March 5th, 2010

pimples or warts

 alrighty sooo a few weeks back I posted about a cyst type thing on my perineum that I thought was maybe a cyst pimple or a hemorrhoid.  The bump is gone now, but every once in a while when I poke around down there if I touch that spot too hard it's like I feel it under the skin. It used to be about the size of a pea and a little raised and now it's less than half that size and under the skin.

Now part 2. I haven't showered in 2 days (gross wtv, I didn't have time!) and then this morning there was 1 big pimple on my labia. I did the thing I wasn't supposed to do, I popped it. I just noticed now a tiny little pimple beside it.

I'm getting really worried.  I've had pimples down there before but now there are 2 plus that weird thing near my ass and I'm freaking out! I think the pimples might be clogged pores but I've done that thing were I try to google what I have and that never ends well.

I'm working full time the next 2 weeks and going to school at night and my gyno is ALWAYS a month backed up so I don't know what to do

Question about birth control and late period

I always had late period (every five to six months). So i went to o gyno two days ago and she gave me birth control pills. she told me to take 3 pills everyday (each after breakfast, lunch and dinner) and continue for one week. My problem is that i had my period right now (i.e two days after taking the pills). So should continue taking the pills for one whole week even while i'm having period now or should i stop it. Thank you so much! 
Btw, i'm 18, sexually inactive and was never on birth control before.

Nuva Ring - Excessive wetness in the morning?

i've been on the Nuva Ring form of contraception for about 8 months now, and I love it. It's the perfect contraception for me!

The only downsides (kinda) would be that it's expensive in comparison, and....

I am hugely wet EVERY morning! That's kind-of fun and all and conducive to morning sex, but my vagina is wet, wet, wet. It can be a teeny bit annoying (it goes onto the besheets!). I'm not registering a lot of sexy dreams, or being very turned on when I wake up, so i'm pretty curious. It is a thin, slippery wetness.

I wouldn't be noticably wet in mornings before wearing the ring, and i'm not very wet in the mornings around and on my period (when i'm not wearing the ring) , and there isn't much variation in the level of wetness during the different times of my cycle. Also i'm not a huge lube princess of wetness during the daytime, I just notice it in the morn. My partner like to think it's just some kind of revine revenge for his morning hard-ons!

Have any other Nuva ladies noticed this morning phenomena happening to them?

Thankyou for being a really amazing community :)

Do I need EC?

I'm just wondering if I really need Emergency Contraception. I don't think I really need it, but I wanted to get advice from you lovely ladies.

Backstory: I started my new pack of Ocella on Sunday at noonish. I usually take it right at noon, but I wasn't feeling well and probably waited about 20 minutes to take it. Anyways, about an hour and a half later I got sick from a horrible night of drinking. I'm not sure of the exact time but it was within 2 hours of taking the pill so I knew I needed to use back up protection for the next week. And I knew I didn't need EC then because I hadn't had sex.

Anyways, last night. My boyfriend and I had sex with a condom. After awhile it started to hurt so we stopped. He didn't come and he used the bathroom after. We did start fooling around again and we had sex without a condom for maybe 2 minutes or so, if that. He pulled out like way before he came. So, I'm not worried if came in me or not, cause I know he didn't.

I'm just worried that maybe precum would be a factor and if its a strong enough factor for emergency contraception. I personally think I'm fine without it, but ya never know. What do you think?

ETA: I just had a fun experience trying to get my hands on EC, I went to Walmart and the pharmasist didn't even know what it was.

Update on my Mirena:

Just got it inserted about an hour and a half ago, and it was pretty painful, but it just felt like your uterus took a bite out of your abdomen. Placement was easy, no numbing necessary. Of course, I did take five Motrin in the two hours before hand, but that's another story. :)

Quick Question about PMS and HBC

If you're on HBC, do you still experience symptoms of PMS before your period? I was under the impression that since the hormones override your natural cycle, you wouldn't, but my body is telling me otherwise right now - I feel irritable, bloated, and a little crampy! This is my first month on HBC, and it's right around the time my period would be due in my natural cycle. I'm on Loestrin 24fe, which has 24 active pills, and I have 2 active pills left, if that makes a difference. I haven't felt any side effects during the rest of the month.


