January 30th, 2010

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Tipped uterus/UPLIFT

Hi VPers,

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During my next appointment with my PCP (who has always conducted my Pap smears/pelvic exams), I'm considering bringing up the UPLIFT procedure and possibly having her refer me to a gynecologist to discuss the potential benefits/risks in greater detail. Despite having been around for ten years, it seems like every gynecology/women's health website shares only the exact same vague information, word for word, and I haven't found any personal experiences.

So, in the meantime, I'm curious: has anyone here had this procedure performed? How was the healing time, and how do you feel it has improved your health? Did it help you conceive after previous difficulty? Have any of you considered the procedure but decided to opt out?

Everyone's body is different, of course, but it's nice to know you're not alone. :)

PID for years?

Please forgive me for posting so much, but my head is melted right now with this issue. If I do have PID, would it be possible to have had it for over 3 years without knowing? In early 2006, I lost my virginity, basically by getting taken advantage of by someone I had just met (I take responsibility for my part in that). He used a condom, I was naive about checking but everything seemed to be fine. I went along for my pap smear about 9 months later, and the doctor saw a lot of yellow-green discharge and said it looked like chlamydia. She gave me antibiotics to treat it, as I live in a backwards town with no STI clinic, and I was so shocked and upset, I just went along with it. I asked her if I could have developed PID and she told me to stop worrying. I went back to college 2 weeks later and went for a full STI screening. The nurses there said everything looked fine, and all the swabs came back normal. They said they really doubted I'd ever had chlamydia. Great, I thought.

Well, no, because the yellow discharge and tender cervix carried on and on and on. Some doctors were concerned about STI's, some told me I was normal, but nobody would ever refer me or do anything beyond take swabs. I have always been paranoid that somehow the chlamydia had spread, become PID, and that was causing the discharge but when I asked that here on VaginaPagina last year, the general consensus was a No. Apparently I would've had more symptoms. I went to my GP in September and forced her to do a pelvic exam - she said everything seemed fine and my cervix looked fine and that I had done everything I possibly could. I've also had quite a few painless pelvic exams since 2006 - is this a good sign? The major PID warning signs (stinging urination, lots of pain during exam) didn't come on until a month or two ago.

Also - I was told in the sexual health clinic that there was no way to tell if I had PID for sure, or what damage had been done. I asked if I could have a scan and he said no, there was no way to tell. This isn't true, is it? My GP did refer me for a scan but she said it was to check for endometriosis, not PID.

feeling uncomfortable with sex

Hey everyone!

Hopefully this will be somewhat coherent because my brain seems to be flooding with thoughts. And feel free to delete if this is irrelevant or doesn’t make sense.

So, I’ve been dating my first long term boyfriend for about 6 months now. He’s a little more experienced sexually but has, too, never been in a relationship this long before. He’s a great guy, a great boyfriend….always cares about my well-being emotionally, physically, and sexually. My only problem is that sometimes I feel…used. When we’re having sex, I can’t help but feel that I’m there only for his pleasure. This doesn’t logically make sense because he really does do everything in his power to get me off and make it pleasurable for me but I can’t help feeling, essentially, like an object. Even when we’re cuddling and he lets his hands wander (which I generally enjoy), I sometimes feel like I’m only there for his enjoyment. I’ve also told him no before (about the wandering/sexual advances) and he generally just continues anyway until I take his hand away and firmly say NO—though I definitely contribute to his confusion by sometimes saying no when I don’t necessarily mean it. I really, in theory, like the idea of exploring each others bodies and testing new things with each other…there’s just something about it that makes me uncomfortable. Does any of this make sense at all?

I haven’t had any traumatic experiences or been used by guys before so my newness to a relationship is the only factor I can think of that could make me feel this way. I apologize for all the rambling…it’s just something that has been irking me and I was hoping someone, somewhere could relate (or offer some advice).

Thanks guys.

Possible YI?!

Hey loves! Just wondering something...
Last night I had sex, and it wasn't the uhh...most gentle? Haha. Anyway, I've been having white discharge, sometimes. It's not like pure white, or cottage cheese-y, just slightly milky, I guess. Anyway, when I had sex it kind of hurt, which is said to yeild a YI, but I think it was a mixture of not having sex for a while during the last few months minus about 3 times (it went from sex every day to nothing for a month or two to about once a week...so I think I'm still adjusting?). Anyway, I'm being all OH MY GOD YEAST INFECTION because I can get a SLIGHT itch down there every now and then but I really think I'm just constantly like "Am I itching...???" but my mom said I would KNOW if it was a YI. Anyway, just wondering if anyone would give me their input...
like i said, the discharge is not cottage-cheese like at all, and the itch is not prominent. honestly, maybe the itch is from the sex? it's not even something i think i should worry about. but i will anyway! :)

Diaphragms & IUDs

Just wondering if anyone knows of credible sources stating whether diaphragm use is contraindicated with an IUD in place (or vice versa, whether getting an IUD is contraindicated if one intends to keep using a diaphragm for contraception).

