April 12th, 2010

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itchy, itchy, itchy!

I think I have a yeast infection. Well, I'm very sure I have a yeast infection, but it's a little different than normal so I'm concerned. I'm on amoxicillin and after only 3 doses I developed a raging yeast infection. I don't usually get all the textbook symptoms when my YIs are due to antibiotics (which I get without fail when on an antibiotic); I usually just get the redness and itching, but that's it. This one is pretty much every symptom in the book, though. I usually get a 7-day prescription cream when I'm put on antibiotics, but I felt uncomfortable asking my dentist for this and figured I'd just call my PCP if necessary. I'm seeing her tomorrow for something unrelated, so I will have her address all my issues, but I'm wondering if this could be something else entirely?. The issue I'm having is I already started treating with some left over cream I had and It'd not doing anything. Usually this stuff gives me relief within seconds. It does expire this month, but I figured a matter of a few weeks wouldn't render it magically inert. Also, I fell sick yesterday-- I was doing fine since I started the antibiotics, but Sunday morning woke up feeling fluish (nauseous, achy, dry mouth, sore throat, no fever or headache). I don't know if it's related, but I'm concerned that if it is a YI, it could be worse because my immune system is obviously already working overtime? I'm also concerned that I might have an oral YI.. my throat is sore due to some serious post nasal drip, but my mouth, throat, nasal mucosa and inner ears itch like crazy. I've had oral thrush once before and it wasn't like this (my tongue was really sore and felt like it was on fire).

Oh, I also recently started using Pre-seed lubrication (just twice so far), but it doesn't have any of the usual substances that irritate me in it and I also only used it externally. I'm also 8 years monogamous and I just had a clear PAP 3 weeks ago. I'm also currently on a lot of meds-- levothyroxine, metformin, prenavite(prenatal), amoxicillin, motrin, norco, and valium twice this week for dental work. Oh, and I had a root canal last week.


*Edited* to change 'clean PAP' to 'clear PAP'. I'm sorry if I upset or offended anybody.


hey ladies,

i was wondering if this ever happened to any of y'all before.

i took an EPT test (it's about 3 days before my period, so not missed yet), and it comes up negative... except there's a few dots above the line. there not even in the area where the vertical line would be. it's just three or four little dots hanging out to the left, one on the top, of the window.

it's happened a couple times, but i can't tell if i should be concerned or if it's just a weird thing from the test. thoughts?

How to stay healthy?

This post is part rant (at my body, for letting me down), and partly a request for advice. I apologise in advance if I run on a bit, I blame snot in the brain and a lack of adult conversation IRL.

I'm a 30 year old woman and in general I eat healthily, take no medication, breastfeed my 16 month old, exercise on 5 out of 7 days, sleep 9-10 hours a night, and don't really have any significant stressors in my life. I have had a Paraguard for over a year, though I don't think that's relevant.

Thing is, in the last few weeks I got a sniffly cold, then mastitis (which thankfully subsided on it's own, just lots and LOTS of nursing, hot baths and rest as proscribed by Dr Internet. It confused me because before then I'd had no problems with bf at all), then a throat infection (haven't eaten solids for the past week, everything scratchy leads to uncontrollable coughing) which I've soldiered through without anything but a lot of honey, lemon and herbal tea as I'm (overly?) cautious about anything untoward making it's way into my breastmilk.

This morning I woke up to find I could speak a whole sentence without coughing (yay!), but, out of the blue, insane itching in my vagina. After a gentle wash and a bit of neck-craning with a compact mirror I can only conclude from the ricotta discharge that I've most likely been blessed with my very first YI. (Thanks to this wonderful community I have plenty of ideas on what I can do for myself in this regard. Idly I wonder - was this due to the amount of honey I've been consuming? Hrmmmm.)

The cherry on top is I'm due to have my period tomorrow and am already having some pretty insistent cramps making themselves known. My period always knocks me down for 5-7 days, moreso now I'm limited to breastfeeding friendly painkillers, with associated cramps, headaches, backache, and diarrhea - but I've been getting better at carrying on with work and jogging anyway, albeit at a slower pace (and thanks the miracle that is stick-on heating pads!), rather than just curling up under the duvet.

What I wonder is, have I done this to myself?

Why is my body acting like it's run down?

Why is it one thing after another?

I've taken time off work (two weeks now). Drinking loads and making my own veggie soups in the blender and such. What else can I do to speed my overall return to good health and avoid a continued/future run of illness?
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So everytime I shave around my mons pubic hair area it bleeds and I start getting razor bumps and redness all over it. I don't like having hair there, is there any other way to get rid of it?

Also are antibodies and antibiotics the same thing or not?

