October 4th, 2010


Lichen sclerosis

Hi everyone, just found this community and the reason sucks, but such is life.

I recently got diagnosed (not official since I haven't seen my gynecologist but I did see a doctor at a walk-in clinic who said it looks like it) with lichen sclerosis. I have my sister to thank, really, because she also recently got diagnosed with a similar vulvar disease, namely lichen simplex chronicus. Of course, I ran to the clinic thinking "holy crap I have that!" but deep down I knew whatever I had was much milder. I do have a history of immediately thinking the worst of the situation, namely on 9/11 when I thought I had cancer when what I had was merely an appendicitis. lol But, I digress.

So the story is that for the better part of, oh, maybe two, three years I've been itching like the devil around my vulva (but not touching it) exactly from the moment I hit the pillow to whenever I fall asleep from exhaustion. Throughout the months I've watched my skin discolour and raise in weird dry, itchy clump-like patches around my vulva in the seams of my thighs, the perineal skin and around my anus. I chalked it up to stress and maybe a heat rash because I do tend to sweat at night, and I was having stress issues with university. The crusty discoloured skin I chalked up to the scratching. Basically, I just let it go because I had seen my gynecologist last year and he hadn't commented on it so I thought it was nothing to worry about. And heh, I wasn't about to talk about this with my doctor because he's a young bastard who believes in not prescribing birth control because I haven't had sex, he didn't seem to care that my periods were the woe of my life since my appendectomy, and because he wants me on another pill to treat my acne problems (ironically enough, it's my gyneco who prescribed Alesse. My acne cleared up magnificently, and my painful, heavy periods were a breeze. He also had no problem with my being a virgin). My doc also gives me the look because I'm 150lbs, as though it should be obvious to me that I'm obese. Right. Not. So yes, I see my doc every year because there's a sad lack of other available doctors around, but other than yearly check-ups I'd rather not see him. As you might have deduced, no, I don't trust him.

Anyhow, I'm seeing my gynecologist this coming Thursday so I can be properly diagnosed (biopsy, I do dread you, despite everyone saying it's not painful). The doc at the walk-in clinic already prescribed Clobetasol and Canesten to take care of the itching and to hopefully heal the skin. It's working super well so far; the itching stopped within a day and this is actually my fourth day of treatment and I can see the skin pinken a bit and the edges heal. The left thigh seam is the worst off right now, but the right's crusty texture is smoothing out some. I'm being super careful with showering; I used to enjoy long warm showers but I'm trying to shorten them and to use cooler water. I don't soap the area either, and I pat it dry. I'm also taking Omega-3's, borage oil and Aloe Vera pills twice a day, as well as take a half-tablespoon of liquid chlorophyll once a day in a glass of water (I've read it's better to take a full tablespoon but I find the stuff vile enough that I think I'm brave to even drink it in the first place). I'm trying to cut back on my wheat intake, too, at least until the LS clears off. I've read baking soda baths can help, but haven't tried it yet. I used to use pads for the menses but I suppose I'll have to bear tampons from now on (I swear I tried tampons, many many times, but they always make me feel uncomfortable), and I'm switching pantiliners because the ones I used to use (better-absorbent, with chemicals) might not have been a good idea.

Basically, I'm just trying to put all chances on my side and curb the damn lichen. I've lived with it for so long that it seems I'd forgotten what it was like to not live with physical stress on a daily basis. The LS possibly did a number on me personally - I've always struggled with self-deprecation, and sexually I don't think I ever thought myself desirable enough to let a guy in emotionally and physically - so it's very freeing to know that part of the reason this all assailed me was the LS just making me dread physical and sexual contact. I still struggle with these issues, trust issues from way back in the past, but it's freeing to feel a weight lift off my shoulders.

I do have questions, though. I know the internet isn't always a reliable source when it comes to medical information but I've read that LS can be curbed for life. Or rather, there's always a chance it can reappear but that it can, in rare cases, curbed. From what I've seen from my research, I'd guess my case is fairly mild. My sister told me that she'll be on creams for life for her LSC, but... is there hope for me?

