12:30 am - 06/04/2010

Plan B?

I'm on the pill, but I just graduated two days ago and in the frenzy of ceremonies I may have skipped pills/taken them at the wrong time. I can't remember at all whether I took pills on time or not. If I ever accidentally skip I take them first thing in the morning and take two doses. I suspect I may have taken my pills not quite at the same time every day... at all.

My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex yesterday for the first time. Should I take Plan B? First of all, it's really expensive, and second of all, I'm going on a 24+ hour plane ride and really don't want to have nausea/vomiting. However, if it's that or getting pregnant, I'd rather ... not be pregnant.

Please give me your opinions. :( I know it wasn't the best idea.
5:35 am - 06/04/2010

Once Again!!

So I got to thinking last night, when I made the post about missing the two bc pills I had it wrong, dont know if it makes any difference or not, but  
after I took the 4 placebo pills in my pack, I am on the 24 active pills then the four placebo ones, I did take the first pill in the new pack, and missed the two pills after that, on my last post I had that I missed the first two pills in the pack, But I didn't.. I took one then missed two, then doubled up on the next two days. Sheww. Hopefully this will be the last and final post I don't think I left out anything at this time. And for those of you that have already seen my other post, I was posting because I was worried about getting prego. Thanks so much for reading and responding to my post. And If for some reason I don't start my period when I am on my placebo week how soon could I test?  Thanks
So..... I was on BC for several years, on and off at times - my period always started back normally. In fact I have always been fairly regular with no issues before bc.

June of last year - I went off BC- I was having some reactions to it, didnt really like the way I was feeling etc. Got my withdraw period... then nothing *cricket chirp... uterine silence*

OKOK no panic - for up to 6 months your period can be wacky - I can deal with this - still we used condoms *just in case* so I wouldnt accidentally get preggers if I was still ovulating.

December 09 - we got a little carried away *oops* plan B *just in case*

Got a period.... then

NOTHING *cricket chirp... uterine silence*

OK still being careful (we couldnt have a baby at that point)

went to girly dr in march - told her about my silent girl parts, inquired whether my uterus just went on strike - or have I killed everything and put myself into early menopause or something with the HBC...

Needed blood work.. am a coward - finally got the blood work this week - everything, all hormone levels, all extra stuff normal. (and no not preggers)

just got married sunday, and we are planning on TTC in the fall - I need to get myself sorted, for that and just for overall health.

So she says she is going to give me some medication **EDIT** I am pretty sure it is a short course of Provera **    that will jump start my period. I was told to pretty much expect the period from hell (great - mine were never fun to begin with!)

Has anyone else experienced this. How about side effects? and did you resume your normal cycles after wards? - I used to be pretty much clockwork before I went on BC and never had this happen.
Have I screwed myself for life with this. And will it effect my ability to bear children?
1:25 pm - 06/04/2010

period sex

I've been talking about this the last few days and really surprised by the responses it's drawn.  I'd love to hear from this community.

How do you feel about having sex on your period?  Or with a partner who is menstrual?

Would you ever perform oral sex on a partner who is menstrual if she were using something to stop the flow?  Like a tampon, diaphram, sponge, etc.

I'd also be interested in any links/info you care to share on the STD risks of being sexual with a menstrual woman.  I've checked the website for both Planned Parenthood and the CDC and found little to nothing.

No, I'm not a student or reasearcher or anything like that.  It's just been a hot topic in my corner of the universe lately.
hi, for about a week now i've been having very sharp sudden stinging sensations close/on the clitorial area/tip area of my vagina. it's not constant, but if i shift into a certain position it stings horribly. i do not have an STD (haven't had sex since last august). i don't believe it is a UTI because it doesn't burn when i pee. i just started my period 2 days ago and was hoping that it would clear out whatever is causing the pain but it hasnt stopped.

i'm wondering if this is just a yeast infection? or possible bacterial vaginosis? if it's the latter, is it possible for it to go away on its own? my stomach can't tolerate oral antibiotics.

any ideas on what this could be?
2:52 pm - 06/04/2010

Allergies and Pregnancy

I'm not 100% sure, but I think I have a semen/sperm allergy. I've had unprotected sex with my boyfriend before (a few years back), and usually he'd pull out, and I was fine. One time he finished inside me, and within 30 minutes it burned like hell. It's not an STD or anything, so that's the only thing I can think of. So fast forward a few years (we're married now), and we are thinking about having a baby. I'm wondering, can this semen allergy prevent us from getting pregnant? We don't have insurance yet (going to be getting it VERY soon, though), and when we get it I plan to go to the doctor to look more into the potential allergy. What kind of test will they do?

