October 21st, 2010

HPV question regarding time-span...

Hello again, VP,

I have a question about CIN classification and time-span. I can't find any information on it, and I'm just curious... Is there a typical/average/general time-span for cervical dysplasia that is progressing from CINI to CINII to CINIII?
I'm asking about the types of dysplasia that are not just staying mild. Or does it just sorta jump straight to whichever stage?
Does this question make any sense?

Also, I'm just kinda feeling lost on this issue. In July, I had an abnormal LSIL pap. They "lost" results until they found them again in September. I had a colposcopy.
And I recently went in to see my doctor to talk about the results and discuss my different options.
I'm 21 years old, no babies, and just as all this started I've been in a monogamous committed relationship and haven't been using condoms with him (it was hard to explain to him after when I got that call from my gyn.. literally the morning after we decided to be exclusive).

The colposcopy took 2 biopsies. One of them was CINI, my doctor and I have decided to obviously wait and see if it gets better. The other biopsy showed CINII/III, I guess edging more toward 3 (it's frustrating that the lab gives results like that!). The doctor said that she didn't feel cryotherapy would be appropriate for that stage, but she felt concerned scheduling a LEEP for me since I am so young.. I decided I'd rather deal with this sooner rather than later, so we're scheduling a LEEP sometime in the future (she does it through an OR, she doesn't like doing it in-office, wide awake).
I'm trying to read up on it more, but I'm confused if it'd go away in time or stay the same, and eventually just get worse. I'm also confused because I thought the HPV tests were negative, when they tested the biopsies, so it's making me wonder what's goin' on and causing this. And what are the strands that cause cancer that aren't tested... and...
AGH. I wish I could think straight when I was talking to my dr about all of this, so I could have asked even more questions. But I was sorta overwhelmed.. Any advice, or answers greatly appreciated.

stress and a late period

I feel like I've been under a larger amount of stress this month (and last) than usual. However, my period has always, always been good at coming right on time. I'm using an app on my phone that says I should have started on the 15th. And while I'm totally aware that those apps aren't always accurate, it always as been before, and the most its been off was about 2 days. It's the 21st and I still haven't started.

The first day of my last period was September 13th, and it lasted until the 17th. According to my app, I was supposed to ovulate on or around the 29th. I had sex early in the month, probably the 10th-ish, and then again on the 21st. I had a minor surgery to get a word catheter inserted for treatment of a Bartholin's gland cyst on the 27th. It fell out on the 29th, got it put back in on the 30th, it fell out again later that night, and I had one more unsuccessful re-insertion attempt on October 1st.

I've also been stressed about other things, like some pretty big family issues, school, my relationship with my boyfriend, etc. Just pretty much everything. September was a tough month for me. Could the surgery (that was around the time I was supposed to ovulate) stress me out enough to make my period pretty much a week late?
I'm pretty stressed about being pregnant, even though I didn't have sex at a time where I was ovulating or super fertile, and I used a condom 100% correctly (and it didn't rip/tear/leak/etc) every time anyway.

Will you tell me about stress affecting periods, even if they're usually super regular? I need someone to calm me down because I know worrying is just going to delay it even more!
my eye

Nipple leakage

So I was just in the shower, doing my weekly breast exam (not joking. Sometimes I do it daily), and I squeezed my right boob to check for leakage. I do this, since I know that bloody discharge can be a sign of breast cancer. Well, my right nipple discharged a clear bead of liquid. Then I checked the left boob, and a couple clear beads and a white bead of fluid came out.

I'm, I've never been pregnant, and I haven't had a pregnancy test yet, since I haven't had any reason to believe I am pregnant. I have an IUD, and everything has been just dandy. I am calling the dr tomorrow morning just to make sure.

I'm really scared, since this has never happened. I just checked a couple days ago, and nothing then. According to "Doctor Internet", I'm either very pregnant, may have breast cancer, or it's a hormonal thing.

Does anybody have any information to comfort me or give me a heads up about before I see my doctor? I probably won't get an appointment until next week.

Oh! I just had a gyno exam in September. In case anybody wants to know.