February 16th, 2010


KY Liquibeads

Has anyone tried these? After dropping $15 on another KY product (Intrigue) I was relatively unsatisfied with, I'd rather not do it again. I've had mixed results with various KY products, some I like a lot and some I really don't like at all.

K-Y® Brand LIQUIBEADS™  is the first and only vaginal moisturizer with the OVULE™ insert.  It lasts up to 4 days, making intimacy more enjoyable day or night.  This superior formula enhances comfort to give you peace of mind, and the freedom to act spontaneously.

Results? Experiences? Worth the money? Satisfactory alternatives?

Thanks :)


I can't really talk to my doctor about this, and if I go to the Brooke or GUM, I find it hard to have a proper, long discussion about it.

I'm just starting a new relationship, and although I don't intend to sleep with him for a good six months, I'd like to be prepared early.  We do intend to use condoms, but I want some kind of back-up contraception as well, just in case.

I can't take microgynon (which I believe is a combined pill?) any more, because they started to give me migraines, so all kinds of combined pill are out.  Including the patch, which I really liked.:(

I've taken cerazette before (progestogen only), and I absolutely hate it.  It made me constantly moody, and it stopped my periods.  I feel a lot happier menstruating regularly (or, at least, appearing to), since I consider it a reassuring sign that I'm not pregnant (and, with my menstrual cup, periods just stopped being a pain every month, and started to become an interesting source of information about my body).

I also don't really like the idea of chemical contraceptives in general.  I don't want to put them in my body, although I do recognise that I probably don't have much choice there.:(  I don't like the thought that my feelings and reactions aren't entirely my own.

The idea of an implant only really bothers me because of the whole chemical aspect.  What if I find that that makes me horribly moody as well, and it can't be taken out quickly?

I'm horrified by needles, and I recently figured out why that is.  It's the idea of something being put through my skin, and staying there, even if only for a few seconds, holding it open.  That concept just really horrifies me.  Last time I had blood taken, I sobbed the entire way through - not because it hurt, but because the idea of having a needle stuck in my arm really, really bothered me.  I'd rather not be injected, for that reason, and, again, because of the whole chemical thing. 

The needle thing is also why I hate the idea of an IUD, which my gynaecologist pushed for the last time I brought it up.  I've read about how they're inserted, and it sounds absolutely horrific.  Plus, the idea of a string coming through my cervix and hanging down?  It just really icks me.  The idea makes me shudder.

...so is there a miracle contraception that I'm missing?  Or can any of you kind ladies offer more information about various kinds of contraception which might make me feel better about them?  I'm only personally familiar with the pill (microgynon and cerazette), the patch, and condoms.

UTI Question

 I have a UTI, the pain of a burning sensation woke me up at about 7 this morning. After getting up I discovered that it burned when I peed as well as having a very achey bladder. I have no insurance and no money, I just moved to Georgia and have no job so that knocks out just about every clinic (free or not) in my city. I also checked for the clinics in Walgreens and CVS and there aren't any in my city. I bought some AZO Urinary Relief to help me deal with the symptoms but I'm not going to be able to go to the doctor until at the very earliest next Tuesday (I have to move from Georgia back to Missouri first)

I was just wondering if there was any herbal remedies you guys knew of or anything else. I'm worried about it spreading but I have NO way to get it checked out by a doctor until I get back to Missouri and make an appointment at my health department. 



Hello again ladies

First off I just want to say thanks to all who replied to my last entry here about the possible sperm allergy, I'm currently trying to see everything I can do for that.

Today, I had my Mirena IUD removed. It's been nothing but trouble for me. I gained 45 pounds, only in my tummy, was hungry all the time, had violent mood swings, my periods NEVER stabilized, in fact I had about 2-3 a month, and I had a YI pretty much every month...oh, and the smell wasn't that great either. It's obvious that after 7 months of trying to cope and wait for things to settle down, I couldn't take it anymore.

But that's just me, and I'm guessing my body just can't take anymore hormones.

Oddly enough I'm a little sad to see the little thing go, even though I often referred to it as Satan's device of evil and trickery. I feel a little empty.

But anyway, my reason for posting is, I'm just wondering if anybody else has experienced these symptoms with Mirena, and if so, how long did it take to get your body back to "normal"?

Also, how long should I wait before intercourse? My doctor informed me that anytime your cervix is "messed" with(couldn't think of a better word) you are temporarily at a higher risk for pregnancy.

I should have asked my doctor all these things, but it's a bit awkward. My gyno is a male, and he's very rushy and doesn't really give you time to ask anything. (It's all I can get with my insurance atm)

Hormone Illness Help


Hoping someone maybe able to head me in the right direction on finding out more about the problem i have.

