January 15th, 2010

another question, this time...orgasms...

hi, i've been sexually active for about 2 years now, but only had sex 1 time with someone besides my current boyfriend. he's great at it, and i feel good, but i don't ever get to a huge fireworks moment. i feel good pretty constantly. sometimes if he rubs me my legs twitch and i dont know if that means anything? sometimes, though, i wake up feeling amazing, like i just had some wonderful, amazing sex, and it's very odd.

i don't know if there's something seriously wrong with me for not having a huge AH HA moment, or if its okay to just feel good constantly throughout?

also, i have an anxiety disorder, so the thinking part doesnt help.

and also, also, my boyfriend has never came...around any girl...so i think i get a bit paranoid.

any advice...anyone?!

IUD questions

So I'm 27, never had kids, and I have PCOS. I got the Paragard IUD put in Wednesday mainly because I don't want children, especially during gradschool. My question regards pain. I have been just ill with cramping pain. Basically I was in bed all yesterday with just horrible cramps. Normally I have a really high pain tolerance and this would worry me, but I know my uterus is just getting used to this. My real question is if this is indicitive of the menstrual pain I will be feeling with my menses? I would be interested in hearing anyone's experience with these. I'm trying to focus on work today but still wow it hurts. And, for the record, yes I've tried pain killers and heating pads. I'm allergic to NSAIDs so no ibu or naproxen.

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Has anyone ever had a hugeeee pimple on the outer lip near the vagina?

I'm most certain that it IS a pimple or ingrown hair. Right now it's big and hurts like a white head when you press on it, but there's no head on it yet. It's sort of a large blind pimple. It's by itself, nothing else around it and resembles other pimples/ingrown hairs I've had down there... the thing is, I've never had one this close to my lady bits. In the past, they've been on my bikini line.

I also, currently have a yeast infection, which I am told can cause a sore/blister. Even if this is true, I am fairly certain this is a pimple. I left a message with my doctor's office, but I'd like to avoid going if possible.

If this is sounds like a zit you've had... is there anything I can put on it without creating a further problem, to possibly shrink it before it becomes a big ol white head? It's uncomfortable because my underwear/clothing keep brushing it. Thanks!

Metrogel Residue or YI

On Monday, I had my annual PAP. The doctor noticed some discharge that she was sure was BV, so I've been on metrogel while it's being tested.

I had the standard clear residue, but now I have quite a bit of cottage cheese - is this congealed Metrogel or was a mild YI disguising itself as BV and the antibiotics have given it a chance to grow?

I haven't had any burning (well, I do now but I'm 99% sure that's because I'm paranoid about it.)

Do I need to make an appt? (This would be my first YI, so I would want to check in with the doc first). Or should I finish the Metrogel and see what happens?

I'm at work, so can't really look up the drug facts that easily.

Periods and HBC

Hi LJ!

Was just wondering about something. Went in for my annual yesterday and questioned my doc about something I am experiencing. I lost a bunch of weight and went on Yaz at the same time, and pretty much havent had a period since. That was about 2 years ago. I dont stack pills, and dont get any breakthrough bleeding.

I am trying to regain some of the weight I lost, but my doctor seemed to think it was the Yaz that might be causing my lack of period. She said its pretty common.

Is anyone else on Yaz who has had this problem? Im 30 by the way, on some sort of HBC for about 10 years and had regular periods (especially while on the pill) up until then.

PS LJ wont let me add tags for some reason, sorry!
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What does an ovarian cyst bursting feel like?

The background deets: I'm 24, not on any form of HBC and have been told that I "probably" have PCOS, but have never been formally diagnosed.

So last night my boyfriend and I ended up having more intense sex than usual, both in physical intensity and duration. This was right before we went to bed, and as I was laying down, I noticed a weird sharp twinge/pain in my lower abdomen. I wear the low-rise hipster underwear, and the pain was right above the top of my underwear on the right side. Sort of where I imagine my ovaries are, but I really don't know. It was like a 2-3 on the 1-10 pain scale, so I ignored it and fell asleep.

I woke up about an hour later and got up to get a drink of water, and I was hit with this weird crampy, sharp wave of pain all the way across my lower abdomen. I doubled over, more because of the surprise of it than the actual pain. It was painful, but not ER-level painful, so I hobbled back to bed. The pain persisted (although it was better when I was totally immobile), but I managed to fall asleep.

This morning, the pain is still there but less than last night. It is a sharp pain, but achy at the same time. My lower abdomen is also tender to the touch, primarily on the right side. It is worst when I stretch or stand up for long periods of time. Heat seems to help it somewhat, but the pain killers I took this morning didn't seem to have an effect.

Does this sound like an ovarian cyst bursting? Or maybe just a weird sex-related strain (ha)? If the pain continues to get better, can I just chalk it up to a weird thing and not have to go to the doctor? It's already 10x better than it was last night.

Menstrual Sponges

Hi there,

I'm using sponges for the first time, am thrilled by the possibility of creating less waste and spending less money on menstrual products, and I have some questions for other users.

