January 16th, 2010


on cycles

Now, some time back, I mentioned my cycle starting earlier and earlier (inching up a few days each month). I have accepted this as normal happenings, and it's calmed down. However, I cannot accept that it seems my cycle is starting up, and will be bombarding me soon. I say this because, well, it just ended at the end of the month. As in, about two weeks ago. Now, this hasn't happened since I was maybe 12 (I'm 22 now). Is there something that can be throwing me off? Yes, I am overweight. No, I've not been diagnosed with anything, nor am I on any prescriptions.

What's up with my ute?
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Birth control left on heating pad?

Kind of a weird question but I accidentally left my birth control (Ortho Novum 1/35) on my bed all day while the electric heating pad was on.  When I picked up the case it was warm.  I don't have a thermometer on me but I'm guessing the temp of the heating pad is maybe around 80 - 100F (my bf thinks it's not higher than body temp).  Now the case wasn't burning hot to the touch but it was still pretty warm, maybe close to body temp warm (the pill was a little tiny bit warm too when I took it).  Should I be freaking out or do I have nothing to worry about?  I'm on my second to last pill before the placebos start, so I don't know if I'd be in the danger zone for missing pills?  I can't skip because I can't get a new pack until sometime next week, so argh.  I'm going to double up on protection either way because I'm a super paranoid person.

I'm pretty sure I'm freaking out over nothing, but you never know.

Abnormal periods?

 Hi all,
I'm getting a little freaked out. I was supposed to get my period last week, but I was on a trip, and decided to skip it. This was, I believe, the 3rd month I'd be skipping it - I've done it before with no issues. I ended up getting my period anyway, despite having gone straight from active pills to active pills. I didn't think much of it. It lasted the normal length of time and ended on Monday. Since Monday, I've had  a pretty bad stomach virus - every time I ate, I got super sick - and started on antibiotics Thursday night. Yesterday morning... my period seems to have reappeared. I at first thought it was just mild bleeding from after having sex (unfortunately, this happens a lot to me) - but, this morning, it's still here, and in need of a tampon.

What's going on? Do I need to be super concerned? I can't understand why I'd get my period twice in two weeks. ANY advice would be very, very appreciated - I'm freaking out a little. Thank you!!!

Poisoned Vaginas?

Vag for thought? What do you guys think of this?


I'm going to edit this post later to provide the link with all the references but there's a glitch in her site and I can't get to it right now.

Just a few excerpts:

Consider this: The average woman, menstruating for five days a month for 38 years will use approximately 11,400 tampons in a lifetime. With roughly 73 million menstruating women in America, the toxicity levels of commercial brands of tampons is a major concern.

Originally tampons were made of 100% cotton. When women complained of seepage, manufacturers increased the absorbency by blending the cotton with highly absorbent synthetic fibers including polyester, polyacrylate rayon, carboxymehtylcellulose and viscose rayon. Huh? Huh? And what? In the early 80’s there was noise made about tampons when 38 women died of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), a bacterial infection linked to the use of high absorbency tampons. Following these events, though denying ties to these deaths, tampon manufacturers changed the formulation of their tampons. In private testing, it was determined that these synthetic materials were attracting the bacteria that lead to TSS. The lesser of the evil synthetics was the rayon/viscose blend and this is what remains in conventional tampons.

Most tampons are treated with chemicals that have no place in the vagoojey. Just as I say heck no to Cottonseed oil, it is for the same reason I say heck no to sticking toxic cotton up into my nethers. Did ya know that 84 million pounds of pesticides are sprayed on 14.4 million acres of conventional cotton grown each year in the US. Forget food, these chemicals are some of the most toxic used in agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency has declared seven of the top 15 to be ‘possible’, ‘likely’, ‘probable’, or ‘known’ human carcinogens. Can someone say vaginal poisoning!

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Pill question

I take microgynon for twenty-one days every month, then stop for seven days to have my period, then start it all over again. I'm not sexually active, so contraception isn't an issue for me. I take the pill because my periods are so bad they make me physically sick and incapacitated for two days every month. The pill stops this from happening.

I usually take the last pill of the packet on a Monday night, and my period comes on Friday. I'm happy with this schedule because is means that the worst of my period comes over the weekend and I don't have to miss any days of college.

However, this month I forgot to start taking them again. I have no idea how this happened, but I only remembered that I hadn't been taking them yesterday, and it's been two weeks.

I really don't want to have a horrible period this month, because it means I'll have to miss a few days of college and I can't do that right now because we're preparing for exams.

If I started taking them at the beginning of next week, and took the whole packet like normal, would that be safe? I don't know how this kind of thing works. Would it just postpone my period from arriving for a few weeks past when it was actually due?

Here is the weekly timeline --

Week One -- MONDAY 28TH DECEMBER: took last pill, FRIDAY 1ST JANUARY: period arrived

Week Two -- TUESDAY 4TH JANUARY: forgot to start taking pills again

Week Three --TUESDAY 11TH JANUARY: still not taking pill

Week Four -- TUESDAY 18TH JANUARY: two days away, can I start taking it again then?

If I started the cycle again this coming Tuesday, that means that just over two weeks will have passed since I started my last period. As I mentioned before, contraception isn't an issue, but will this be damaging to my body or mess it up in some way?

As far as I understand, the pill tricks your body into thinking it's released an egg, when it really hasn't. Which makes your period much easier. Since two weeks has passed, my body really will have released an egg, right? So what will happen if I ignore this and start taking the pill on Tuesday?
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post partum breast issues

I was pointed here by the guys at pregnant . And as boobs are part of the reproductive system when we consider feeding babies, I hope this is on topic...

I am sat here sore to hell and thought I would ask you guy's advice.

