May 30th, 2010

Question About Birth Control

I been off my birth control for four days, now, and ever since I have had headach and sick to my stomach feel all day, is this normal? I was on loestrin 24 and I was just worried I been on these for 3years, never been pregnant this is the first time me and my husband have tried, Never missed a pill and I just thought that someone here would be of help, any advice would be great! Thanks. :)
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Tissue Tearing?

Last night my boyfriend and I had sex and he was drunk, so he was rougher than normal. The first time he entered me it HURT. I lost my virginity a few years ago so I highly doubt it has anything to do with the hymen.

We turned on a light afterwards and there was blood everywhereeee. On him, on me, on the sheets, etc. When cleaning myself off I noticed some tiny little clots. The kind you may get at the beginning of one's period, or maybe during a nose bleed. My period ended one week ago today. (I've never spotted before or after either so I'm ruling that out) I'm still bleeding ever so slightly and I'm very sore inside.

Could he have torn something? Could he have dislodged some leftover stuff from my period? Is there any way I could distinguish between the two? Little freaked out and mortified.

Thank you all so much <3
nigga prease

Hypoactive sexual desire >\ :[ D=

I have never been the most boy crazy, but for the past few years, it's come more and more to my attention that I am a very asexual person, and over the past few days specifically it's become a really distressing issue for me. I'm not truly asexual and I don't identify myself as being so (usually just "practically asexual"), but I find no dudes attractive. Ever. I probably see a dude who makes me think "HELL I'D HIT IT" about once every month or two (and it's usually a big deal to me and I flip out and tell all my friends because I'm so proud of myself). Actually, I've done this thing to myself a number of times over the past few years where I have found a dude that seems cute enough and then tried to convince myself I liked him because I want to like somebody so dang bad but I just can't. I miss having that excitement in my life, havin a big ol crush on a boi, and even though I have been with a few guys (all of whom pursued me and never the other way around), I have never been able to feel fully connected to them, and it's been extremely frustrating and a source of a lot of guilt for me, since I've been unable to fully return their feelings for me and god knows I want to. I can feel fond and affectionate towards them, yes, but not passionate. I felt more passionate about the dude I had a crush on when I was 13, which is depressing to me. I guess my situation is a lot like trying to be gay when you're straight and vice versa. You can try, but you know you're just foolin' yourself, but I'm just a straight girl trying to be straight, so what gives?!

The other day it dawned on me that I had not had a legit crush since before I started taking birth control around my junior year of high school. I'm going to try a lil experiment this month and see if not taking it helps my situation at all. But I started taking birth control in the first place for PMDD so I'm not really crazy about giving it up at all, plus, well, if this is the answer and I fix my asexual streak, I'm probably gonna want my birth control back for obvious reasons. If this does turn out to be the problem, is there any way to fix it while still taking my birth control? And then when I think about it even harder, like I said, I have never been very boy crazy at all, so what if this is an on-going, life-long problem I've unknowingly had and birth control just aggravates it? Or what if my ADHD medicine has been playing a large part in this? Already makes it nigh impossible to get off at all! What do I do then, since stopping my ADHD meds is 100% NOT optional? I want to get this fixed so badly, I can't even tell you. I'm a cute, stylish 20-year-old girl, and this is the time of my life where I need to be a tiger out there! And not one that's been spayed either! HAYLP ME VAGINA PAGINA!
I'm probably gonna make a doctor's appointment soon to discuss it and possible treatments, but I just wanted to ask, has anybody else ever had this same problem? If so, did you try any kind of remedies or treatments? Did any of them work, and if yes, which ones and how so? Does anybody know of any treatments for hypoactive sexual desire disorder other than therapy? Or maybe anything about the root causes of HSDD? I just haven't really been able to find much satisfying information just Googlin'. So. You know.

Reputable Vitex Pills?

A couple of vitex-related posts recently have reminded me to ask this:

I've been taking vitex to even out my luteal phases and try to cajole my ovaries into not doing the cyst thing. (The cysts aren't a huge health issue, but they make using FAM inconvenient -- and they are even more inconvenient when they burst.)

I have been using a tincture prepared at a local herb shop. The good new in this is that I know it's prepared using the correct part of the plant, it's been stored correctly, etc. The bad news is that because it's a tincture**, I only end up remembering to take it about 1 of every 3 or so days. And that's not helping as much as it could.

Basically, I'm way too conditioned to How to Remember Pills. I know the cell phone alarm should be pretty versatile, but even when I was on HBC, I remembered visually. Then, I had a pill case labeled SunMonTueWedThuFriSat, so I could see whether or not I'd taken that day's pill. Similarly, in order to keep track of period pain meds, I have a little case labeled SMTWTFS, so I can see whether I'm maxed out on meds for the day.

So it would be awesome if I could find quality vitex in pill form; they'd fit literally into my pill case and figuratively into my life pattern. Only, I'm pretty skeptical of a fair number of commercial brands and am not sure which ones to get.

So -- and here's the TL;DR version -- anyone have knowledge of or experience with reputable vitex pills that worked well for you?


** In greater detail: It tastes seven kinds of nasty, so I need to take it inside some kind of of other liquid that has its own taste and which taste I do not mind perverting with the taste of this bitter concoction. This means my morning cups of coffee and evening beer and/or wine are right out. I have priorities and caffeine (especially) and (to a lesser degree) alcohol trump more convenient ovarian function.

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waxing aftercare tips?

hey guys!

Two days ago I decided to give myself a bikini wax, first time ever! I used the Nads hard wax one. Anyway it was all fine, had a shower before and trimmed hair used the aftercare wipes provided etc. But this morning while showering I realised my skin has reacted quite badly, I had lots of little angry red spots, some with white heads I guess you could say. I exfoliated my skin, and I used another after care wipe but my skin is still highly irritated!

I've had razor burn before, I normally shave my bikini line but am over it and would prefer to wax from now on, but what can I do to make my skin happy again?

Not sure if this is related, but my skin is being weird in general. I normally have clear skin but I've been breaking out a lot lately (due to stress mostly I think, exams suck!)

thanks guys!