1. For how long will you use a single sponge before sterilizing them? I went 3 days, rinsing every few hours, before I felt it was time to soak one in a peroxide solution. The manufacturers recommend reusing and sterilizing between cycles, but I got a bit paranoid about bacteria growth.

2. How deep do you try to insert your sponges?

3. I had an odd leaking incident. I was in a meeting and felt a helluva leak, and ran to the bathroom, only to find that it was clear liquid that leaked [enough to wet my underwear and, a bit, my jeans]. Is it possible that the sponge will contain the clotty parts of the menses while filtering through the more liquid parts? Off the shelf conventional tampons absorb it all, so this was the only cause I could come up with [and it felt nothing like a bladder leak].

4. When rinsing, I find it difficult to remove all the more mucousy/slippery bits. Any tips on how to do this without damaging the sponge?

Ok. Any other tips from regular sponge users would be very welcome!

Cheers and thanks

p.s. I would tag this as 'sponges' but for some reason am not permitted to tag

I've Decided To Go Off the Pill!!!

It's time. I want my sex drive back. I want the real ME back. Over the years, the pill has thrown my sex drive & my emotions out of whack...slowly decreased my sex drive over time...even with a couple of pill changes. A couple of days ago I switched from Yaz to Ortho Tri Cyclen, and ya know what? I don't even want to bother. I've decided to just quit! Found some great condoms: http://www.condomdepot.com/product/detail.cfm/nid/183/pid/2105 & I'm ready to go back to natural. My question is:

Q: Should I stop after being on a new pill for 3 days, or finish this pack up? What kind of side effects can I expect from doing this? Will this cause my "period" to come again even though I recently just "had one" before starting this new pill? My boyfriend & I had sex two nights ago, he came inside of me, so I'm not sure if I should stop taking the pill yet, since sperm can stay inside of you for a couple of days. Suggestions, please? I want to stop as soon as possible.

Also: What are anyone's thoughts on learning to understand your cycle once you become regular and using spermicide/withdrawal when you're not ovulating & condoms right before/during/shortly after ovulation (basically for a large portion of the month, expect right after your period)? Does anyone else use different forms of non-hormonal birth control at different times of the month?

Thank you!
[Cephalopods] Need love!

Washing relatively expensive bras in the washing machine

I hope this is OK to post here. It's more about boobs than vaginas...

I thought for the longest time I was a 34B, but I'm actually a 32D. It's very difficult to find 32D, and when I do, they usually cost more than I would like (about $50 a piece, give or take ten dollars).

I hate washing them by hand, because all I seem to do is get them wet. They don't seem to be that clean to me. None of the stains seem to come out. Plus, it just takes too long, and I never know what to do with them after I take them out of the water. I wring them out, but they still drip so much they create this one big puddle in my bathroom, when I hang them over the shower curtain. And they seem to take days to dry!

Is putting them in the washer on gentle cycle, I dunno, OK to do? Will they suffer severe damage? It really is important to me that my bras last as long as they can, since money is tight, but...this whole washing bras by hand thing doesn't seem to be cutting it!

ingrown hairs arrrrgghghghg

Hey there, sorry for the sock puppet account, but sometimes a girl wants some anonymity... sorry, this is a little gross

I got one of those ingrown hairs/zit on the edge of my one of my outer labia and it's been there for a week or so... I've tried popping it but a bit will come out sometimes, but not all and/or it just stays kind of swollen and lumpy-feeling.  Also, another one cropped up right beside it, and that one I can't even come close to popping, it feels deeper.  There's not much to look at externally, but they've been there for about a week and they're really bugging me.  Also, I've gotten two in my whole life before this and they didn't take so long to go away.  They're not especially large. 

So, I have two questions-

Could this be something I need to check out?  I know they do have fluid in them because I was able to pop the first one a little, so they're probably nothing more serious than a zit...I hope, anyway.

And, could something be done to help speed them on their way?  Warm compresses or something?

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Hey VPers!

I finished a round of antibiotics from an UTI and my vagina has been feeling strange. Thought I'd probably end up with a yeast infection, but I only really have one symptom which is some burning. Nothing too bad. Thought I'd go to the chemist to see what they had, the only thing I could find was RepHresh. Has anybody used this product before? I don't use tampons, as they scare me (long story) so I want to use it but worried. I bought some pads as I knew there would be some discharge over night.

I'm worried that if I start using this product, some people have said in reviews online that you have to continue using it? I'm in Australia, if that changes anything? Just in case someone knows of a better product. :>

Thanks in advance :>
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uterine lining, heavy bleeding.

so i posted before about my uterine lining being really thick on the ultrasound (probably due to stacking 2 seasonique packs) and ive been bleeding for 2 1/2 months. im currently off of bc for a week, then i start levora. but i want to make sure its normal that im going through a super tampon every hour or so. my mom said its fine because my lining is just being shed from being built up so long.

goddamn, this isn't fun!

so anyone else experience this? how long should it take until i'm done bleeding? the dr said i probably have to wait another month or so...so i'll bleed through my whole first pack of new birth control :(