September 21st, 2010

Boric Acid

Hey everyone. I was recently told by my clinic that they basically don't know what to do about my recurring YI/BV after many attempts at antibiotics, etc. My nurse practitioner told me to try the boric acid treatment "600mg, twice a day for 14 days". I found the boric acid online, but after reading the "Warning: May cause irritation to mucous membranes, skin, eyes" I second guessed the brand I got. It says Powder NF, but I'd like to have some reassurance if this is the right one for me. I'd also like your opinion of the capsules I got. Thanks - first timer here. :)

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Ingrown hairs/pimples(?) + butt + period = no fun

Hello! First post (in any community) so apologies in advance for any errors =)

Before my period, I like to usually get waxed (makes me feel slightly better about that time of the month). Being a broke college student, I couldn't indulge as usual and decided to shave. I've shaved before, but I don't know if I was in a rush..or something about the blade or what, but I've broken out like no other. I have one bump on my labia and 5 around my anus. The one by my labia is just uncomfortable because I also have a cut around there from sex but the ones around my anus are killing me -- I woke up the other night to take a shower because it was driving me crazy. I finally got a chance to get a good look in the mirror and it looks like two of them have ruptured at least. Now those two areas are even more sensitive. I can't really tell if it's an ingrown hair or pimple but I'm assuming they're ingrown hairs from shaving -- is it wrong to assume that? Also, I've read in past posts that a hot compress can bring the hair to the surface but what should I do about the ones that already have broken skin? Lastly -- it'd be great if this issue was resolved by Friday (visiting my significant other in another state -- would be almost a waste if I was too irritated to do anything =P).

Thanks in advance! And I've gained a lot of knowledge from this community so I appreciate everyone whose ever posted!


So a while ago, me and a friend of mine decided to write a little article about the subject of sex. Specifically, anal sex. We wrote it for a locally distributed zine, and I thought you guys might get a kick out of reading it. It's pretty light-hearted, so don't read into anything too seriously. It's mostly for educational purposes and to bust a couple myths about butt-love :D

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Hope you guys like it. If this kinda thing isn't allowed, I will totally baleet it. :)

loud bed....disturbing neighbors:( how do I fix it?

Well hello best frands. This isn't really about my vadge, more of like my sex life. Hope it's okay that I post this!

So, I live in an apt in a college town. I also have a boyfriend, and we have lots of mind blowing sex. :D Anyways, my boyfriend and one of the guys that lives below us got into a drunken fight. He happened to mention that one night he couldn't sleep because of us having sex for an hour and a half with my headboard making noises with every thrust. [It was kind of funny because he said in his head he was like 'Okay, he's gotta nut soon....He's gotta nut soon.....' But no, my boyfriend lasted a LOONNNGGG time that night.]

Anyways, it is so embarrassing for me that my neighbors can hear me having sex, and also, it's disrespectful for us to continue bantering their ears with our loud sex. [Who LIKES hearing other people's headboard squeaking?] How do I fix the headboard problem? I don't think it's banging against the wall, I think it's just super squeaky and...loud. Can I WD40 it? Can I ...tighten the screws? Gosh, I just can't stop thinking about how everyone can hear us and they're just like 'OH MY GEEZ, GROSS!' 

[edit: I  bounced around on the bed, and it's from when my headboard sort of detaches from the rest of my bed when I thrust and when it bangs back towards the bed. Almost like it isn't on tight enough. The box springs are also kind of squeaky.... Hmm.
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Ovarian Cysts - is this normal?

is this "NORMAL" for a cyst

OK Background (and sorry if any is TMI)

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I cant seem to do any heavy labor -this is killing me - I need to get the barn cleaned up and I have no one to help me

My horses are coming out tomorrow - and I will have to care for them alone - this is not good

I NEED to get better

Yesterday - I thought "OK I will slowly go do some poo picking and get the immediate area where they will be staying tidy - there isnt much to do and the poo is dry - so its light"


I had a pain shoot up from my bottom into my right side as if you stuck a knife in and twisted - nearly brought me to my knees - I had to stop and wait for it to sorta pass - I couldnt even walk

I eventually made it back to the house and laid down - I was exhausted and seriously in pain - I stayed in bed from 3pm to 7am or so

I felt horrible - and I have stuff to do

My husband I feel thinks I am making this up - that I am trying to get out of work - I am really not
I feel really poorly it hurts to sit - it hurts to stand, it hurts to walk or lift things - I feel best if laying on my side - laying flat on my back hurts

I need to get better

I never had this problem before my medication in june - do I just have to wait for things to right themselves and get back to normal? I dont want to go on HBC as I feel that is what caused the "no period year" among other reasons, though the drs kept trying to shove BC my direction to fix the no period prob *sigh* I also shortly want to start TTC - so no HBC for that

Do ovarian cysts impact fertility?

