May 13th, 2010

Bowie finger
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urination devices

Hi all! So I'm going to Bonnaroo next month and I've heard the port-a-potties there can get really really dirty so I'm looking to get a urination device so I have to touch the potty as little as possible. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good one?

Thanks in advice!

Can yeast infection cause cracks where labia majora split?

I am coming off antibiotics and treating a yeast infection (my very first! lucky me) they caused. My last day of Monistat was three days ago, but the infection was so bad my doc had me take the oral treatment Fluconozale yesterday (the day after my last antibiotic pill) as well. I no longer have any discharge, itching, or burning, but for the last 48 hours, the very top of my vulva has been driving me crazy whenever wiping after using the restroom.

It felt like I have a case of athlete's foot there. I investigated with a mirror, and I can see two red, inflamed cracks/tears in the skin, about 1/3 inch long at the very top of my slit/rima pudendi. They look to be deeper than the first layer of skin, similar to how athlete's foot will often "eat through" the first layer of skin between your toes. The cracks run "dorsoventral", that is, parallel to the ground, from the external vulvar skin to the fatty pad of flesh that ends just above the clitoral hood.

I haven't had sex in more than a week, I've been very gentle with the entire area, and yet, because this is my first yeast infection, I have no idea if this is a typical occurrence with them. Can I treat with Lotrimin? Or should I head back to the doctor?

Thank you.

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Worrying Growth on Labia

Good (very early) morning, y'all.

This is my first post, but I'm not really sure how to state that in a creative way, so I'll just dive straight in to my problem.

A day or two ago, my inner labia starting burning. I figured it was the heat + humidity + me moving around too much, so I put some Desitin on it and it immediately felt better. This evening I was taking a shower and rinsing down there when it really started to hurt. Once out of the shower, I checked in the mirror and found what appeared to be a thin, red rash with small, elliptical, white pustules (or what look like pustules) along the top. The skin is puckered a little near the edges of the rash and feels slightly rough to the touch. I've been googling those symptoms, but can't find anything to match. It's not horribly painful, just vaguely burning and sensitive when touched. If I sit still I hardly feel it.

I'm not sexually active and haven't been doing anything that would aggravate that area. I'm not on any medication and haven't changed my hygiene habits recently. Is this benign or something I should be worried about?

Edited to add: the growth is only on one side of the labia, but the Desitin went on both sides, so I doubt it's a reaction to the ointment
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in-office hysteroscopy

so, tomorrow is my big day, and i can't sleep. i'm terrified! i'm reading horror stories online. i'm having a hysteroscopy because they saw some abnormalities (presumed polyps) on my ultrasound in my uterus. the doctor told me an in-office hysteroscopy would be better, and i hate anesthesia when i don't need it, so i agreed.
so tomorrow i've got this:
my moms hand to hold when i'm in there
some motrin for right before i go in (i heard a half an hr-an hr before?)
.5 milligram of ativan that i take for an anxiety disorder
and a whole lot of hope.

what should i expect? i know it's only a 3 minute procedure once they get in there, so are these horror stories of gut wrenching pain real? the only part that scares me is the saline injection. i have a sensitive lady, so i'm scared i'll lose it. papsmears have hurt before, but usually because of the circumstances i get them under. i'm just praying this all goes smoothly, for i am scared (sorry) shitless.
any reassurance/kind words could go a mile for me right now.
i'll update again once it's over <3

HBC and Nausea

Well, I've finally decided to take a leap and go on the Pill. I've taken it 3 times, at 9 pm, and each time I wake up ~8 hours later with nausea. I was warned, but could this go away on its own? Maybe my body is just... adjusting? I don't think taking with food would help, as it doesn't make me nauseous until 8 hours later (plus, the thought of food makes me queasy). Maybe a different time of day would work?

Edit: I've also had several deep, painful pimples appear since I started, which is suspicious, considering that my period just ended.

I'm taking Levora-28. I just need it for cramps/PMS now, but I would like to make it work so I can use it for a contraceptive in the future.

Anyone Have a Fibroid Tumor in Their Uterus?

Hi everyone.

I got the results back from my pelvic exam/ultrasound and my doctor said all they found was a fibroid tumor in my uterus. Now of course, given that my mom just passed away a couple of months ago from uterine cancer, hearing the world ''tumor'' made me hysterical. But my doctor said that it was tiny and nothing to worry about it. He estimates that i've had it for about a year and only suggested that I get it checked every 2 years to make sure it hasn't gotten bigger. But he assured me that what happened to my mom and my fibroid tumor were not related at all and that again, it was nothing to worry about.

