January 19th, 2010

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Ben Wa Balls - yay or nay?

 I'm finding that my pelvic floor muscles aren't as toned as i'd like them to be, or as they once were. I try doing pelvic floor exercises as i'm walking about my daily business, but I find it a little difficult with nothing to squeeze! So, i'd quite like to try Ben Wa balls and see if those help in that department.

Does anyone have any experiences, recommendations or tales to tell? They would be welcomed, indeed.

Muchas gracias in advance, superstars!

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blood in stools

okay, now theres real blood. and i havent even gone to the bathroom. i wipe and theres blood. not a streak, its wet with blood. my mom said ill be okay until the morning but i have stomach pain and im freaking out. someone help asap
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Hi everyone!  I tried searching through the posts and didn't find too much on this, so I'm hoping I'm not being redundant (I haven't been active on the community for quite a while so I am not up to date on what's been recently discussed).

The short story: I never get my period.  This may be a symptom of PCOS.  I've been told to treat this symptom by taking HBC.  Is this accurate/necessary?

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What was once irregular is now entirely absent without HBC.  Is that strange?
Does this (plus a weird LH/FSH hormone ratio, but also a totally normal ultrasound) indicate PCOS?
Is HBC an effective or normal treatment for PCOS?  (That is to say, is amenorrhea really dangerous?

Blood in discharge; reassurance?

My thoughts are kind of all over the place, so forgive me if I'm not entirely making sense in parts. :\

I successfully was able to have sex with my boyfriend for the first time (we had a lot of trouble for the past few years) in mid-December. We generally have sex two times a week with his work schedule the way it is. I started my period on January 6th and it was a normal period, lasted for ~4 days. After my period ended, my stomach really bothered me. I got so nauseous one morning that I actually threw up, but I haven't had that happen again. My stomach has felt weird since, and I've been really constipated (tmi, sorry), but that is normal for me, unfortunately. 

Tonight, about 6 or 7 hours after we had sex, I went to pee and I had a lot of discharge. There was some light pink blood streaked through my discharge--not a lot by any means, though. Was this maybe just from the sex? I'm still fairly new at it and it's still a little uncomfortable for me; maybe he was just a little rough? 

Basically, I'm a little worried about pregnancy because of the stomach issues and the discharge. That's the first time I've had the discharge, and my stomach has felt a little better lately. I am on Yaz and take it at 9 pm EVERY night, without fail. I took it a little late a few times, but only by a few hours. We also have used condoms every single time, and none have failed. I was relieved when I got my period at the beginning of the month (new at sex, way too paranoid, haha) but now I'm paranoid that oh, what if I got pregnant the day before my period was to start. Would I still start my period even if I conceived that close to the day my period was due? I hope what I'm trying to say makes sense, lol. Hopefully someone will be able to reassure me and/or explain to me what I need to know and hear. If anything needs clarifying, I'll be happy to.


Possible PID diagnosis

So I went to the sexual health clinic to rule out any infections once and for all. As I have posted here, I've been having weird discharge and pain for months. I've had about 10 sets of swabs and exams and everything has always come back negative. Both a doctor and a nurse said it looked like a YI, but the results came back negative for candida. They were starting to treat me like a hypochondriac at this stage. I was told not to worry as it was nothing serious, so I waited a couple of months before making an appt at the sexual health clinic, waiting to see if it would clear up on its own. I went in, fully expecting it to be a routine appointment, as I was basically 100% sure I had nothing.

I was in excrutiating pain during the exam. The Dr put his fingers inside and it hurt to the left, to the right and in the middle. I was called back to his office 10 mins later and told I was positive for BV and that I probably had PID as well. I broke down crying in frustration, as this has always been my biggest fear, and I spend my life getting tested to make sure this never happened. How is this possible, after spending so much time and money seeing doctors and getting swabs sent off to the lab? The Dr told me it was very unlikely to be caused by BV, so either I had several false negatives on my STI tests, or he told me it could have been caused by the colposcopy I had in September (which I also brought up with the doctor last time I saw her and she told me no, that was incredibly unlikely).

I have to go back in 2 weeks to find out more about what's wrong with me. I just can't help feeling utterly depressed and angry that I went over and above what was 'normal' to make sure I was healthy, and now I find out that my worst nightmare is coming true.

2 negative YI tests, still symptomatic, possible water breakage?

Dear Doctor LJ,

I've been tested twice, and twice it's come back negative for yeast infection. I had swelling and itching, where the outer labia swelled up so much that it was hard to even pee.

My vagina itself is still really sore, but the itching and swelling has been gone for a couple of weeks. Over this weekend, I've had a low fever of 98.5-99; my normal temperature is rarely above 97.

I realize there have been many past posts about undetected yeast infections, or forms that don't test positive(?), but because I'm 34 weeks pregnant, I'm not sure how this may or may not add variables.

My biggest concern is that it has only taken four hours for me to completely soak through a pair of panties. I checked, and sure enough, I have a constant stream of clear, (but not watery) discharge. Is there any chance my water could have broken or the bag of waters been damaged without me noticing a sudden gush? Is that possible this early on? Or is this most likely just another sign that I have an unusual form of yeast infection?

I have an appointment with my OB tomorrow, and my insurance got screwed up this month so I have no way to see a GP until Feb 1.

I guess my main question is: Is this something I should call my OB about immediately, or can it wait until tomorrow morning?

ETA I ended up calling fairly soon after I posted this, and didn't expect a response because my OB office never gets back to me, lol. They called me within about ten minutes and made me come in right away. It definitely wasn't amniotic fluid, and no sign of infection.
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Checkup Results and Prevention Question.