On the one hand, I'm speculating that since Instead menstrual cups are recommended not to be used with an IUD in place and that since my diaphragm behaves remarkably like an Instead in my vagina, there's a risk of pulling an IUD out of place by catching the strings during diaphragm removal.

On the other, when I Google, I'm not finding anything that addresses the combination specifically. This may be because they are fine to use together. However, it may also be because these sources haven't thought about the contraceptive combination as a possibility that some people might want.

Anyone know of authoritative health sources that do talk about using IUDs and diaphragms together -- and if so, what the verdict is? Thanks!

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Depo Side Effects

Hi all. I started taking the generic of the Depo shot the week after Christmas. Ever since I have been suffering from headaches, cramps, stomach pains, fatigue, etc. practically every day! I have read that these are side effects of the depo, and I am getting practically every single side effect listed. Which is weird, because a few years ago I was on the Depo (non-generic) and I did have a few headaches the first round as well as some dizziness, but I did not have the amount of problems I am having now. The only thing that is really different is that I just moved across country and am in the process of looking for a job. I wonder if this increased anxiety is affecting how the Depo-generic is affecting me.

I guess my main question is, should I count on these side effects going away? Is this a problem with the generic, or could it be my situation is making the side effects worse? I seem to remember them going away after a few months on my last round of the shot, but it was not the generic. The thought of having to deal with these side effects *daily* for yet another 3 months is scary! I really don't want to switch to a pill because I am very forgetful...

Any advice is appreciated!

Nor-QD extra bleeding

I've been on Nor-QD for ten months now and generally have had no problems. Once a month I've experienced bleeding like a regular period, lasting about five days and then stopping.

However, in December I experienced two periods, and this month I had a period that began on Jan. 17th and ended around the 21st, and then woke up this morning with a full-on period again, a mere 8 days after the first ended. The annoying thing is I just went in for my annual exam and got another year's supply of this pill on Thursday, but at the time I had no indication my period was going to arrive again, or else I would have asked the doctor about this issue.

Has anyone else on this pill experienced two periods of bleeding in a month? I remember when I first read about this pill, I was scared because it mentioned the possibility of bleeding/spotting throughout the month, but this never happened, only the five days of period-like bleeding and that was it. But now I'm worried this twice a month deal will continue to happen, and bleeding ten days out of a month is a little more than what I can handle, especially since it's not just the bleeding, but the cramps and bloating come along, too!
I'll have to see about switching pills if this persists, although I am limited in choice because my high blood pressure doesn't permit me to go back to regular pills, I would have to look at progestin-only options.

first time..

 Hi everyone--I have read tons on here and I get the feeling that everyone on here is willing to tell about their experiences, which is good.  I'm looking for advice tonight because my boyfriend wants to have anal sex and I have no idea about it.  We have been together for a long time, live with each other, have a dog--so it is not like I should feel uncomfortable around him which I don't I am just scared to try this.  I do not know what to expect.  We both want to start trying new things but I am so self conscious I can't do it so I think if I can start with this then we can go from there.  I am so nervous it is going to hurt and I was told before that guys like it and will not be happy having vaginal sex after they try anal.  If anyone can give me any suggestions about any part of it I will be very thankful.  
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Lost Virginity and Officially Pregnancy Paranoid!!

Hi Ladies,

So, I am 30yrs old and on 1/24 lost my virginity. He used a condom and I used a VCF (Vaginal Contraceptive Film). I watched him put on the condom and felt for it during sex and it was snug fit ;) He came inside me with the condom on and their was no contact between my "Sasha" and his penis lol.

So after the glow, I'm stressing out a bit. My last period began on January 2 and my next one should start Tomorrow or so. I am not feeling the normal systems of my period coming (other than this nasty zit) and I am thinking all kinds of what if's that could mean I'm pregnant. I think I am just having post - virginity paranoia and may make my period delay. What do you guys think?? Help :)
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