I was just wondering if anyone else has one and if it's ever caused you any problems?
Data &amp; Spot

so what, specifically, *is* spotting?

What is the general consensus as to the definition of "spotting"? My understanding is that it's light bleeding, usually toward the end of a period. But does anyone actually experience it literally as little spots of blood on the pad/underwear? As though your flow is like that of a faucet, and ends with a few little droplets when the faucet is shut off? Or maybe if you have a very light, short period that consists of a tiny amount of actual blood...

Typically I use the term to refer to that lovely brownish stuff that actual menstrual bleeding tapers off to. I've always assumed it's just whatever tissue/blood is left in the uterus combining with normal discharge. I also say "spotting" in reference to any unscheduled (and unwelcome) traces of that sort of stuff during otherwise normal discharge.

Am I misusing the term, or is it misleading, just an easier and more pleasant way to say "that brownish junk after my period"?

EDIT: Part of this curiosity is me being a linguist. Part of it is that my uterus is responding in unusual-for-me ways to my new Mirena. What I'm currently experiencing seems to be a very light version of the brownish gunk, or maybe just a very slight amount of actual blood, which I figure would actually appear spotty if it weren't combined with regular discharge. (And for the love of god is there an actual medical term I can use instead of saying "brownish gunk"?!)
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How do you deal with your boobs?

Hello all :) This is directed to the more well-endowed of VPers.

I'm sixteen years old and since about 8th grade have had US cup size D boobs. I'm a petite girl, only 5' 2" and quite small around. 32D technically though it seems they don't make those, so I've always worn 34s on the smallest snap. I don't recall a time I was ever less than a B. I was that kid in like 3rd grade that needed a bra with actual support. Girls always picked on me. Boys never did.

Well recently I've discovered all my bras are rather uncomfortable, and I think I may have gone up to a DD. This... kind of breaks my heart. I have just finally come to grips with it all. The snide comments, boys throwing things down my shirts, clothes never fitting, shoving money down my shirts, the "accidental" brush...

But ever since one boy jabbed me in the boob with his mute to watch it jiggle (I play the trumpet, mute's formed to fit into the bell, boys make dildo jokes) I've just...

It's been a rollercoaster. My boyfriend mentions now and again when people say things and it pisses him off but he's a lover. He asks me if I want him to do something but its so against him I could never be like YEAH KICK HIS ASS hah, I'd feel awful. He says I need to put my foot down, stop joking around, and really tell them to stop it.

But I guess I just don't know how. Its hard to tell when my guy friends are joking or not and its so much easier to just laugh with them than say something... but it really does a number I guess. I hate feeling like an object.

My more sensitive guy friend feels bad but he's like, boys will be boys. He told me I have a nice body and I should get used to it. :P And I get that and I totally understand I mean I stare at boys too haha it happens its just. The extra stuff. It really bugs me. And I'm already self-concious, pointing it out doesnt make me feel any better.

So I guess what I'm asking really is, how do you lovely girls deal with it all? :(

And where could I possibly go about finding inexpensive bras in such high sizes that are actually kind of cute? It took me so long to find okay bras that were a D cup, and now... I've never even seen a DD cup bra at the store. I feel so lost. And I don't have a whole ton of money, my part-time job buys gas and the rest I put away usually.

Thanks girls, sorry its so long.

hysteroscopy frustration

so i go into the doctor's office, prepared for my hysteroscopy...
the nurse comes in, gets me undressed, yadda yadda.
the doctor comes in, this is not my usual gyn, so she introduced herself, asked if i knew why i was there.
she told me that when they sent me a letter saying my endometrial lining was "irregular and thickened" , they obviously didn't look at much. it was built up to 9 mm, and she said that's normal, but my usual gyn got results from the ultrasound tech that it was irregular. then my usual gyn told me that the lining was irregular because it seemed that things were growing on it, and it wasn't smooth.
so this doctor (ill refer to her as dr A, who is the one who was going to do the hysteroscopy) thought everything was a ton of bullshit. she said 9 mm is not thickened, and she didn't know about irregularity, but said she found no need to do a hysteroscopy just yet. so instead, she offered me a pelvic ultrasound to see the results now (because the first ultrasound was done after a 3 mth period on seasonique, so im sure it was irregular due to that). when they first took some pictures, it looked irregular, but as i relaxed, she said it looked almost completely normal.
so i went home, and i'm scheduled for another ultrasound in a few months while i try this new birth control i'm on.

do you think that the second doctor would've continued with the hysteroscopy if she had concerns? she said she loves doing them and is very good at it, but she wouldn't want to put me through that pain unless something screamed CONCERN to her. so while im comfortable with that decision, i still have the "what if" side in my mind.

what do you vpers think?