2:49 am - 01/13/2010


So, I haven't shaved down there in about 5 years...until today. I tried today, and ended up #1 cutting a large mole (like, the size of a pencil eraser) that I had forgotten about (I looked like I was on the rag, it bled so much), and #2 leaving short stubbly hairs on the inner-side of the outer labia.

So I have some questions for all of you VPers:

A.) Shave gel, soap, shampoo, or hair conditioner for the lubrication? I have numerous chemical allergies so can't just go buy something unless it very explicitly lists its ingredients, and I definitely can't have ANYTHING with fragrance/parfum/perfume in it. I tried three things tonight: conditioner, shampoo, and shave gel.

B.) How do you get a really SMOOTH shave on the parts that are hard to get to or hard to see? I was srsly standing with one foot on the counter, a mirror on the edge of the counter so I could see everything, and my arm going to my cooch via my buttcrack (IE it was coming in from behind my body) and STILL couldn't get a good shave on the labia.

C.) Will it honestly HURT something if I shave opposite the grain of growth, if I'm stretching the skin taut while I do it? If I don't, it leaves like 1/8" hairs everywhere that are just NOT what I'm going for here >_<

D.) Tips? Tricks? How to avoid the itchies when it starts to grow back? How to stop the damned bleeding when you cut yourself? How to AVOID cutting yourself, especially on those scary soft membranous parts that I am deathly afraid I'll slice open??

Thanks in advance!!!!


Thanks everyone! I used a few of the tips you've given me to finish the job today, and I think I'll be buying a few new things for next time...some kind of oil, a razor with fewer blades (using a five-blade one now and boy does it ever REALLY clog!), pulled everything as tight as I could, and used my regular shaving gel this time around but I plan to try a few of the other suggestions. OH and I put my dove fragrance-free (NOT unscented, it's scented...) deodorant on afterwards. No idea yet if that will help with second-day itchies, but it sure does feel NICE right now!!

Regarding the Lush products: they have very very few that don't list fragrance, and those don't look "appetizing" to me. Unfortunately, I only know that I am allergic to 80% of artificial fragrances, so if something lists fragrance I pretty much have to avoid it no matter what *sadface*

Regarding sitting in the tub: between the tiny size of my tub, the complete lack of a ledge on the wall-side, and my long long legs, I don't think shaving in the tub is ever going to be doable for me *another sadface* When I shaved before, it was at college where we had awesome shower stalls with a shelf at about my hip height, and I would put one foot up on that which pulled EVERYTHING nice and tight...now I have just the rim of the bathtub to put it on, which sucks SO bad.

Again, thanks! I appreciate all the help...now it looks like it's time to get out the card and buy some new products online! :D
I was playing with my pocket rocket yesterday and as I was rubbing it against my clit, I had this strange pain in my pelvis area.  I was about to orgasm so I tried not to think about it, and when I did orgasm, the pain was actually pretty painful.  I've never felt this type of pain before.  Let me try to describe it..  It's like a line from my clitoris, up to the bottom right of my belly button.  It's just a line of pain.  It's been feeling okay.  I might be thinking about it too much, but it has been slightly throbbing (not painful, but bothersome and weird) in the past 24 hours.  At first I thought maybe I pushed some bacteria up into my urethra and is getting a UTI or something.  Maybe I irritated the tube that runs from the bladder to the urethra?  But I don't have any UTI symptoms.  I'm taking my cranberry supplements anyways.  Hopefully it will be completely gone by tomorrow.
Does anyone know what this weird feeling "line" could be?  I don't want to worry about masturbating =(  That would suck..
9:48 am - 01/13/2010

Pregnant in wedding dress...?

Hi all,

Hope someone can help ease me a bit.  I got engaged on Christmas Eve. My fiance and I got a little carried away and ended up having unprotected sex on January 3. I was on my period (which started on January 1 right before midnight of January 2). He pulled out way before he ejaculated. My cycle ranges from about 26-32 days, but I recently started taking melatonin to help me sleep. I’m wondering if the melatonin could have thrown my cycle off to the point of risking pregnancy? I keep picturing myself pregnant and in a wedding dress! :/ It’s a little ironic that I was taking melatonin to help with stress and sleep, but now the fact that I took it is making me stay up at night.

Thanks for any help!

10:46 am - 01/13/2010

ultrasound and small bladder


I posted a couple of days ago about getting pregnant with an IUD, and everyone was very lovely and supportive.  (Thanks!) 