I had my first two HPV shots within the past year and my third is in a few months. I've read that LS targets me as more of a contender for skin cancer, so I guess the HPV shots give me a better chance to remain safe? Besides when it comes to skin cancer, that is :(

Since taking the Omega-3, etc pills I've noticed my bowel movements are a lot softer than they used to be, sometimes with diarrhea. Could it be the pills or the Canesten/Clobetasol creams? Maybe the chlorophyll?

Right, I think that's all for now :)
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Monistat Cramping pinkness and blood on the applicator

I posted here earlier community.livejournal.com/vaginapagina/18915085.html and I didnt have enough money to go to the doctor so I went and got some monistat, some yougurt(to eat, not insert) cranberry pills and acidophillus pills. I noticed tonight that the cream was pink when I wiped and when I went to put in the 3rd dose I pulled out the applicator and it had blood on it. Im also having some mild cramps.  I finished my period last week so im confused to what is up.

My boyfriend did end up apologizing to me without me saying anything. I think he was just freaked out at the moment and he made it clear that he felt bad for what he had said.

Diflucan + antibiotics

I just had an unsuccessful insertion of a word catheter to treat a bartholin's gland cyst. It fell out twice and will not stay in anymore. I was given antibiotics on the first day of my procedure, and was told to continue taking them and finish the whole dose. I think I'm on day 6 of 10; so I've taken about 11 pills. It is the generic form of Augmentin.

A few days ago, I was also given the generic of Diflucan (I think fluconazole? or something like that) since I've been on a lot of antibiotics lately and have gotten some pretty bad yeast infections, especially my current one. I was given two of the one-tablet doses, and the label says to take it every other day. So I took one last night, and I'm supposed to take the other one tomorrow.

I know the side effects of both these pills can be nausea, mild vomiting, diarrhea, etc., but how likely is it for one or both of these to actually make me throw up? I took the Diflucan last night and one of my anitibotics this morning around 7:15 am with some Activia yogurt. By 10 am, I was in class, extremely nauseous, and ended up throwing up about 11:10 am. I've also spent part of my morning on the toilet, not with diarrhea, but just having to go a lot.

Anyone experienced something similar with Diflucan? I can't think of any other reason I would have thrown up. :\
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seemingly invincible yeasties

so, I've tried garlic(for over two months), over the counter meds(they made it so much worse, I think it was an allergic reaction), dulfican(twice), probiotics(orally and vaginally), and a vinegar douche(ten days).  Its been there for years and doesn't wanna go.

I've check the yeast infection info link and the memories, couldn't find an answer to this question.

Is there any way to check your vaginal ph?

I noticed when I used the probiotic capsules vaginally, they didn't dissolve at all, are they supposed to?

I'm very confused and going to gynecologist #4 as soon as I get a car.

thanks in advance for any advice.
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Antibiotics and Dianette

Hi everyone,

I have been taking Dianette now for the past 18 months, I usually run the packs together and the last time I had a withdrawal bleed was about 6 weeks ago. I have 6 active pills left in the pack I'm on just now.  On the 21st of September I started taking metronidazole for a bv infection, I had sex without condoms twice. I started Clarithromycin on the 29th of September and have sex a few times over the weekend. Yesterday I had a pain in the right side of my abdomen where I would imagine my ovary to be. It was like a crampy feeling that lasted for a few hours. Is it possible that the antibiotics have reduced the efficacy of the Dianette that much that I have already ovulated? And if so, when is the earliest I can do a pregnancy test?

I realise it was foolish to have sex without condoms, I had the "it wont happen to me" idea and now I'm panicking slightly that I could be so silly.
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General discharge question

Does anyone know if discharge is a normal, predictable, part of a woman's cycle? I seem to get a lot of discharge about two weeks before my period. It's clear and sticky, and looks like mucus. What exactly is happening when discharge is present?

Repressive Insurance Policies?

Has anyone here ever had an issue with getting their HBC script filled due to a religious-based insurance policy?

A friend of mine is working for a Catholic organization, and unbeknownst to her (it was not on her contract, or clearly on her insurance policy), her employers' insurance policy forbids birth control coverage for the purpose of contraception. When she called her OBGYN to ask if she could have the script made out for a different purpose (a.k.a. any of the other medically sound reasons that she ALSO uses HBC, and would continue to use it even if not sexually active), they told her they couldn't do that - they said if she uses it for contraception at all, she would be committing insurance fraud.

