May 21st, 2010


Navel and chest hair problems

This is painfully embarrassing to post about. I have a problem with some hair growth. Hair comes in on my stomach really thick and dark, to the point where I shave it every day. I also get hair growth on my chest area between my breasts really dark, but not as thick. My gynecologist asked me if I got any sort of hair growth like this at a routine exam a while back, and I neglected to tell her about it because I find it extremely embarrassing. I did end up telling her about it at my next appointment, and all she said was "don't worry about it." Well, I am worrying about it. I was wondering if anybody has the same problem or if there's a reason for it? I took some pictures a few months ago. It's gotten worse and thicker since then, but they still show how bad it is..

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Thank you for all the comments. I feel better in knowing that many people experience this. I'm not exactly "embarrassed" by all of my body hair. I know it's normal for women to have it, and at one point I refused to shave my legs or underarms for over three years. But the amount of flack I received from my own family, let alone strangers when wore shorts or tank tops made me uncomfortable and I shave now to spare myself from melt downs.

Increased discharge after exercise and questions about cycle changes.

I recently ('recently' as in 'this week') started biking 10-15 miles per day. My muscles feel a little tight, naturally, and the muscles in my chest, neck and stomach hurt just a little. I also feel like I have increased discharge, so either I'm ovulating a little early (due to start early next week - Monday or Tuesday) or something else is going on.

I think/hope my cycle is just changing as I move into my mid-twenties (I'm 23). My cycle is typically 29-35 days. I usually bleed for five days. In the past, the first 2-3 days of my period were intensely heavy, but my last cycle, I didn't bleed much the first day, though I bled more the second and third. My cramps were not quite as intense as they usually are, though I was definitely in pain and the cramps lasted four or five days as usual. My small breasts grew bigger about two months ago and still feel strange to me. I also started experiencing PMS symptoms for the first time in my life. For my past two cycles, about 1.5 weeks before my period starts, my breasts start to hurt INTENSELY and I am also having more frequent headaches during that week or so.

I'm wondering if this is normal or if I should take a pregnancy test despite having just finished a period that was FAIRLY normal in terms of cramping and bleeding. The idea of decidual bleeding subbing in for a period makes me nervous, but I watch my cycles fairly closely by monitoring discharge(not my temperature, though) and I hope I'd recognize it. If my period came when I expected it and was fairly normal, I should be fine, but this cycle, I can't shake my nerves. I am getting an IUD (right now my fiance and I just use condoms) sometime this summer, but until then, I'm still stressing over my slim odds of getting pregnant despite careful condom use.

It's just a little unsettling to experience so many changes to a cycle that had been relatively consistent/predictable for several years. I started my period when I was nearly 14, stopped having it when I was 15 (too skinny) and didn't have another period until I went on birth control at 17. I went off birth control at 18 and my periods started getting more painful and heavier with every cycle from 18-20. When I was 21 and 22, my periods stayed painful and heavy, and came within a 29-35 day window.

Sorry for the novel!
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Question about Monistat

So I went to the doctor's the other day to check to see if I had a yeast infection and I did. The doctor said to get Monistat, or other over the counter remedy, and prescribed me 150mg of Fluconazole. I got the Monistat 3 Day treatment (the doctor also said this was optional and just to be safe I got this too along with medication) and everything was fine until I had to get to step three.

My question is this: is it suppose to be uncomfortable after inserting the applicator (meaning that the ovule was causing the discomfort, not the applicator)? It hurt to walk back to my room and when I laid down I had to lay on my back with my knees up in order to be somewhat comfortable. If it's not suppose to hurt/be uncomfortable then did I put it in wrong or not far enough into my vagina? I've never used tampons before (too scared of them) so I'm wondering if I was either in the wrong position for the applicator or didn't push it in far enough.

Really not looking forward to the next two nights of this...

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sensitive to heat?

This might be an odd question, but has anyone that's went off (or on, I suppose) experienced a change in how sensitive you are to heat?

I just went off Yaz about 2 months ago--I was on it for 4.5 years. I live in Texas, so it's starting to get really hot here. I've lived here all my life, so I'm pretty used to it. However, for the past month or so, I get really nauseous and feel like I'm going to pass out if I'm in the heat for too long. The only thing I can think of is that maybe the hormone changes are affecting how I tolerate heat?