Hi ladies,

You all are so helpful, I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me out.  

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My symptoms have now somewhat cleared. My last dose was Friday and it is now Monday. There's no more crazy itching/burning but now I've realised there is this very sour odor. It's not fishy but it has a really sour smell to it that will linger on your fingers. It still has little clumps of white in it too. I just don't know what this could be and I've never smelt that before down there. Is it because of the monistat? Could I have BV even though there's no crazy itching or burning? I might be going to the doctors tomorrow but I'm not sure yet. Tell me what you might think I'm expierencing here, please. I'm very worried considering I've never smelt that before.

Hi everyone,


I am looking for anyone with advice or anyone who has had the same issues before. I am having major yeast infection issues L I am not sure if it runs in the family but my mom has also suffered from them her entire life. They started about 2 years ago and I attributed them to the Nuva Ring, being more sexually active, and expanding my food horizons (I had previously been a very picky eater). When I switched off nuva ring they seemed to dissipate for the most part but now they have come back with a vengeance. The itching is around my vagina area and also rectal area. It also causes some discharge although not a lot and my labia to be inflamed at times (I once thought this was an STD but was tested and turned negative). I have tried taking the over the counter meds (Diflucan) but it hasn’t helped. I did a yeast cleanse (candida cleanse) with oregano oil and that seemed to make it better for a week but it just came back. I have an IUD now which I had inserted about 3 months ago and I am unsure if that is making anything different but I did have a yeast infection prior to insertion as well so I do not think that is the cause. I have tried a number of things but to no avail- yeast cleanse, oil of oregano, switching soaps, enemas, aloe vera, apple cidar vinegar, cutting out sugar and white flour, and taking probiotic but nothing seems to be helping. I have been trying to cut out as many carbs as I can but the truth is its very hard for me to not be able to eat those kinds of foods again as it seems more of a torture than the yeast itself (lol). I am looking to anyone who could point me in the right direction to rid myself of the yeast and be on a maintenance system that 1) rids me of this yeast!! (I am so uncomfortable on a day to day basis!) 2) is actually doable and not too hard to keep an upkeep with daily life. I am struggling right now with depression with this as it has greatly affected my sex life (who feels sexy when you feel itchy and gross down there, plus the fact that it hurts more to have sex) and my work life (it is so uncomfortable at work when you are constantly squirming in your pants). My mom suggested using soloray yeast cleanse and y-stat suppositories and has said that has helped her a great deal and I do have an order of them coming (its harder to get things when you live on an island- Hawaii) so hopefully those will help. Any advice that anyone has who has dealt with this or knows how to deal with this would be GREATLY appreciated (I am willing to try anything that may help!!!!) Thanks everyone!!! =)


Okay this is a really random question/rant.

Lately the skin on my mound, hidden underneath all that bushy hair, has started to itch like crazy. Not just itch, but really painfully itch. I touch the area and it just hurts, and moving the hair around just makes it worse. Seriously, I'm talking like a burning, oh god stop touching it pain.

Now I have nothing that looks out of the ordinary; no bumps of any kind, no infected looking follicles, no weird little things eating at my skin, no rash. The skin is red as all get out but I think that's mostly from me scratching it. It doesn't even seem to be flaking off like it's super dry or anything.

Thing is, I just shaved along my bikini line the week before. And it's fine and dandy. Not itchy, no problems whatsoever. But as soon as the hair starts it's like a war zone. And it can't be just itchiness of new hairs because I've never shaved my mound.

So I'm at a loss and am trying to combat it with moisturizers. It's not much better, but a little. My new problem is that I have so much damned hair that I can't easily get the lotion to the skin. Oil works a little better but the hair is still determined to keep everything away from the skin.

So kind of a two fold question set:

1) Has anyone else ever dealt with this insane itching? And more importantly the weird pain from moving the hair? Is there something I should be concerned about or is it likely just the winter skin from hell that I'm guessing it is?

2) Any tips for making it better? I'm tempted to shave everything off just so I can slather the skin, but I really don't want to deal with growing their hair back out and all the fun that entails. Any tips for keeping it from doing this again? I was going to try a baking soda paste to see if that helps tonight (since it works when I get pad rash).


