constantly showing up was pretty annoying. By the time I hit 17, the exact opposite happened. My period became an extremely rare event. I didn't overexercise. My weight remained the same. I eat the same types of food. I didn't stress out about anything. Nothing hurts. I don't have any kind of disease.  Yet, my period  just happened less and less until now that I'm 21, it happens probably only once a year. I think this is really strange but still I have to wonder, has this happened or is happening to anyone else? Or am I alone in this boat?

Gentian Violet HELP!

So I had a pretty nasty YI jump on me, I suffer from chronic YIs so I knew what it was. I'd been wanting to try GV for a long time now so I went and bought some.
I did the soaking a tampon and painting the outside.
Well, now I'm in a lot of pain. The YI had given me those nasty little paper like cuts everywhere and it burns. The tampon had to come out a few hours after I put it in because it was so heavy it was falling out.

My question is should I do it again tonight? Is the pain normal? If I should wait how long?

Even with the pain if this will work I'll put up with it because I don't want this YI to stick around for a few months.