June 13th, 2010


allergic reaction??!!

I just had sex with my boyfriend using non-latex condoms for about the 4th time, and now my inner labia and all this tissue I can see of my vagina are swelling.

I know you can swell with arousal, but this is post-sex and my vulva has never looked or felt like this before and I'm kinda freaked out.

I assume I'm having an allergic reaction, and I need to know if there's anything I can should do!

Half-day period (usually 3-5 days of bleeding)?

Hi all, new poster here, hoping to get some advice or see if anyone else can relate!

I had sex for the first time ever on May 21, the first time we realized the condom was on backwards (but he didn’t finish), the second time that night he put on a new condom which was on fine (he finished), and since then we’ve been having condom sex once or twice a week with no visible problems of tearing, dripping etc (he’s finished most of the times). I did have some hymen tearing-related (I believe) bleeding at the beginning.

The time between the first day of my period has always fluxed a bit around 4 to 5 weeks (in the past 6 months it’s ranged between 29 and 37 days), and my last period began on May 3. Around May 28 I had some familiar bloating/cramping/acne that tends to preceed my period (anywhere from a day to a few weeks), and then 2ish days later the morning after we had sex, I got what looked like my normal flow (this was 26-27 days after my last period), but it only lasted the morning instead of my usual 3-5 days, so I was pretty confused as to whether it was a drastically truncated period or something else (???). So my first question is, what the heck was this, was it a messed up flow that was a bit earlier and much shorter than it should have been, or something else (implantation bleeding, response to having sex which is new for my body, etc?). I did have a lot going on in May, finals and papers due/graduating/starting this new relationship/job hunting/a reduction in exercising, so I wonder if stress may have played a role in any of this? I’ve never had such a short period, it literally just was that morning and that was it (I’m usually pretty heavy for the first 2 days). Since having sex is so new, I’ve never kept track of anything related to my cycle other than the start dates, so I have no idea about my ovulation etc.

I have a prescription for BC that I’ve been waiting to begin when I got my next period (I want to do Sunday start), but since I didn’t know if that weird blip was my period, I haven’t started it yet. Now, for the past 2-3 days I’ve been getting bloating and slight cramping with a bit of acne, and it feels like my period is coming on but it hasn’t begun yet (not counting that one-day bleed, I’m currently at 41 days since my last definite period, but counting that one-day bleed it’s now been 14 days). What is going on, anyone have any thoughts? Is it time to try a HPT (no other possible pregnancy symptoms except for this, except possibly frequent urination although I've been drinking a ton of water to help counteract the bloatedness)? Should I start my BC anyways, and if so, when? Anyone else have any similar experiences or want to offer any advice?

Many thanks!
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REALLY bad pain when trying to have sex

I could never get tampons in, it always hurt too bad. I figured i was just nervous about putting some weird foreign object up there and that actual sex would be okay/easier. But today I tried to have sex for the first time with my boyfriend and it hurt SO BAD. Like 1 - 10 it was a 10. I wanted to, i dont think that it was because i was really nervous or anything. We had to stop because it hurt so bad that i was crying and his penis wasn't even in very much if at all yet. I've never even been able to get a finger in without hurting, and neither has my boyfriend. If i look at my vulva in the mirror, where my vagina is has a blob of skin protuding out of it sort of, or sometimes its in there, not protuding, but its blocking it. All my periods i have are normal, if that matters.

I know he didnt mind and he didnt get upset, but it upsets me and makes me feel abnormal and inadequate :(
If you guys could help me, maybe tell me what i'm doing wrong or any suggestions what's goin on down there i'd REALLY appreciate it. thanks :)

Retaining water in feet during AF

 I have never had this happen to me except when I was pregnant. I noticed today that my feet are really swollen ( Like they were when I was pregnant ). I was wondering if this is normal? Is there anything that I can do to help it? Would a water pill work. Every time I move my foot it bothers me. Thanks.


Hey everyone :)

A little bit of background - I'm 19, never had kids, and I'm in a long term relationship. The reason I'm posting here is that I seem to be having little success in finding birth control that's right for me :(

So far I've tried -

Microgynon - made me irritable and depressed, had panic attacks etc.
Cilest - constant depression, cried at the drop of a hat!
Condoms - ruin intimacy with my partner, although they've been a good temporary solution. Also - pretty expensive if you want good ones!
The copper IUD - horrible pain, constant bleeding, the strings hurt my boyfriend, very invasive, had to wait ages for any appointments.
Femodene - constant spotting, irritability.