First of all some info:
I'm 25 this year,married, dont smoke, barely drink, on no birth control, i has POS and am a bit chubby and not currently trying to have children.

My periods have been irregular for the last 5-6 years, more recently 2-3 when it is the time of thr month that i should get my period or end up getting them, i vomit, sometimes get diarrah, I get numbness in my face, hand and feet - sometimes other places, i loose control of my vision and and hearind and i get very muddled and disorentated. this is all very scarey and last time it happened i needed to be rescued from the shopping centre as i couldnt drive - i couldnt speak to the checkout boy as my tongue was numb.

the time before, i fainted and knocked my self out cold and had to go to the hospital - they did CAT scans etc but i was just told it was my hormones and ill get better.

I can't go thru life not knowing if i will faint or go all weird or vomit everywhere.However i havnt been able to find any info about this type of thing, i dont take birth control as it can make the illness wrost.

my doctor has given me pills to stop me vomitting and forte tablets for my super big headache.

It's a very hard thing to explain and would welcome questions or comments.


resistant YI/diflucan?

hey everyone -

i've posted here before about my persistant and annoying yeast infection symptoms. i had been to the doctor several times, and every time she just took a look and told me it wasn't yeast, and that i was fine - that i was probably just sensitive down there (ha). i was itching and burning like crazy, so i obviously wasn't fine. so i followed y'all's advice and tried boric acid (after having tried OTC yeast infection treatments, tea tree oil, yogurt, acidophilus, the works..). i used boric acid every day for about a month and a half before stopping, and felt ok for a few days before my symptoms returned full force. i tried GSE (grapefruit seed extract) for a while, as well, taking it orally, and didn't find any relief. so, FINALLY, the other day, i got my doc to do a couple of tests and, lo and behold, she called me today saying i have a "massively heavy growth of yeast". big surprise. she prescribed me diflucan.

i've got a few questions though - if a month and a half of boric acid didn't even touch my yeast infection, how likely is it that diflucan will do anything? do you think the yeast might be so far up there that the boric acid just couldn't reach it? do you think this could be a bigger problem (candidiasis or whatever, if there's any stock in that..)? should i use boric acid and the diflucan together?

i'm so sick of having such a miserable vag! i'm scared that this shit will NEVER go away.. it's been so long. i dunno what to do.
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"White Spot" on cervix

I had my first post-LEEP pap today. This was the first time seeing this particular doctor because this was at my university. She reexplained to me what my LEEP results meant. She basically said that the opening of the cervix was pretty much taken care of but there would be traces around the far perimeter of the cervix, far from the opening.

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Depo Provera immunity?

I will be going on my 6th or 7th round of Depo next Tuesday, and even though it has been over a year since being on it, I found myself bleeding today as if I have a super light period. Is there a way that my body has grown immune to Depo Provera? I thought that Depo inhibits ovulation so no uterine lining would form and hence no period. I really would like no periods/cramps, but it seems that I still get the cramps and now I have slight perioding...
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areola irritation

Hi there, I have a quick question and wondering if anyone could help me out.

I came home today to a house with no heat, and wondering if this had anything to do with it or the lack of water I had this weekend.(I was away and we had run out of water so I didn't get to really bathe well for about a day and a half.) Anyway, my left breast had been bothering me for a few hours, like when my clothes rubbed against the nipple area it was an itchy/pinchy feeling. When I was able to get off all my layers of clothing, I see that there is a small raised line on the outside around the areola, less than an inch but it appears to be very red. When I touched it, I felt that itchy feeling.

So my question is: Does this happen to anyone else in dry weather? What can I do? I put some lotion on it to see if it helped but I was wishing I could just leave my clothes off for a while, it's so irritating!!
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whats going on with me?

So, I've thinking I might be pregnant
for the last two months, I've had odd symtoms:
  • light diarrhea,
  • sensetivity to smells(which gets bad enough to make me dry heave into a sink),
  • eating and the thought/sight of food makes me feel very sick,
  • my stomach feels heavy,
  • and the flat place between my stomach and vagina has less 'give' than usual.
and I had a light period last month(which has never happened before), lasting about two days, one of those days was little more than spotting.

this month, my period was two days late, and today I got a small amount of brown spotting(which has also never happened before) then later in the day, a small amount of...well, period blood like stuff except the consistency was a bit off, it was slimy and the color was brighter then I've had before.

I've taken two pregnancy tests(I did the first one wrong, both came out negative) and I was saving a 3rd one for if I didn't get any bleeding this month.

so my question is, what do you guys make of this?
I'm very confused.