I have another question now, not sure if people will have ideas, but just in case:

Because of the IUD, I need to have an ultrasound done tomorrow (the pregnancy may be dangerous or ectopic or something), and I am ridiculously worried about it.  They want me to drink one litre (my cookbook says that's one quart/32 ounces, but I really have no idea) of water, one hour and a half before, and hold it in.  And I really don't think I can do it.  Right now, I'm testing it out, and I just drank it all and I highly doubt I'll be able to hold it in one hour and a half.  My bladder's way too small for that!

I'm sure this isn't supposed to be really painful, but I'm having difficultly figuring out how I can make it better.  If anyone has ever been in that situation, would you suggest drinking less water?  How much less?  Or just drinking the same amount but right before instead of an hour and a half before?  Is it supposed to feel like your bladder is completely bursting or it is just supposed to be comfortably full?


Update:  All the comments were really reassuring, thank you!  It was nice to know that other people went through this, even if it didn't sound very positive most of the time.  It really helps not to feel alone.

I just had my ultrasound, and the ironic thing is that my bladder wasn't even full enough!  I guess I didn't drink my water fast enough.  It sure felt full though.  And I guess my bladder wasn't as small as I thought it was.  I though it was because I always have to pee, but maybe it's just that I drink a lot more water than I realized?

So I ended up having a vaginal ultrasound, and it was still quite an unpleasant experience.  The woman seemed really bitter that my bladder wasn't full enough and she was quite rude (though obviously trying to be polite, which was weird).  She wouldn't answer my questions (she was concentrating, which is fair enough I guess) and the tv thing wasn't facing me so I couldn't see anything.  I really wanted to see the ultrasound but then she said she couldn't interpret it and she wouldn't even tell me what part was the fetus (I could guess, but I've never been pregnant so what do I know!).  I was worried that the pregnancy was ectopic and she didn't even reassure me about that.   She did eventually tell me the pregnancy wasn't in my tubes when I asked her but she really didn't want to tell me anything.

I'm sure this is all normal, she's not allowed to tell me things in case she tells me something wrong I guess, but it would be nice to be explained that.  

I also really wanted a picture of my ultrasound because I was kind of fascinated but apparently you have to pay 60$ or something?

Now I feel really bitter.  I didn't want to be pregnant in the first place, I didn't want an ultrasound, I didn't want to go through this!  Having doctors that acknowledge that the ultrasound is attached to a human beving would really help the process.

11:43 am - 01/13/2010

ocella questions. again.

Okay, so here is a question about this whole Yaz/Yasmin/Ocella nonsense that I haven't been able to find an answer to. Is there a point in time where you've been taking it long enough that complications are no longer a worry? I was on Yaz for about a year and a half and then switched to Ocella with absolutely zero problems and only good things to say. Also, my rudimentary medical understanding is that the elevated potassium levels Yaz and friends can possibly cause slows your heart rate which equals more chances for blood clots to form. So, normal bloodwork=no problems? I'm a 21 year old non-smoker so I'm probably in the lowest of the low risk groups, but sometimes it's hard not to be a hypochondriac. 
Hey everyone. Been watching this community for a while, and man, have I learned a lot. Finally created a dummy account so I could ask a question - though I really wish I didn't have to ask. :/

Here's the skinny. My last period started around December 16, lasted until December 20. I'm on HBC - Ocella, to be exact. I started my new pack on Dec. 21. I take my birth control around midnight every night. Sometime, either the 25th or 26th, I took my pill and went to bed. About 2 hours later, I woke up sick to my stomach from something I'd eaten. I ended up throwing up around 2 - 2.5 hours after taking my pill. Ordinarily, not really an issue, as I'd not been sexually active. However, on the night of the 28th (i.e. 3 or 4 days later), I ended up having unprotected sex with someone who came inside me. (I was drunk at the time and not really thinking clearly, so it didn't really occur to me that my protection might be compromised -eeeek.) Since then, I've been kinda freaking out. I did some research, and from what I've read it only takes about 2 hours to absorb the pill after taking it, so I <i>should</i> be okay, right?

My period is due to start today, and I'm freaking out a little. I've had some pre-period symptoms - a little cramping the past couple of days and definite moodiness that feels like my normal hormonal mood swings, plus a couple of other signs I usually get around that time of the month. But I'm not very crampy today, my boobs aren't tender, and I have not started bleeding yet, though my time of day varies each month, as do the severity of my symptoms. I'm really hoping that I'm just overthinking things and freaking out, but....what are the chances/probability that I might have royally screwed up? (I can't bring myself to use the P-word, the idea totally, totally freaks me out.) I guess I'm seeking a little reassurance until my period actually shows up. (Or...not.)