Mons pubis spots

I'm freaking out right now. Basically, I'm afraid of oral sex because of the herpes risk so hardly ever let my BF go down on me. He's never had a coldsore, but since I've been with him, I've had two, meaning I either somehow already had the virus or he gave it to me while not getting a coldsore himself. Since I got the first coldsore, I've been super paranoid and haven't let him go down on me, until about a week ago. I was in a sexy mood and decided to just let him do it, which in retrospect was a mistake - I spent the whole time worrying about herpes and have worried about it since.

Today, I noticed my mons pubis was very itchy which happens once in a while but not too often. When I got home, I decided to check to see if there were any bumps, and I saw one red area on my mons pubis which looks like slight irritation, and another more worrying one, which looks like two small spots. I am now petrified that this could be herpes - I've had spots there before but these are different, they don't look like ingrowns, they're sort of irregularly shaped and one bigger than the other. I would go to the STD clinic but I already went a few weeks ago thinking I had herpes and it turned out to be ingrown hairs. I feel so sick right now. It would just be my luck if the one time I let my BF go down on me, he was shedding the virus and gave it to me. :(

Would it be likely to have herpes at the top of my mons pubis? He wasn't licking there and I doubt his lips touched that particular spot - I don't have any bumps on my labia or around my clitoris, but I don't really know how this works.

acidophili for yeast infection

I have a very mild yeast infection. it doesn't hurt. it itches maybe a few times a day. it's pretty much in check, but i still have somewhat clumpy, milky vaginal discharge. I've had yeast infections before so I know that's what it is. I bought acidophilus capsules to insert into my vag in order to treat it, but I'm tentative about doing so because it's such a mild infection at this point.

since it's so mild, if i use the acidophilus capsules by inserting them into my vag, can i "overdose" per say and have too many acidophili in my vaginal environment?

if i take the acidophilus capsules orally instead, how will they affect me digestively?

ALSO: i took plan B on saturday. will the acidophilus capsules have any negative effect on how that is working?

Really light flow due to starting pill?

Question: Can day one of my first monophasic pill pack cause my period to stop?

Background Info
My period usually comes every 35 to 37 days, and lasts for 5-6 days. The second and third days are always my heaviest flow. I've been on Yasmin before, for about 1.5 years, but I've been off it for the last 10 months.

My last period started March 8th. My cycle tracker predicted I would start this Sunday. On Saturday, I got the very light blood that lets me know my period is coming. Sunday was light, but had a few clots, so I took my first Yasmin pill at 10 pm.

Today was supposed to be Monsoon Season, but instead, I got the light brown watery discharge that usually occurs for a day or two after my period ends. My boyfriend and I have been using condoms consistently; we had sex once or twice a week for the last five weeks. I'm well rested, not stressed, healthy, and have no reason for lighter flow/irregularity except the possibility of pregnancy OR some weird hormonal-induced decrease in flow. Can the pill do this or do I need to pee on a stick in the next few days?

boric acid for YI?

couldn't find anything specific enough in the tags
so here I am!

I wanted to ask what the best form to take boric acid in for bad yeast infections.
(I mean like pill, powder, etc and by mouth or vag)

and also, the best place to get it.

I saw in my last post's comments that getting it at a chain store such as walmart or cvs isn't good(I don't remember why)

should I just ask my doctor and what do I do if she doesn't want to provide me the boric acid stuff?(some doctors are very stubbornly set in their drug ways)?

thanks VPers

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Constipation with birth control?

Sorry for the potentially gross/tmi question, but:

Has anyone experienced constipation while on the pill? I googled and I found that severe constipation is a side effect for Yaz (which I was on for 4 years until last week) but I kind of want to know exactly how common it is.

I was only going maybe once or twice a week, no matter what I did with my diet or exercise plan, and now that I stopped taking my pill last week, I've been every day this week so far. Very, very rare for me, so I'm trying to see if there is a correlation here. :P

pap question

I just remembered that I have an appointment for a pap smear on Thursday. I had sex earlier today. Will it affect anything, I usually try to abstain for like 4-5 days before my exams but I totally forgot about it this time.

Missed Periods, birth control, and infertility

Hi ladies. I'm Allison and I'm 20 years old. I have been taking birth control for about four years now, and I've plenty read of information on how it does not affect pregnancy. When I first started getting my period around 12 or 13, it was extremely irregular until when I started birth control at 16. I would get my period a couple times a year, i'd say at the most 6 times a year. When I ran cross country at 15, I didn't have a period for almost a year until I started birth control. So really, I have no clue what my period is like off birth control now that I'm a bit older. Should I be worried about infertility in the future?

Thanks girls :)