12:06 am - 07/27/2010

Cramping but no period?

 So, for the last few days or so, I've felt cramping in my lower abdoman area (where I normally have cramps during my period), but I'm on BC for PCOS and I'm not due for my period for like another two months (I stack). I only feel the cramps when I stand up or when I lay down and stretch my body out (I'm sitting in a chair and feel no pain). Should I be worried or is it no big deal? I'm taking Ortho Tri-Cyclin Lo, if that helps. 
2:32 am - 07/27/2010

Brazillian Wax

I want to get my first Brazillian wax and I'm a little apprehensive, and absolutely self-conscious about it.  What are your experiences with it?  What should I expect?  How do I find the best place to go?  Anyone know of a place around Madison, WI to go?  What's a good price?  How should I prepare for it?  Should I wear a particular type of underwear, like loose, cotton?  I wouldn't go during my period but I sometimes have irregular periods and I don't want to have an "oops" moment.  Any input would be appreciated.  Thanks!
3:40 pm - 07/27/2010

Lube please!

Hello all, lately I've noticed I've been a bit drier in the vag region than usual. I'm not sure if I'm dehydrated because it's been a particularly brutal summer or what. When starting to fool around before sex, it's like I'm already wet, but the more touching and/or penetration there is the drier I get. Even if I'm turned on and want sex. I have lube but don't usually have a need for it, but last time I tried to use it it BURNED. Obviously won't be doing that again. Does anyone have a favorite brand of lube that they love? Preferably one meant for sensitive parts, definitely no warming or tingling sensations as I've never been a fan of those. Still trying to figure out where these changes are coming from, but in the meantime I want to do it! Any tips or opinions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
6:33 pm - 07/27/2010

Ruptured Ovarian Cysts

Hi, guys. I'm just wondering if any of you have had any experience with ovarian cysts & rupturing?

A few months ago I experienced what I thought was a ruptured cyst. I had severe pain across my ovary area (pelvic area? not sure how to describe it) which was incredibly intense for 30-50mins & it slowly got less & less as the day went on, but the pain caused me to become extremely weak & I wound up passing out. It was the kind of pain that meant I couldn't stand or walk, I could only curl up & wish it away, I could hardly breathe either. Anyway, I basically wrote it off as a fluke, just a one-off thing, but it happened again earlier today.

I have always had very, very irregular periods, painful periods, etc. But I'm not menstruating right now, & I wasn't when the last thing happened either. Anyway, I was just wondering, to those who have had ruptured cysts.. did it feel like that? It certainly wasn't anything abdominal as far as I can tell. It's the only thing I can think of. It was an intense, tight & burning pain.

I know you lot aren't doctors (well, maybe some of you are..) & so I am going to go to the doctor, but it will take me a while to get an appointment, & I would like to shed some light on this until then. Thanks, everyone. Hope you guys can help.
8:16 pm - 07/27/2010

Placebo pills...

So, this may be a silly question, but they are called placebo pills for a reason right? They're fake, sugar pills right? no hormones? So you have like 5-7 of these in a pack, and for as many days you're just taking a sugar pill, right?

If they do have hormones, then no reason to continue reading, lol...BUT if they ARE sugar pills, then why is it such a BIG DEAL if you miss a regular pill by a couple of hours? Especially since you miss almost a week with placebos...I mean, if a few hours could cause you to spontaneously ovulate, then certainly a five day break could...not only that, but most women don't have heavy or five day long periods when on the pill, so they could be having tons and tons of sex on their placebo time...what keeps them from getting pregnant on the placebo pills, when being an hour late could screw everything over?

So I'm just a little confused as to how this whole placebo thing makes sense when missing a pill is EPICALLY BAD...again, sorry if it's silly or I'm overthinking it, I overthink things A LOT, lol >_
My gyno prescribed me metronidazole for 5 days, twice a day and I have 2 pills left. there was 10 pills. i'm wondering how long it takes to feel completely better. i have some burning/irritation down there still. i have had bv for probably months and was thinking i had a uti because of the awareness of something down there that was almost like urgency. my uti test was clear. the doctor gave me a pap test and told me it looked like i had BV. also, i'm a virgin, but could it ever lead to PID? i used to have some pain, but it has pretty much gone away.

I have been intrigued with getting a genital piercing on and off for several years now. I'm now just really starting to research it before I take the the plunge for sure.

I'm not exactly sure which type I am going to have done. I figure I will consult with a piercer who can tell me what will work best for my anatomy. My husband thinks my clit is large enough to have that pierced, which it may very well be, but even so I am not sure if I want to get that part pierced at all. We'll see.

So, onto the question. My husband absolutely loves performing oral sex on me (and I love receiving it, too!) I'm curious to learn how the piercing has changed this act for you...for better or worse. I have heard that it can "get in the way", and I am guessing that might depend on the type of piercing, but then again, maybe not. I've heard it's been so bothersome, that people just end up taking it out. So, how has it affected that part of your sex life?

I'm not really seeking to have this done with the sole purpose of enhancing anything sexually....sex is wonderful just the way it is. But I am intrigued by it and think they're beautiful, and would like to explore that for myself. However, I don't want to jeopardize or cause unnecessary trouble in that department.

So please, your thoughts! Thanks!

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