I'm getting sick and tired of this! I'd like a non-hormonal form of birth control that won't reduce sensitivity like condoms do. They're a temporary solution at the moment, but I'd like to go back to 'feeling' my partner properly!

I'm thinking about the diaphragm. Have any of you tried this, and would you reccommend it?

I also saw something called a 'femcap' advertised, but after checking it out it looks a bit dodgy (not very many people have tried it that I can see).

any thoughts?! I'm getting desperate!!


Bee x
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Late Period

 Sorry to post yet another pregnancy scare post, but I've looked in the archives and searched and haven't found this exact issue.

Before I started HBC a couple years ago, I had an irregular and usually short cycle (ranging from 21-25 or so days), but when I was on the pill I could predict my period to the morning I'd get it. I was on HBC until November or December of last year and haven't used any form of birth control since. After going off HBC, I got my period every 28 or possibly 29 days every month until this one. I was supposed to get it last Wednesday and now it's Sunday night. I wouldn't think this level of irregularity odd except that I've been regular every month since I dropped the pill.

My boyfriend and I are sexually active but never have intercourse or penetration of any sort. It's all hand jobs and oral. The only possibilities in terms of his semen getting where I don't want it to be is if some got on the sheets and then I rubbed against it or something, but we're always super careful that he uses a clean hand.

This last month I've finished up my school year and haven't been around as many girls. I've also been exercising a lot but not so much more than usual. The only other thing that's changed is that I recently bought a diva cup and had it sitting in there for a couple of days (taking it out every morning and night) when I expected my period to start, so I'd be prepared. This was going to be my first cycle with the cup, so I've had some insertion troubles/pain, but I don't think that could be connected to a delayed period, right? It never hurt once it was in properly.

I know I need to take a pregnancy test, and though I'm terrified even of buying and using one I plan to tomorrow morning. I also tried drinking some parsley tea this morning and afternoon and am hoping that will bring it on...

In the meantime does anybody have any reassuring words/ any ideas what might be causing my period to be late?
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Bleeding after fingering

Hi guys! I apologize if a post like this has already been submitted, but I didn't see one. I'm pretty sure my boyfriend scratched my perineum.
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After a morning of rowdy foreplay and fingering, my vagina hurt. I suppose it's sort of my fault because I specifically asked for him to be a bit rougher with me but it hurts. He would plunge his fingers into me and I could feel him scratch the base of the vaginal opening at certain points when he went in with his finger.

The irritation is obnoxious and I am in general discomfort down there.

It hurts to wipe my vagina and, hours later, I found a spot of blood on the toilet paper.

The worst part is, it hurts to masturbate too; not during, but right after I orgasm. The pain is fairly acute.

Also, I am on Cryselle, birth control, and may have a Y.I. on top of everything.

Will it go away? What should I do to alleviate the irritation? Any advice for rough play that won't hurt the next day?

PS. Also, I am just curious, is it better to wipe up vaginal fluids right after you cum? Will lying next to your partner and not cleaning up for a while, but not more than an hour, make one more susceptible to Y.I. and U.T.I?
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follow-up to my Y.I. question and some other stuff

hey there i posted about a week ago asking about my symptoms which led me to believe i may have an exterior yeast infection. well, in the week after i posted some other stuff has gone on and as i ramble a lot, heres a cut.

EDIT!: thanks to all those who helped and gave me insight! just got back from the doc..no full exam...she just took a look and said 'yep looks like a Y.I." took a swab and told me to take the diflucan. hopefully this will clear it all up!

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Problems with condoms: taking them off, irritation

Because of a medication I'm taking possibly interacting with my Loestrin's effectiveness, my boyfriend and I have been using condoms as back-up protection.

We've been using non-lubricated Trojan condoms. However, I've noticed I've been feeling uncomfortable towards the end of sex. Is this just lack of lubrication? Should we try buying lubed condoms or adding our own lube?

Secondly, and this may be related, after we're finished, my boyfriend has trouble taking off the condom. It hurts his penis to roll it off.

Thanks in advance! We're sort of confused when it comes to condoms since we've relied on the pill for so long.