What to do? Is there a way for her to have affordable HBC coverage under such a repressive policy? Is there a way she can contest this without fear of losing her job?

Going off Nuvaring

I went to my local Planned Parenthood today and due to prices going up and me being not able to afford it anymore, I was forced off of NuvaRing.

I have been on birth control for roughly five years (4 on BC pill, 1 on NR) and I am terrified of the side effects. However, here has been the deal: I went on BC pills to help my acne and period regularly at 18. Everything went smoothly but 4 years later, my life was getting hectic. I kept forgetting to take the damn thing, so I went on NR. After awhile, I noticed I was gaining weight and my sex drive had gone down significantly. My acne started to slowly show back up and I wasn't doing so well.

Now that I'm being forced off it, I'm wondering what should I expect. I am suppose to be putting in a new ring on Wednesday. I don't need anymore weight gain what-so-ever and am working hard on keeping it off. I don't want my skin to be anymore wacky and for JFC, I want to desire sex again. So, will this happen or am I going to balloon up horribly and should just figure something out to go back on the ring?

Anxiety over period vs. Implantation bleeding

I've suffered from anxiety problems for quite a while now. Usually it's about my health. Two months ago I had a pregnancy scare that was brought on for no good reason, since the boyfriend and I never go unprotected and are very careful. My paranoia over one little symptom escalated into numerous symptoms and six negative pregnancy tests and a doctors visit later, I was finally convinced that I wasn't pregnant.
I got nervous again about a week ago. I knew I was being irrational but I bought two home pregnancy tests (e.p.t.) to ease my mind. The first was negative, and the second I took the day my period was due, also negative.
However, my anxiety is trying to convince me that this is not my period, it's implantation bleeding. I KNOW how irrational this is, since I'm three days into my period and everything seems pretty typical. Everytime some part of me feels off (a little gas, a slight abdominal ache, no appetite, being exhausted) my mind instantly jumps to pregnancy and I'm just so sick of it. Would anyone want to help ease my mind? I know implantation bleeding isn't the same as getting your period, but what are the specific differences? Would e.p.t. Test be accurate enough on the days I took them?

!@#$ed up episiotomy?

I just recently gave birth. I had an easy labor and birth. I had to push only 4 times, yet for some reason I was given an episiotomy without my consent. The nurse did not ask me if I agreed to have one. She just said "ok were gonna cut you *snip"" before I had a chance to even respond. The hospital I was in is a "teaching" hospital, which means that you get to be a Guinea pig for med students...So anyway there I was with my legs in stirups , junk in the air after having just birthed my daughter..when the guy comes in and is like "hi! I'm so and so a student resident here..." He was apparently going to sew me up. Only I'm fairly certain that it was the first time Mr. So and so had ever seen a vagina. He was being supervised by a nurse and a doctor, and he actually asked "so...like...this goes here? and where does this go?" Not exactly the most comforting words to hear from the person in charge of sewing up your crotch. After being corrected by the doctor multiple times, he finally finished. It took longer to sew me up than it took me to give birth. I wasnt too concerned about the job he did at the time, as I was still on major drugs and high on happy to see my little girl, besides I read about episiotomies and heard they generally healed up fine.  For the first couple of days I was on pain meds so strong I didn't really care to look at my crotch and see if things were ok.I went home and followed all the care instructions....but I  started to notice that my vagina didn't feel quite right...in fact it didn't feel anatomically correct at all. I wrote it off as "it takes time for these things to heal". well 4 weeks later I have finally gotten up the courage to take a look. And it definitely is not right. The opening is this giant gaping cave and you can see a a flap of skin/muscle that was never repaired. when you match it up with the other side the opening looks normal. I have no idea what to do. My 6 week postpartum check up is in 2 weeks.  Can they even fix that now? Will they even fix it? I don't have insurance, only medicaid. I'm terrified about having sex again. I don't know what to do. I dont want something like this to ruin my marriage in the long run. I mean sex isnt the most important thing...but its up there, and I don't feel comfortable even thinking about it. =/
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