August 3rd, 2010

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Doctor's appointments?

I am currently without any health insurance and unemployed. That being said I think, rather, I know that I have BV accompanied by a yeast infection. I know this because I have the same symptoms that I've before- white/grayish discharge, fishy smell only after intercourse. My partner never mentions it, but I smell it. Sometimes it burns and itches a little. But not all the time. I want to see a doctor to get it cleared up, however planned parenthood expects payment upon service, which I definitely don't have. I currently reside in Colorado Springs. In Maryland before I guess everyone took advantage of the system, you could just visit the health department for free and get a check up and also get free birth control pills. I just wanted to know if anyone knows of that kind of service in Colorado or if anyone has any suggestions as to how to take care of this little problem that's becoming more of a problem everyday that I have it. Thanks in advance.

cytolytic vaginosis??! ANYTHING?

hey y'all -

i've posted here a couple times having to due with my ongoing dilemma of vaginal discomfort. for years, i have had constant maddening itching, burning, white discharge, very ACIDIC taste (almost like lemon juice). i've been tested for everything under the sun, and have never gotten any answers. i've been treated, and have treated myself, for yeast infections countless times, and have NEVER gotten any relief whatsoever,not even temporarily, from the treatments i've tried. i have tried monistat, diflucan, yogurt/strong strong acidophilus supplements by mouth and topically, boric acid, apple cider vinegar, goldenseal, strict anti-yeast diets, etc.

i've pretty much given up on sex, and any sort of intimate relationship at all. considering it just causes lotsa irritation each time, i taste gross, and there's lots of white discharge.. having sex just makes me so self concious and disgusted with myself that i just feel like shit afterward. this has ruined one or two relationships for me completely, just because of the way it's affected my mind. i hate my vagina with a passion. i wish every day that there was some way i could just get the thing removed completely, and not have to deal with this hell anymore. it's constantly uncomfortable and driving me insane, therefore always on my mind.

i just read something on cytolytic vaginosis ( ), which, i guess, is an overgrowth of GOOD bacteria. i had never heard of it before, but reading up on it, it sounds like it might fit. i am going to get to the doctor as soon as possible and try to figure out what the hell is going on with me.

do you guys know much about this? or have any other ideas for me? i'm losing it, really.

YI troubles

 I wanna sk all of you a few things about your personal experiences with yeast infections.

-What typically hurts/burns/itches when you get an infection? Like what area SPECIFICALLY?
-What sensation, itching or burning or pain, is most prominent for you?
-Is the sensation constant or does it tend to let up and then get worse or sort of switch on and off throughout the day?
-What gave you relief from all this? Because I used some of those vagisil wipes and all they did was make my friggin labias burn slightly. I read this is normal. What the hell.
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Non Traditional nicknames for your period


So I've used lots of euphemisms for my period over the years. But they've pretty much just always been the traditional, typical, phrases.

Well, my husband works over seas, we're trying for a baby when he's home, and talking about my period in a "not totally private" (it's an honor system) email...hasn't been something I'd be too interested in doing for some reason. And since he'll be home soon (yay!) we've been "scheduling" my body a bit.

Somehow, in the middle of this, my period got named. Dexter. Yes, after the book/television series with the serial killer obsessed with blood. I think it stemmed from me joking that I had a crime scene in my pants. But....I digress.

Anyone else have a "non-typical" name for their period? I'm sure some of you do...what is it? :)

Lubes of the Anal Persuasion

Tell me about them.

The lubes I favor for clitoral and vaginal stuff tend to be of the thinner variety: Liquid Silk, Pink Water, coconut oil.

For this, I'm looking for something thick and water-based. Compatibility with silicone toys = strongly preferred.

What are your favorite brands?
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Lo estrin fe 24, switching pill time

Hello yall this is my first month ever taking a pill birth control and I started taking it at 8pm but it really zaps my appetite, and I like to eat at night and I would rather take it earlier in the day because thats when I tend to binge so itd work out if my appetite was lessened then.

Is there anyway I can change my pill taking time from 8pm to 1pm from now on without effecting the effectiveness??

Also, has anyone else had their appetites completely eliminated with a pill birth control?? I was on the patch which I was always tummy grumbling on, but now I am like amazed, I am usually ALWAYS hungry... this is so... fabulous really except I don't want to eat dinner ever and I wake up really hungry!

Thanks sexies