EDIT: Lanacane is awesome, seriously. I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. At least I found something to shut it up for more than five minutes.
1:44 pm - 01/25/2010

Alesse as ECP?

I don't have time to look as I'm at work, but could someone please tell me if alesse can be used as an emergency contraceptive?

Okay so, I made a post maybe two weeks ago asking about my hymen. It had broken, or well, torn a bit and there was bits of skin and white stuff, and it was pretty painful for about two days.

Now, sex is painful EVERY time. My boyfriend is my only sex partner and he took my virginity and the first couple times weren't even that bad, up until the hymen problem and now it's painful.

It's painful upon insertion and the further in he goes. I've found it's a little less painful when he's on top, and a couple times when i've been on top, i've been able to basically just say "fuck it" with the pain, and it's gone a way a bit.

I just don't know what the problem is and it's becoming a burden, it's painful, and i'm getting worried that something may be wrong. It's just odd, it didn't hurt until my hymen breaking, so i dunno, could it be that the rest of my hymen needs to be torn? I don't know how that's supposed to work though because it's painful and looking at it - i just don't know how that'd work out. Could I have something wrong? Should I get my vag checked out?

Please help =/

3:22 pm - 01/25/2010

PID - HOW???

I went to the sexual health clinic today thinking I might have herpes (apparently it's just ingrown hairs). While I was there, the nurse said my test results were back from last week. I'd had an exam that hurt so much I was diagnosed with PID, despite me making 10+ trips to the doctor in the last year thinking I had PID, and was told to stop worrying. Well all my tests came back normal, as expected. I'm so frustrated now. How is it possible that I went so far out of my way to not get PID and seem to have got it anyway?

* I don't have chlamydia
* I don't have gonorrhea
* I do have BV but previous tests in the last few months were negative
* I don't have an IUD
* Wasn't sexually active until 21
* Always use protection
* Have had only 3 partners
* No surgery involving opening up the cervix

I know that it's still possible to just get it........ am I just insanely unlucky? I'm low risk to begin with, I made good choices, I even went to the doctor suspecting PID and it was missed the whole time? I'm so confused.
5:27 pm - 01/25/2010

Media messages

Did anyone watch Dr Oz today about teen girls asking about sexuality?
I'm bothered by the huge anti-anal slant on the part of the doctors. The girls said they believed that anal was for girls "bored" with "normal" sex, and the guest doctor said she strongly discourages ANYBODY from engaging in anal sex because of possible infections.

I feel like Dr. Oz had this great opportunity to bust a lot of sexual myths to teens and parents and instead it seemed geared for parents to talk to their daughters about not being promiscuous (I don't mean by anal, just in general).

I just felt I needed some VP feedback here.

ETA: here are the clips of the segment.
hey ladies. i posted about this earlier but i have two new concerns so i'll just jumble them all into one:

i had sex last night for the first time in a while. my boyfriend and i refrained from sex for about 2 months due to a heavy & prolonged period, minus about twice during that time. we had sex last weekend and again last night, seeing that my bleeding is gone. i am now experiencing some pain. it didn't hurt while we were doing it, and it was rough, so i think that's really the reason. but i also noticed some small bumps right near the vaginal opening, but closer to my legs. could this be from shaving the day before and then having sex? the friction? i dont know!

and now i'm having some discharge. it's not yeasty...i mean, it's slightly different than usual. and i have the very occasional itch, but it's nothing like any infection i've ever had in the way that it's not very bothersome. there's an occasional white clump but it's nothing near the "cottage cheese" of a YI. so, does anyone think that this increase in discharge has to do with having sex for the first time in a while?

and finally, sorry for the long post, i was wondering if anyone else has a permanent bump on their arm from the HPV shot. i got my second one almost 2 months ago and still have a bead-sized bump at the injection site. is this normal?

thank you all :)
 So, I woke up Saturday morning and my mouth felt a bit weird.  I looked in the mirror and my tongue was all coated with white and yellow.  Oral thrush.  Gross.  I'm not entirely sure why it decided to make it's appearance, my inhalers for asthma can cause it, but I take them everyday, why now?  All I can think of is that I had a beer the night before, but I only had one.  I never drink beer though, so I guess it could be that?  I dunno.  