I was told that sometimes, early in a pregnancy, women can get vaginal bleeding which looks and acts similar to a period, had a friend that was about 2, 3 months along before she knew because she thought she kept getting her period.

I am going to the doc at some point but its impossible atm.

I'm 19 and not on HBC.
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not able to see vaginal opening?

a quick statement, then a question

i've been looking at my vagina more, taking pictures of it so i can see what it acutally looks like down there, and i worry about small things that im sure are fine, but i wish that more young girls were encouraged to look at their vaginas so that they KNOW when something is different, if you know what i mean. at almost 20, i feel wrong for taking pictures of my vulva to see what things look like and dont think i could ever tell anyone, but i just think its because ive been raised to think that vagina=personal, and sometimes even YOU shouldnt explore it.

so with taking pictures, ive realized i cant see an opening. i have sex fine, but whenever i spread my outer labia, i still cannot see any opening, is that normal? i saw this picture:
NOT SAFE FOR WORK: http://www.the-clitoris.com/n_html/hymen.htm

is it ok NOT to see your vaginal opening, even when spreading your legs?

breast bruising?

Hello VPers,

On the outer sides of my breasts, about the size of a quarter, there appear to be bruises (same place on both breasts). There is definitely some dry skin in the area, so i did some gentle exfoliating but the brownish discoloration seems to be from the inside of the skin. I assumed it would be related to underwires at the end of the wire (even though I don't feel anything) and switched to a sports wireless bra for about a week and no change.

I'm 22 and have issues with suspected ovarian cysts and psycho periods, not on any birth control.

Any ideas? Before I have to go to a doctor, of which I am afraid of to within inches of my life.

Chronic PID?

I was wondering if anyone has any experience of this. I was told by my new GP that she considers it 'quite likely' that this has been my problem for the last few years. I've posted here lots of times about various symptoms like yellow discharge and a weird feeling in my abdomen. I've seen dozens of doctors including several specialists, who told me I was fine. Some were initially concerned about my symptoms but when the swabs all came back negative, and I told them about my sexual practices and history, they seemed to think everything was fine. I've had several pelvic exams over the years and I don't remember any of them being painful until the one I had a month ago, when I was diagnosed with PID, and the one I had in September. (I was so worried about my strange discharge that I demanded my GP do a pelvic exam. She did so and it was quite sore but not excrutiating. I said perhaps she wasn't pressing hard enough. She said if I had PID, I would know it and I would not ask her to press harder to see if it hurt more). I asked my GP in September about a scan and she said she really didn't think I needed one and that she was sure I was fine.

So basically, I can't believe it's possible that I've had PID all this time and not known. I must have been to the doctor/nurse/hospital over 40 times in the last 3 years, and never once was it even suspected. A couple of times I was positive for BV and treated it, but that's all. I've suffered from a sore/tender cervix during some of my paps but nobody seemed remotely concerned by this. I was told my cervix is hard to find, and assumed the digging around made it sore. I've also had lots of exams and pap smears where my cervix did not hurt at all. I had issues with it bleeding after sex a couple years back but that totally cleared up when I stopped taking Yasmin and never reoccurred.

So.....my GP is insisting that it isn't uncommon for people to go years without a diagnosis of chronic PID.....but most women aren't constantly at the doctor. I mean, my friends go about once a year. I've been 10-12 times in the last six months with these gynae issues, and not ONE doctor or nurse thought it could be PID?? I even brought up concerns about there being pus in my discharge (which they don't normally tell you, I saw it on the computer screen once) and about maybe having PID and I was as good as laughed out of the surgery.

What is going on here?!

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I have just had sex with my husband, we were being quite rough, when he first went into me I felt a sharp pain in my cervix area. When we finished we noticed a fair amount of blood, I went to clean up it was quite a bit of bright red blood, and I now have a ache in my stomach area. Does this sound really bad? Basically should I be worried?

where to buy spermicide?

where to buy spermicide?

Hi, I've just recently been fitted for a diaphragm and am excited to try it out : D. I picked it up from the pharmacy at Target today. I also planned on buying spermicide there too but the pharmacist said they don't carry it. However, she offered to order some for me if I like. I decided to shop around for some myself, I was thinking that buying it on my own may be quicker than waiting for the pharm to get the order in. I plan on checking out Walgreen's, but don't know where else to go if it's not there (I'm beginning to feel like it is not a common thing to use) . Does anyone here use spermicide? where do you buy it? do ya think I should ask the pharmacy to order it instead?

thanks for your help!