September 4th, 2010

  • hewtab

BV treatment and birth control

I'm about to take the 3-day cleosin ovule treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis (yay.) and it is going to interfere with my Nuva Ring according to the medical dictionary website. Obviously i wont be having sex for at least 3 days while i get this thing taken care of. My question is for how long will it mess with the nuvaring? Should I continue to use condoms until my new ring is in?

P.S. I just inserted the first dose and I got a terrible itchiness for about 10 minutes. It's starting to go away now... is this normal? D:

acne and HBC

I've been taking the pill (Estelle 35 ED) for a few years now, mainly just to fix up my skin -which has ALWAYS been a problem for me since I was 12+ (I'm now 22) and I've tried just about everything to get clearer skin but nothing seems to help. The pill DID help up until a few months ago and I used to only deal with maybe one or two pimples around the time when my period was due. I've had acne around my chin for months now and can't figure out why the pill would all of sudeen stop working for me. Should I change to something different? I take zinc daily too for my skin and only use clinique foaming cleanser to clean my face and take off make-up and I've been using that for many months too. Is this normal to sort of develop constantly crap skin for no reason?

kidney infection? joy.

okay so tomorrow I'm going to go to the clinic at my school because I believe I have a kidney infection
just one quick question: is it normal to only really have kidney pain when you lay down/rest at the end of the day?
it seems every night I'm convinced I'm going to die because my kidneys (well, kidney area) hurt (but I haven't been smart enough to go to er I guess), but then I forget about it in the day. does that make any sense? my only guess would be that I'm too busy to pay attention to the pain during the day, but I figure I'd notice it.