Anyway, any great home remedies?  I've been eating TONS of yogurt, taking probiotics, and making an effort to eat garlic, but it's Monday, and my tongue is still yellow.  I'm going to the doctor later this week anyway, but I would REALLY prefer not to have to take anything for this.  Anyone have any experience with this?  I'm just slightly concerned that it'll get all yeasty out of control or something.  

Thanks wonderfuls :) 
I KNOW this subject has been posted time and time again, but I can't find an answer my specific question, so please bear with me.

My period's scheduled to fall the week of March 8, which is when my roommate and I are going to be on a cruise. I'm already in my second week of pills (Tri-Sprintec, aka generic for Ortho-Tri-Cyclen right now, so I can't do the 1-1-2-2-3-3 option. I know the 1-2-3-3-2-1 method can work, too, but isn't guaranteed, and I'm worried about messing with the hormone levels too much because I have a history of really bad cramping.

But I don't need to skip my next period (which will be in 2 weeks) - I just want to move the FOLLOWING period up a week. If I skip the placebo week this month and take my pills 1-2-3-1-2-3, will I have my period a week early after the second pack? I don't really mind if I have breakthrough bleeding or spotting. I just want to make sure the period following that one is moved up, if that makes sense.

6:37 pm - 01/25/2010

wisdom teeth/period

I could have sworn I read a post here once about your wisdom teeth coming in while on your period. Was I just imagining it or does anyone remember it? Because it seems like my wisdom teeth only start coming in while I am close to or on my period. Anyone else get this?
6:43 pm - 01/25/2010

HBC and Storage Temperature

A week ago, I accidentally left an unused pack of HBC (Yaz) in the trunk of my car over the entire week when I left on vacation. Unfortunately ... the temperature dropped to 15 F - 45 F all week while I was away. I know that the information recommends that Yaz be kept away from moisture and excessive heat, but since it was in really cold temperature, would it still be safe to take that pack? Or should I toss it out? :/

I'm not sure if it makes a difference or not, but I won't be seeing my s/o for a little over a month from now, so I won't be engaging in any sort of frisky activity with anyone but myself. So ... laskjdf; by the time I see him, I'll already be on another pack (which I hopefully won't leave out in extreme weather again). I sort of just want second opinions on this, pretty please. :<
Other then pregnancy, what can cause excessively tender nipples? I have been losing weight and noticed my breast size was increasing NOT decreasing as I expected, so of course I immediately wondered if I was pregnant, however, I have had sex once in the past 3 months, had my period two weeks ago (the intercourse occured in November), and the past week my nipples have been painful to touch, rub etc. This is incredibly odd as I normally dont have any sensation in them at all, even if they're being played with. Of course, I return to the pregnancy idea, but its just not possible, and I've also been on birth control since I was 15, the exact same type of pill, with no more then a month off 2 years ago when I was between doctors. So, any help? Im thinking of getting a mammogram just to ease my fears that it might be cancer or something.
10:43 pm - 01/25/2010

2 questions....

Hey all!

You have all been so helpful in the past here I am again with 2 questions.

I've been on Nuva Ring since the end of November. For both December and January something kinda weird has happened. I would put the ring in for 3 weeks and then take it out for a week like directed. I was always under the impression that when you take the ring out that is the week you are supposed to have your period. However, for both months I have gotten my period the day of or after I put the ring BACK in.

Is there something I've been doing wrong?

The other question...
Since being on the ring my periods have been odd. Not to be too graphic but before the ring my period were usually bright red and were heavy for days 1 and 2 and then lightened up and were done by day 4. Now they are almost a brown color, only last for 2 days and are incredibly light.

Is this just a change cuz of the BC or is this weird that after 10ish years of getting my period one way that it would change so much.

Hope this all made sense. ..
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