May 7th, 2010


YI doesn't want to go away...

I've had several yeast infections in the past so it's pretty easy for me to identify when I'm starting to show symptoms of one. About a week and a half ago I started to notice the sore, burning, itching, discharge...etc etc. After a few days it was clear I had a YI, so I ran out to my local drugstore and bought the 3 day Monistat treatment. Usually this does the trick, but after completing the regimen... oh my god, still itching! Still burning!

I can't see a doctor right now because I don't have health insurance and all the walk-in clinics around me charge way too much for someone as broke as me (there are no free options for me, believe me, I've done my research). Obviously I don't want to get another Monistat treatment for fear the yeast will simply become resistant.

What's a girl to do? How do I kick this thing without seeing a doc and getting prescribed Diflucan or something? My vagina needs help!

itchy vagina problem


so I've had yeast infections before and I felt like I was getting one, so I started to put acidiphilus capsules into my vag to treat it. I put in one yesterday and three today. I feel like it's gotten worse and it looks like its gotten worse, but I can't tell if the discharge coming out of it is really clumpy and yellowish because of the yeast infection or because of the acidophilus treatment method. I can't tell if it smells like yeast or acidophilus, so I don't know what to think.

How would I know if the acidophilus capsule treatment is working? How long does this method usually take to cure it?

If it's not a yeast infection, what might it be? I don't think it's BV, but trichomoniasis might be a possibility. Thoughts?

Yeast Infection - Yogurt and Pectin

After overcoming my last yeast infection about three weeks ago, it seems another might have risen from its grave! I wanted to try the yogurt method, so I went to the grocery store; however, the ingredients on the one I bought read: "Cultured Grade A Non Fat Milk (Active cultures of L. acidophilis) and Pectin". Is pectin a sugar that could cause more harm than good? Thanks!

razor burn blues

hello superstars!

i shaved my bikini zone in the shower last night and i'm suffering from itchy red razor burn today :( boo.  what can i use to ease my pain?  when i get razor burn on my legs i like to put aloe vera gel on them - is it safe to use this on my bikini area?  what do you use for razor burn?  i'm definitely open to suggestions  :)

thanks everyone!

Can illness right before period delay a period?

I had a cold last week and a sinus infection this week - stayed home from work several days, was unable to sleep for 48 hours because of congestion - and now my period is due today and hasn't started. It usually starts reliably Friday mornings every 28 days. I know stress and illness can delay ovulation, which delays the onset of a period, <b>but can sickness close to the start of a period delay it too? </b>

"New" HBC Brand: Natazia/Qlaira

Found via re: Cycling, though I might have a slightly different take/reaction.

I understand that they have some concerns about increased risk of blood clots in Yasmin, Yaz, and now Natazia (Qlaira in Europe). I definitely think folks should be aware of that, but I'm personally more interested in this study, where Natazia "appears to be more effective than other oral contraceptives" at reducing heavy menstrual bleeding.

Even though I recognize that this is a statement from someone who's a paid consultant for Bayer, I have to admit I'm more than a little intrigued. My iron levels would love it if I didn't gush rivers once a month, and I'd love it if I didn't have to permanently burn out the inside of my uterus to do it. (And okay -- I might love it even if I have to permanently burn out the inside of my uterus to do it.)

So I'm a little excited, even though I think more research is probably needed to definitively draw this conclusion and even though I know a brand name pill new to the U.S. market will be hellaciously expensive. And even if I end up deciding an ablation is safer, more predictable, cheaper in the long run (maybe even in the short run), it's nice to feel like I'm choosing one of multiple options, rather than "down to the last effing thing left."
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Giving blood and period

I just gave blood today (for the first time) and now I'm really lightheaded.   I passed out completely right afterward, but I expected that to happen.  I'm also due to get my period on Saturday, but for the last few days I've already had some spotting and weird bloody good - not period, like spotting mixed with thick sticky discharge.  I'm on HBC to deal with bad cramps and to avoid passing out so often when on my period.  Should I just take the pills like normal and let the period come, or would it be better to try to stack my pills?  I'm just wondering what kind of influence the blood loss is going to have on my period.

painful papsmear

Allrighty! I went to the doctor at my university today for a papsmear. I was worried that I had BV for a while, so I figured a pap would clear up my concerns.
The doctor was really nice and all, but the pap really hurt. This is my second one and my first was 3-4 years ago, and I only remember it feeling really uncomfortable, but not hurting. The speculum hurt a little on insertion but it was that scrapey thing they do that really hurt :(
She asked me if my period was due midway through, and I said well I'm like in the middle of a pack of pill so... no not really. Turned out I was bleeding? She told me that sometimes the cervix can get bumped and that sometimes that combined with being close to my period (which... I wasn't) could cause it.
I could still feel pain where the scraping was done for a couple of hours after the pap, it actually made me cry as I was walking home.
Is this usual or should I be worried? She also told me I might need to get it redone because of the blood which just makes me go oh hell no :( if I do need another I'll wait for my holidays and get it from my family doctor in my hometown.

The insurance blues about a colposcopy... help!

Hey, fellow superstars. You've always helped me when I'm down and out about my ladybits... and this is definitely one of those times!

A few weeks ago I went to my NYC gynocologist. I had my pap done as usual, with no comments, no anything out of the ordinary during the procedure. But afterwards, I noticed I was bleeding. Not super-heavy, but steadily, which had never happened before.

I received a call this week from their staff that my pap was "inconclusive" and that I should have a colposcopy done next week. I was a bit confused that they would jump straight to this, since I've had no problems with my pap before, have had the Gardasil shots, and the same partner for 3 years. But I said fine and scheduled the appointment, then put in a call to my insurance, Aetna, to find out my coverage. Well, I just heard back and they said they would not cover the procedure, only the visit itself. The rest would be applied to my deductible. From estimates online, testing with possible biopsies would run anywhere from $500-$1K -- I was unemployed last year and only brought in like, 18K gross for the year. I flat out can't afford that right now.

My thought is to cancel the procedure at the NYC doctor's who, despite being great, is likely going to charge Manhattanite prices -- and go to a Planned Parenthood in NJ, near my boyfriend's, I could possibly ask them to re-pap me first, then see if I really need the colposcopy, or just have them do the colposcopy. I know they'd be easier to work with on a sliding scale based on my income, right?

Any thoughts would be appreciated, as I'm a little concerned... and a lot broke. :)
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