April 25th, 2010

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Pain with Implanon

I've checked the tags but there's only two other posts tagged as Implanon and neither really answer this question. I've also checked out the Implanon FAQs and the leaflet I got but this doesn't seem to be addressed there either.

I got Implanon fitted at my Family Planning Clinic last Monday and it was quite painful for the first couple of days, but I assumed it was just sore since there was a big bruise. However, now the bruise has gone down I'm still getting occasional pain when I bend my arm. Basically it feels like a pinch. I've noticed that the end of the implant seems to press against my skin when this happens and makes a visible 'lump'. None of the things I've read mention this so I'm worried that it hasn't been inserted properly, but I also don't want to drive all the way to the clinic and wait half an hour just to have them tell me everything's normal. Has anyone got any experience with this?

Extremely swollen labia minora

I had a strange experience a couple of times when I was 15 or 16 (15 years ago)  that I''ve never found an answer about. Hoping somene here might be able to advise me... it's never recurred but was so bizarre and the doctors couldn't work it out.

The labia minor on one side swelled up like a balloon to the point where it looked like a little sausage, and it seemed that the swelling continued up into my vaginal canal on that side. I don't recall much in the way of itching, just that it was really uncomfortable. This recurredonce, a few months or a year after the first time.

There were no insect bites or anythign in evidence, no changes to laundry detergent or any other thing that would be expected to irritate the area. I had been sexually active, but if I recall correctly, not for a period of time before the first instance. I've never tested positive to an STI, and thanks to wonderful Australian sex ed, brilliantly communicative parents, and an incredibly scary HIV education campaign I've been absolutely religious in my use of condoms since becoming PiV sexually active at the age of 15.

Any ideas?

ingrown hair down there

so i was trimming for the first time in about five months (I haven't had sex in that long - personal choice) and I noticed what looked like an ingrown hair. It was a little bump that IS hard and kinda brown at the top like a scab. I did used to shave but haven't in a few months. Is it an ingrown hair or something else? Thanks!
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Hey all--

I'm looking for a specific webpage about hymens that somebody here linked me to a while back. I've looked in the comm, but the "hymens" tag only goes a few entries back.

It was a statistical report on data gathered about women and their hymens, how many of them bled during their first PiV sexual experience, etc. It linked to other surveys on similar topics.

Can anybody help me out?

Ocella as EC

I took a couple of my Ocella pills (generic Yasmin 28) about 2 weeks ago and had withdrawal bleed because I forgot to keep taking them.
I had intercourse this morning, and even though he pulled out (he didn't come all at once, but in...intervals, which is why were worried.) I still want to take EC. I can't get to a pharmacy/clinic for Plan B though, nor do I have the money for it.

I took one Ocella 3mg tablet directly after, and read that if I take another one 12 hours later, it will work as Emergency Contraception.

Does anyone have experience with this - specifically with Ocella? I need it to work.