March 31st, 2010


hi there, i was wondering if anyone knew the answer to my problems so thought this was the best place to start.

basically, been trying to get pregnant for 3 years now. have pcos and on 2000mgs metformin daily.
since august last year blood tests confirmed i have been ovulating every month, i wasnt prior to this.

so i got pregnant in november but miscarried. basically im now thinking (because of something i read on a forum) that maybe i do ovulate every month but its not strong enough? im not sure what i read but that was the basics of it. i have blood tests most months to confirm im ovulating but nothing else, would the levels of hormones in the blood tell the doctors if my ovulations arent good enough? surely the doctor would tell me if this was the case?

sorry if this doesnt make much sense hopefully someone understands it lol.

thanks ladies :)


Ok this is weird but does everybody have a distinct smell from their vagina? What is a normal smell and what is not? I probably always had this distinct smell I just never noticed. Now recently I'm scared to let a guy finger me or go down on me heh..I guess I just wanted to know what's normal.

my curiosity and paranoia have gotten the best of me ...any correlation of these symptoms?

So I've noticed some things that are a bit wonky in the past while, and I was wondering if anyone could maybe check these out and think of anything that might be out of balance/disorders ..I could just be completely paranoid, but I'd like to know if anyone can relate any of these when put together
-for the past two or three years, almost every period I've had is accompanied with killer cramps to the point I vomit on the first day (I've been prescribed ponstan for these, though, but it only cuts down the nausea)

-I've always been slightly hairrier than usual (could be hereditery since my dad is crazy hairy [my sister isn't?], but I have dark hairs [up to 15] on my nipples and have a "treasure trail", where the hairs grow up to an inch and a half)

-I've noticed a weird thing with my heart beat, it's sometimes a bit painful, making me catch my breath a bit, and sometimes seems too strong for what I'm doing (pounding like crazy if I'm just standing or sitting down)

-changes in appetite -I've always eaten a LOT since I'm tall and very active, but this year it seems I can't get full anymore

-within the past week I noticed a slight bump (about the size of a skittle or medium pea) under my right armpit. it hurts to push on and I can kind of pick it up/squish it under my skin

I have no idea if any of this makes sense, and I'm most likely going to go to my doctor for the bump and my heart, but it might be a while, and I'd like to go to the appointment prepared.
why am I always so curious?!
thanks so much

I thought I should throw in a quick background:
not sexually active, not on any meds (unless you count a b vitamin complex), otherwise quite healthy minus an annoying sniffly cold that won't go away

When to stop taking birth control pills

Hello Everyone,

How many days, after having sex, must i wait to stop taking birth control pills? I will soon need to take antibiotics to treat an illness i have. I had the placebo week 3 wweks ago. I do a Sunday start and so far i have taken 11 active pills. I last had sex yesterday(Tuesday). He pulled out. Also, what are some things i should expect after stopping? Thank you.

Implanon & Periods

So I have the contraceptive implant, have had it since July 2009. In January/February my hormones went a bit wonky and it felt like going through puberty again along with quite heavy spotting! So, anyway, with the doctors advice I took a months worth of HBC and that straightened me out again, I had a normal 5 day period, and after that no more bleeding or hormonal weirdness. So, comes to this month, I haven't had a period yet. I don't know whether to expect one yet because last month's was a forced one as it was a withdrawal bleed off the pill or whether the implanon is doing its job and phasing out my periods or whether I should be worried! Please help reassure me or something :(

EDIT: Would you bloody believe it, it's appeared this morning!