Any thoughts - at a friends  suggestion I am looking into dietary changes I can make (really how much more can I stand to be restricted *stupid celiac*)

I NEED to get better - all suggestions welcome

PS it wont let me tag
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Tri-Cyclen and eyes

I hope that this is the right community to post this, I apologize if it's not and I will delete it!

I have ben on Tri-Cyclen Lo for about 7 years now. I loved it until maybe 6 months ago. I suddenly developed really dry eyes and I am unable to wear contact lenses (my eyes turn really red as soon as I put them in). After thinking about this I figure that I've developed a side-effect after all these years. Has this happened to anyone? Which BC pills will I be able to switch to without my eyes going red?

Also, two days ago I found out that I have a vitamin B12 deficiency. Could this also be a side effect from Tri-Cyclen?

Thank you! :)
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missing BC pills?

I have a problem with my birth control. Recently, I switched from Tri-Sprintec to Tri-Nessa (pretty sure they're about the same thing, but I figured I'd throw that in there anyway). I am on the first pack of my Tri-Nessa annndddd.... I forgot it for the weekend. Silly me! How forgetful I can be sometimes. So, I missed 3 pills. 2 in the second week, 1 in the third.

What do I do? How do I fix this? It doesn't help that I got my period -right now-. The pack says I either throw it all away or wait till Sunday, or ... ???? 

Thank you all in advanced! I appreciate it. :)
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IUD+cervix pounding

My new guy is quite well endowed (and I love it) but the first time we were together, he managed to get some hella painful cervix stabby action happening. I've had this happen before and it was no where near as painful as this one time. The difference is that I now have an IUD. With the IUD in place, do I need to be concerned about him "bottoming out" and it affecting me negatively (i.e. knocking it lose, puncturing something, etc), or just have to worry about the ouchy ness it causes?

Birth control/period/pregnant question...

Hi everyone, new here! I heard of this community a while back and now I'm finally joining. I'm a new mom to a 10 week old daughter named Faith. So yeah my vagina has been through a lot lately lol. Anyway I went through the tags but didn't find quite what I was looking for to this question I have for all of you.

So I got my period again and I also recently had sex. I just finished my second period since I was pregnant. I was a little worried because I had sex with the guy and we used the pull out method (and the man isn't a stranger so I don't want it to sound like it was some one night stand). Obviously since I got my period I'm ok. However we had sex again using the pull out method and we had it on the last day of my period (today). I have a regular cycle and the last I counted was 27 days. I usually have a 27-32 day cycle, but I'd say 28-29 is the most accurate.

While being pregnant I obviously learned a lot about a woman's cycle, ovulation, sperm, etc. However I still feel the need to seek out advice from others who can relate. We've used the pull out method before and I have with other men as well and from what I've read it is an effective way of preventing pregnancy providing it's done properly. But I'm also not stupid and I know nothing is fool proof. I've also heard you can still get pregnant on your period, though not likely. I've heard the most likely you'll get pregnant is when you ovulate which is around 10-14 days into your cycle. I've even heard a lot about people getting pregnant while getting cum outside of the vagina.

I just want an opinion on my situation. To break it down-I had sex on the last day of my period (a usual 28 day cycle), we used the pull out method. We also did it in the "doggy style" position and I felt him cum on my butt/back but I'm worried something might've gotten inside, although he says it did not. And I also want to add I used a wet washcloth to clean myself up after it and went to the bathroom as well. Ok, so now you know exactly what happened. So if anyone can offer some answers or perhaps was in the same sitution as me, please comment! Thanks and I look forward to reading, commenting and posting here again!
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