Basically all I want to know is if I can still get pregnant and what to expect if I go to the doctor and ask about the allergy.
Hello, FTM transsexual here. I plan to start T after I get the reproductive aspects of my plumbing removed (+ these boobs, for that matter), but everything else is going to remain untouched. I'm having trouble finding good, comprehensive information on the effects of this on what I'll have left, though. Can you guys help point me in the right direction?
6:23 pm - 06/04/2010

4 pills of bc at once

I'm really bad at remembering my bc... so when I went to take it today.. I stupidly (for some reason) thought it was monday and saw my sun sat and monday pills were not taken so I took all three.. (week starts on sat)

Then, I look over a little and see Friday just waving at me. So I went ahead and took it... idk why, just seemed to be the right thing to do.. lol

Am I going to be okay?? lol.

BTW its ocella..
hi VP-ers :)

i posted to the LJ comm amipregnant as well, but just wanted to know what you guys thought.. because i'm so afraid of the possibility of pregnancy :/

i had sex for the first time on May 23rd, and the boyfriend and i used withdrawal (stupidly because we didnt have condoms on hand and STILL wanted a go at it *smacks forehead*). I'm quite sure he didnt ejaculate inside me for this incident, however.

then we had sex again on the 25th and the 30th of May, both times using a condom and he finished inside me, condom on. however i'm not sure whether on the 30th there was any leakage/seepage from the top of the condom, because when i was helping him to unroll it i thought i found some ejaculate on the outside of the condom, at the base of the penis :/  i'm more worried about this two dates because i think i might have ovulated sometime around the 26-27th of May-- my discharge increased in volume, become a lot more fluid and stringy aka fertile mucous, am i right? so... fertile time and possibility of leakage = Major anxiety.

i'm not on any other form of BC like the pill or anything, so far we've only used withdrawals/condoms. i'm just really afraid and anxious because if i am pregnant it is practically tantamount to doomsday, not even kidding.

so i'm just wondering what you guys think, and how early should i take a pregnancy test? my cycles are pretty long, usually 34-38 days in a cycle, so my period is not due for about a week or so.

also -- my pee smelt really weird/foul/strong 2 days after sex, could it be the condoms..? it's fine now. but the last 3 days i've had So much gas, and ALWAYS in the evening around dinner time. i read that it could be an early pregnancy symptom :( so far, no other tell-tale signs.
i'm just hoping it was the coffee/ my stomach acting up as it sometimes does.

any advice/reassurance/input would be SO helpful, thanks so much in advance :)
(excuse the sockpuppet, you know why...)

Two weeks ago I decided to shave my bikini zone, all of it. I think the first and last time I've done it was almost 10 years ago, maybe a bit less. I had put the shaving cream, let it soften the hairs a bit and very carefully did the job. No cuts, no bleeding, it looked like a success.

The first 2 days after the shaving skin looked good but it felt REALLY WEIRD. It felt sticky (!!) and rubber-like. Seriously, the toilet paper would get stuck on it. I'd put some talc over it in hope it's just a temporarily irritation.

But then, on the 3rd day I woke up with the whole vulvic area covered in zits/pimples, mostly with white caps (nice for squeezing out), at least 50 of them!! And it hurt!!

If I'd just scratch myself (because it would itch, especially when I walk because of the pants-on-skin contact) some of them would start to bleed. Then some of them started bleeding under the skin, so I'd have large blue-ish patches on my skin and swollen areas where blood gathered.

There are still some pimples, still some itching and occasional bleeding...and I don't know what to do, I'll just wait for it to pass. I don't really have time to go to the doctor, not to mention how embarrassing it would be (ok, I know, if it seemed serious I'd really go, I don't want to mess with my body and health).

I don't want to ever shave myself in that area again but I keep wondering if there was something I could do to prevent that? I know I have sensitive skin, the similar happens then I shave insides of my thighs so I stopped doing it.

Anyone else had similar experiences? :(

(Yes, actual douches not the Jersey Shore idiots :-p) I've heard for years they are bad for you in reality but I'm wondering if you all have a personal opinion on them. Yes? No? Indifferent? Have they worked for any of you? Thanks!
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