Thanks a bunch in advance. I've seen you guys give some absolutely fantastic (and calming) advice to others - this really is an amazing community. :) 
5:04 pm - 01/13/2010

switching pills

i just called my doctor because i wanted to switch pills due to side effects. i'm on loestrin 24 fe, and i seem spot 10-15 days out of the month, even though i take my pills at 5:30 every day on the dot. also, my acne has not improved at all and i'm beginning to wonder if it's worse than when i started because i'm seriously breaking out often (i've been on the pill for 4-5 months, so i can't exactly remember)

i didn't even get to talk to my doctor - i ended up talking to the nurse. i told her i was frequently spotting and wanted something that would help with acne. she responded quickly with "we're putting you on alesse" and said goodbye (which kind of made me upset - when i saw the nurse originally she was pretty much the same. blunt and not very warm)

i just looked up alesse, and while it's a different kind of progestin, it's the same level of estrogen. also, articles have been saying that pills "high in androgenicity and low in estrogen content" have been known to worsen acne. both alesse and loestrin are in this category.

could a different kind of progestin really make that big of a difference? i don't have any other side effects from loestrin and i would really love to continue taking it, but i simply CANNOT deal with this much spotting and i'm really sick of dealing with break outs. i hate the idea of going through another 3 months on another pill then having to switch again :/
5:09 pm - 01/13/2010

a question about antibiotics

i'm curious. if you're taking antibiotics for unrelated reasons, will the antibiotics also clear up any sexually transmitted infections, yeast infections, etc, that you might also have at the moment? or do specific antibiotics work for specific infections? i'm not sure how that works. does anyone know?
Hello, Lovlies.

I'm a total noob, so please bear with me.

I have a copper IUD that I'm always paranoid about because I've had one expel before. This one's been in for three months and it seems to be doing well . . . However, I believe I have a pretty bad yeast infection (itching, swollen, redness, yellowish, doughy discharge). I took a flucanazole this morning but it's still itching. I just finished putting a bunch of yogurt into tampon applicators. They are currently freezing. I was going to put one up there to help with the itching, but now I'm kind of freaking out--first of all, is it okay to put something frozen in your vag? Will it cause nerve damage or something?

Also, after the yogurt melts, won't the wetness create a better environment for the yeast? I guess I'm looking for testimonials . . . has anyone done this, and what have the results been?

Also, I was at Whole Foods today to buy the yogurt with 6 active cultures, and I saw they had yeast suppositories with Boric Acid. I've read about boric acid and have always wanted to use it because I get the yeast about once a month, but I'm afraid it's going to disintegrate or damage my IUD threads. Any experience with that?

7:47 pm - 01/13/2010

Stacking Pills

Hiya everyone!

I take a birth control pill called Norimin (I live in New Zealand so odd brands to most, but its your typical 21 days on, 7 days off kind of pack) but I have been stacking my packs for about 5 months now - my doctor told me that it was fine to do but I have since read differing opinions on the matter. I have terrible periods so like to avoid them as much as possible but since I have been stacking I feel like I have put on quite a bit of weight and have a loooooooow sex drive. So, VP, what I'd like to know is: can stacking pills amplify the normal side effects of birth control pills? And is there any proven medical advantage/disadvantage in stacking pills long term? I've read so much different stuff trying to prove each side of the story.

9:11 pm - 01/13/2010

Lube Samples

Is there anywhere (online or otherwise) where I can get free samples of lube? Right now we're using a warming lube, but sometimes it warms up a little TOO much (ow!).

It's been 20 days since the sex in question, and my period's due tomorrow based on a 28-day cycle (my last cycle was 28 days). I've taken probably a gazillion pregnancy tests already, including one today (First Response) which were all clearly negative.

I've felt nauseated/gaggy, and my breasts have been really sore on-and-off for the past 3 weeks. Normally a few days before my period, I have mild cramping. There's none.

Can I consider myself not pregnant? Considering I have these symptoms, and if they were due to a rise in hCG, wouldn't I test positive now? When should I retest to make absolutely sure my negatives are negative?

So I've pretty much had a yeast infection for the last 4 months. I do an OTC treatment, it seems to clear up and then it comes back. The weird thing is, though, I've been tested twice and the results came back negative for candida both times (I was also checked for chlamydia, gonn, trich, BV and all were negative) Yet a doctor and a nurse have told me it looks exactly like a YI. How is this possible?

At the moment, it's not feeling too sore or itchy so I don't know what to do - just leave it the hell alone or try more treatment. I'm eating tons of probiotic yoghurt already, I've tried the garlic in the vag and that burned a lot so I took it out. I don't understand what's wrong!
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