So I went back to the doctor yesterday about being retesting for chlamydia (just to make sure it's gone) and to see her about my "reoccuring YI". Well, it wasnt a YI. Poor vagina suffered through all that garlic for nothing :( But anyway, it was some sort of bacterial infection, not sexually transmitted. Yayyyyyyyyy. Okay so... she put me on flagyl. Thats an antibiotic, right? Is there anyway I can make sure I don't get an ACTUAL YI from that?

Awaiting results on the other things.

And my birthday is coming up. It says I can't drink alcohol while on it. I'm okay with this, but does anyone know why?
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KY touch massage

I like KY Touch Massage 2 in 1, and we use to have anal sex. When we first start, though, there is a burning sensation, not just a tingling for a few moments.

Is that normal, or should we look into some other kind of lubricant?

ETA: I haven't had any experience with any other kind of lube, so I don't know if this is normal.

FAM and Coverlines

First off, I do know that the shift and not the specific temp is what's important in determining ovulation; this is why coverlines alone aren't reliable for determining ovulation days. That said, I'm asking about this with respect to predicting my period, not with respect for more/less fertile days for PIV sex. (Though I will point out that predicting my period falls more under "significantly need to adjust my life so I can cope" and less under "it would be more convenient.")

Due to outpatient surgery last week, I was unable to chart at the time I estimate I would have been ovulating. (Meds, dehydration, erratic sleep schedule, and general anesthesia will do that.) It is possible that the combined stress of post-holiday-back-to-work and surgery prep delayed my ovulation.

However, since Saturday, I've been getting waking temps of 97.2F and 97.3F. I realize that may not be terribly high in the grand scheme of things, but in roughly 4 years of charting (4 months now and 3.5 years several years ago), I've pretty much always had coverlines in the 96.8F to 97.1F range. I'm certainly not discounting the possibility of a one-time anomaly (meaning I may not have ovulated yet), but it really would have to be a sharp departure from my norm (at least my historical norm, which is more firmly established) for that to be happening.

About how consistent are your coverlines from cycle to cycle?

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NuvaRing dryness?

Hi there, Superstars!

I've a bit of a dilemma for you all:

I'm on my third month of using the NuvaRing as my HBC and I've noticed that my vulva has become a bit dry near the lower end of my vaginal opening, sort of near the end of the "slit" and end of the outer labia (please forgive my terminology... I know much less about my anatomy than I ought to- I'm learning!).

My suspicion is that the cause is the ring itself as I've noticed the Ring keeps my vaginal opening, um, for lack of better words, more exposed or open than it is without the Ring. This dryness has been accompanied by much more frequent discharge than I usually have. The discharge isn't clumpy or white or odd smelling, there's just been a LOT of it. There was more discharge when I first inserted the Ring this month and the amount has been slowly tapering off. Also, as time has gone by, it seems to be getting harder and harder to keep the Ring in without it trying to pop itself out. (With some recent experimentation I want to say that I have a "short" vagina, and my cervix drops REALLY low around my period, so maybe this a factor?)

So, my questions are thus:

1.) Is there anything I can do about the dryness?
2.) Could the discharge be my body's way of compensating for the openness/dryness caused by the Ring?
3.) Is there some sort of cream or such that I can safely use that will help with the dryness?
4.) Could it be possible that my vagina is too short for the NuvaRing or could I do something like kegels to strengthen my pelvic muscles to help keep the Ring in?
5.) Could there be something else going on that I haven't thought of?
6.) Is this grounds for [yet another] HBC change?

Thanks VPers, I really appreciate any help!

No period in a while

Hi, I was wondering. I haven't gotten my period in about 4 months ( no chance that I'm pregnant). So I went to the Gynecologist and she put me on this pill that I had to take once a day for 7 days. She said on the 8th day I should get my period, and I'm freaking out because it's my 9th day, and no period.

Has anyone encountered this same problem?
Thanks girlies :)

low dose vs. regular dose BC

I usually have my BC pills sent to me by mail through a program at Planned Parenthood. Last time they mailed them out, they only sent 2 instead of 3 so today I went to go pick up my last pack before I would need an annual exam. When I got there I was told they no longer carried Ortho tri-cyclen Lo, but did have the regular Ortho Tri-cyclen. I expressed my concerns with switching to a higher dosage of hormones, but the lady I spoke with reassured me that they were made by the same manufacturer and it wouldn't be too much of a change. I'm getting the pills through a state wide program for students with low income and basically get the pills for free, so it is a great situation and I hate to complain, but what are your thoughts on switching to a higher dose of hormones? I've heard and read things about how bad BC pills are anyway due to the extra hormones and am not quite sure how I feel about introducing a higher dosage. I will have to go back next month for an exam and plan on speaking with a doctor then about my options. Is a higher dosage that big of a deal? Last time I was there they had Yaz as an option, which I've also heard bad things about, but to my knowledge it is lower dose. Any input on this would be very helpful! Thank you in advance for answering any of my questions!


I recently was watching TV (I'm in New Jersey, in the US, if that makes any difference) while getting ready for work the other morning. There was a commercial for a (daily, over the counter, I think) pill that promotes vaginal health/helps prevent YI and BV, but I didn't catch the name.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

It's Rephresh Pro-B! Which, has anyone used this? Results?

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so the anal bleeding stopped completely last night, and i just had a very small BM, and its back. light, red blood, not much. but as soon as i made the BM, my period returned, the same type of blood coming out of the other end. i dont know what to do :(.