Skipping period on BC

I use ortho tri cyclen and I skipped my last period. There's a bit of spotting now, but nothing big. I was reading that with ortho tri cyclen, you need to start the second pack backwards, which I didn't know last time. First, is this true? And second, does it change the efficacy of the pill? Thank you:)

frustrating day! bacterial vaginosis, gyno, pharmacy

so, i got checked out today at a random doctors office. it was actually the same woman i saw earlier this month for the first yeast infection. anyway, i went at 11:45, they had changed my appointment to 3:45 (annoyance number 1). went into the office, she took swabs, but said she said its definitely a yeast infection and BV because i had some yellow discharge on my cervix. she sent out for a swab to clarify that (and chlymidia and ghonnorhea [sp?]) so before they came back, she still prescribed a 7 day capsule to insert vaginally at night, and since the BV meds would worsen the yeast, i have diflucan for 1 every 72 hrs, and repeat that 3x. so i went to get the meds. the pharmacy fucked up, only had the diflucan (which ill have to fill every single time i need it in those 9 days after the BV treatment) and they only had 3 days for the BV meds. so she said i have to wait until monday for the rest. so, i got upset, but whatever, can't do anything about it. THEN she drops the bomb that the bv meds are 50 DOLLARS. fifty. dollars. like uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh. that was so so so annoying. and i just broke down!

anyway, what i was wonderin' is.,..
is she okay to just diagnose bv on the spot and is it safe to start the meds?
and has anyone else had experience with both of these at once? :/

P.S. she also said not to ahve sex due to the antibiotic vs birth control thing.  my boyfriend and i use the withdrawl method perfectly as well, as he does not,a nd cannot cum in front/around me. but anyway, i'm on my placebo week starting tomorrow, and thats when i start my withdrawl bleed. so that means it wont affect anything, right?

thanks everyone <3
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intro, first time questions


So I'm new here, just joined, but I've been reading the posts for a while now. I'm 19 and started my first relationship about four months ago. Since then and since starting college, conversations about sexuality and being physical and exploration have increased leaps and bounds. I went to see the Vagina Monologues last night with a good friend, and we both were thoroughly impressed - I wish this was the sex ed they had in middle/high school! I was so proud to call myself a woman, so proud to be connected to the fifty women on stage and the hundreds of women in the audience. This is the first time in my life that I have truly felt beautiful within my own skin - I've started sleeping naked occasionally, enjoying the feel of clean sheets against my skin and the languorous freedom of nakedness for the first time.

I've started thinking about my own boundaries and where I want to draw the line, but I'm having a hard time coming to any conclusions. I know right now that I am not ready for sex, I am not ready for the intensity of the profound emotional and physical connection that I believe comes with sex. I am also not ready for the social implications, I think, which sounds more shallow than I mean. I have an odd stigma about being on the pill, and I'm not sure if I'm just being paranoid or too touchy about it, or if it's okay to be concerned.

My boyfriend, as a side note, is extremely supportive and loving and wonderful - he never talks about me being on birth control, he always talks about us being on birth control, how he's not comfortable with anything more until we have some kind of protection, and how if I ever, ever feel uncomfortable or unsafe or anything, he wants me to tell him immediately. Neither of us are ready for sex with the other yet, neither of us want to push the issue more or force ourselves into anything we don't want - if the decision comes up, it comes up, and if it doesn't, it doesn't. If it does, however, I want to be able to make an informed choice, not blindly following passion, but not hiding my emotions either.

I guess what I'm looking for is advice and stories. How did you make your first decision? Who did you talk to beforehand? When did you first start thinking about being sexually active? What was the story of your first love?

Most importantly, were/are you happy with the choice you made?

I'm not really worried or nervous - just thinking. And I would love to be able to ask a supportive community of women my questions.

edit: thanks so much for all of your stories and advice! very helpful and it's gotten me thinking some more. Thank you!

brown vaginal discharge

I've been having really dark brown vaginal discharge that smells kind of funny for the last few days. I thought it stopped but it still spotting randomly and once there was a clot which really confused me. My period ended 2 weeks before the discharge started so I'm reluctant to believe it's left over blood. But, my last period was about 2 weeks late so does that have to do with anything? I really don't want to go to the doctor due to monetary issues so if it can be avoided, I would prefer that.

I'm sexually active but we have used condoms every time (so no I am not on the pill or whatnot). It can't be an STD because my boyfriend and I are each others first and only partners.

Thank you!