I am nine months post partum, and due to very very very long story have not breastfed since six weeks when I stopped producing milk. The last five days I have had the occasional sharp pain in my left breast and I thought it was a pulled muscle. Till today, today my left breast is agony at the slightest touch! Feeding my son in my arms almost had me in tears earlier. Is it possible I have mastitis or some kind of blockage even after all this time after not producing milk? I am baffled and not the type to think cancer immediately, though I shall be giving myself a self exam tonight once babe has gone to bed in any case.

Any ideas ladies?

birth control question

so i took jolessa, generic seasonique, for 4 months straight with no break, which led me to have a thick uterine lining and i've been bleeding for 2 1/2 months (sorry i've posted this a million times, its a new question...)
my gyno put me on levora, saying the hormone was a bit stronger(going from 20 on jolessa to 30 in levora) so it should stop the bleeding and thin the lining.
i got the package today and saw that it's the SAME amount!
i'm so frustrated because this is just going to continue to build the lining.

is there anything that might be in levora that could help that wasnt in jolessa? or was my gyno just stupid and thought they were different amts?
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Wandering Period

Hey everyone.
I have never had a regular period that comes like clockwork every month. The women in my family and most of my friends have periods that come at or around the same day each month. My periods have never been regular. I tracked my periods on a calender for one year and there is no regularity to them. I may have one on the 12th, and then the next months may not come until the 29th or 30th. I am twenty-two years old and I'm wondering if this is going to keep up for the rest of my life or not. My mother and doctor told me that my periods should start to become more regular after a few years but that never happened. I briefly went on the patch(for about two months) three years ago, but since then I've been keeping away from birth control entirely. Also, this has been happening ever since I got my first period at age fourteen. Is this normal? Should I go back and talk to my doctor?
Any advice on dealing with this(outside of birth control)?

Questions about BC Patch and numbed clit?

Question one : So, for the first time ever, yesterday I put my first Ortho Evra patch on me. I wasn't on previous birth control of any type (except for condoms, of course), so I'm wondering how long it'll take before it'll be fully effective.

And question two : I feel like when I have sex or masturbate, I need a vibrator there at the highest speed for me to actually get off. Like, a super high speed or else nothing will happen. Is my clitoris maybe not fully sensitive like it used to be?

Odd "fluttering" feeling? Baby kick?

Okay, so here's the backstory...
I've been on Yaz since April 09, married on August 1, 09. My husband and I are not TTC, but we'd actually be really excited to find out that I was pregnant. Lots of our friends are pregnant/having babies right now AND I nanny a 5-month old, so I think about babies a lot.

Here's the lead-in...
The other day at work I felt the weirdest fluttering sensation in my uterus area. It was really pronounced and lasted about 15 seconds. I tried putting my hand on my belly but didn't feel anything from the outside. I immediately wondered if that's what it felt like when a baby kicked, regardless of the fact that I really have no reason at all to believe that I would be pregnant (especially far enough along to feel it kicking).

Here are the questions...
1. For those of you who have had babies, does that sound like what a baby kick feels like? If not, what did it feel like for you?

2. So it probably wasn't a baby kicking, but what do you suppose it could have been?

Pelvic pain= Cyst?

On October 19th, I had the Mirena IUD inserted. It expelled November 18th and I switched birth control the same day to Implanon. Around Christmas, I had an unusual discharge that was strong in scent and slightly off-color (ever so slightly greenish/yellowish). I figured that it was BV and after posting here, I treated it with a hydrogen peroxide douche. The unusual discharge has been gone for ~2 weeks now.

Now I have some pain in my pelvic area, since about the beginning of this week. It started for a few days as a stabby-ish kind of crampy pain, like when I'm ovulating. It's still a dull pain, but it's more constant now. It's not even close to severe like when I had my Mirena inserted, but it is very uncomfortable to have it be so constant. I feel it most when I use the bathroom. I don't know if it hurts when having sex, because I have not had sex in a month-ish and I don't penetrate at all when I masturbate.

There's a few things I think it may be, so I have a few questions.

PID: It's probably unlikely because the pain is not even remotely close to severe, but I'm considering it since I recently had a bacterial infection post-expulsion. How would this be treated, and is this even a real possibility, given that I have very little pain and the symptoms of BV have been gone for a couple weeks?

Cyst: I've heard Mirena and/or Implanon can possibly increase likelihood of cysts, but the pain is on both sides (often alternating). I've also read in this community that cyst pain often starts as lower back pain, and I have no more of that than usual (back problems). Is that kind of pain more internal toward the back? Because if so, that's probably not the answer. Do/can cysts go away on their own if they're at the point where they're causing me slight pain? Besides surgery, how can they be treated?

Bladder or Kidney issues: This is going from memory, not physical medical records (because I don't have a copy of those), but when I was very young, I had a bladder infection that went untreated for long enough that it spread to my kidneys and I had some kind of surgery for it. My kidneys have been fine ever since. I'm considering kidney or bladder issues as a possibility because of it being uncomfortable when I use the bathroom, but as far as the kidneys go, again, no lower back pain that I can't attribute to my existing back issues.

Really crappy pre-menstrual cramps: I haven't had a period on Implanon since end of november/beginning of december, so I'm probably due. I am NOT pregnant, I'm attributing the absence of my period to the hormones, though if there is a cyst, that could be causing my period to be absent as well.

Pulled muscle: I recently threw up pretty hard (I'm bulimic and trying to recover) and it could just be pulled or strained muscles. That would explain why the pain is on both sides.

If you think you need more info, just ask!
Thanks, V_P!

P.S.: Sorry for all my posts recently; I feel like a hypochondriac but I never learned any of this stuff in biology or what little sex ed we had :(