12:53 am - 06/17/2010

Implant worries

Heya, so I have the implant, have had it for nearly a year now! Love it, no side effects really. Only this month there has been no sign of a period :O Every month so far it seemed to have come a week later so I was expecting last week but nothing yet. I'm bloated, my boobies are sore and my mood is just myergh, my dreams are weird (which is usual for my PMS week) but no sign of a period yet! NADA! When is it time to start getting worried or is it most likely the implant getting rid of my period? How did it happen when you ladies who have the implant and lost your periods? Did they gradually get less and less or just one month not come and were never to be seen again?! Ahaha I'm sorry for the rambling I'm quite scared o.O

ETA: I do have condomless sex & also I know the statistics are like less than 1 woman in a 100 get pregnant on the implant but still I'm a hypochondriac.
(Warning: The article gets pretty graphic and contains possible abuse triggers. Sorry to those who read it earlier without a warning. I will be more conscious of this next time when making a post.)


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12:47 pm - 06/17/2010


Is there any natural stuff out there that helps with the emotional aspects of periods? I have a really hard time emotionally the days (and sometimes week) leading up to my period. I get down, extremely tired, drained, I have an out of control appetite, and it just becomes hard to function.

My boyfriend and I have been sleeping together for about a year and a half. I can definately orgasm from oral, but I would really like it if I could ogasm from sex too. I think it really bothers him that he can't do it through sex. We've tried before to find my g spot and I can tell he really wants to be able to make me orgasm from sex. I used to have a really high libido when I was a virgin and now that I can't get the grand fianle, I find myself not being interested in sex as often as I would like. Any advice would be helpful and we are both pretty much willing to try anything.
Hi thar VPers!
Months ago I posted on her asking for help because I was experiencing severe cramping pains after orgasm. The stronger the climax the worse the pain, sometimes with accompanying bowel movements, clammy sweats and anxiety. My online research showed that I wasn't the only one, but no one seemed to have a solution. I went to my gyno and got a pap smear and an internal and external ultrasound all of which showed no abnormalities. So with much money down the drain my gyno told me he'd never heard of it before and his collegues hadn't either so there was nothing he could do.

BUT since then I've figured it out and thought I would post on here in case anyone else has experienced this. I'm on monofeme hbc and have taken it without withdrawing for almost six months. My gyno assured me there was no reason to believe this could cause the pain. However, I decided to have a withdrawal bleed last week, and this week there's no more pain! I realize this is very unusual, I understod constant use to be harmless, or I never would have done it. I'm clearly in the minority though...lucky me!

Hopefully this will help someone!
5:35 pm - 06/17/2010

Random spotting on BCP?

Hey all, I asked this question in an anonymous community and someone was kind enough to direct me here to try asking.

I've been taking Loestrin 24 Fe for about a year and a half now. When I first started it I had the typical spotting/bleeding for a couple of weeks, until it stopped and everything was normal. Other than that, I've never had any issues with spotting or bleeding when I wasn't supposed to. Except for right now, I've been having spotting/light bleeding for the past two days, and I don't start my inactive pills for another week! There have been a couple pills I've taken between 4-5 hours later than I usually do, but I've done that before without a problem and I haven't actually missed any pills this cycle.

Is this normal? It hasn't happened before, which makes me worry slightly. Any ideas would be appreciated!

Edit: I'm also not sure if it's relevant, but I may or may not have HPV. About two years ago when I went to my gyn, she called me back after a pap smear and said I had it, although I've never had any warts or any other symptoms of it. A while later I went back for a follow-up appointment (they were going to look around some more, and take a biopsy if they found anything), but they said they didn't see anything. I'm not sure if my body cleared it on its own, or what (I've read that's not uncommon, I guess?).
Hello VPers! (didn't realize my previous term may be inappropriate, my apologies!)

I am exploring the realms of alternative menstrual products and I wanted to know how many of you use them, which ones you use and how they work out for you (including the nitty gritty details).

I currently use a Diva Cup but with my IUD, it's becoming a more and more delicate process and I'm no longer comfortable using it every cycle from beginning to end. I'm looking into cloth pads and sea sponges currently, both sounding like really neat ideas. I'm big into the "wash and reuse" thing and trying really hard to live a greener lifestyle. Plus, I've seen some really neat pads! :D

Anywho, any information would be super! I'm actually very excited about all this. :)
9:12 pm - 06/17/2010

boobs and stress.

Right just a bit of background to my query I am currently doing the most stressful and most important exams of my life from the 9th of june- 25th june (almost over woo hoo)

Anyway since i started these exams my boobs are beyond sore. It feels like a razor pulling across my skin when anything touches them like my pj's the slightest touch is agony. My nipples have literally been rock hard since the 9th and not from stimulation (unfotunatly its been a while:(..) 
My friend who is also doing the same exams says the feels the same really really really "tender" they also feel heavier than usual.

Is their any link between stress and breast pain? or has anyone else experienced it before?

I have had some slight pain before when p.m.s-ing or during my period but this is worse than anything i have ever felt and im not p.m.s-ing or near my period. Also because of the stress of my exams i have been a bit lax with taking my pill ( i cant even remember the last time i have sex so no pregnancy worries) but could this effect it also?

Thanks girls
I have a yeast infection right now.
My doctor put me on a pill for it since this is the second one I've had since April, although I think it's from a sex toy I used both times right before acquiring the infection :(
Anyways, I've read the faq thingy, but I was wondering about how I can soothe the area while I wait for the pill to have it's effect. I saw it mentioned tea tree oil, but I'm not sure if that is a good idea since I've always been told you need to dilute it with something, and I'm not sure exactly how it'd be used down there. Does anyone have any other ideas? Preferably something that isn't too expensive and I don't have to search too hard to find/preferably have in my house now?
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