...at least I think that's why?

Basically I've been on various formulations of combined pill on and off for five years now, and I'm currently on Yasmin. I've always had withdrawal bleeds that come regularly on my fourth or fifth pill-free/placebo day and last til the start of the next pack.

This is the first time I've tried to skip my withdrawal bleed by taking two packs back-to-back. I didn't have any spotting and everything seemed dandy until I finished the second pack.

This time, my bleed came on my second pill-free day, and seemed to be over by the third (that's today). It was extremely light, far too light to use a regular tampon. Basically nothing more than spotting. Most disturbing was what happened just before it started, though: that is, the most extreme, acute PMS-style thing I've ever had. I had one beer with lunch, which normally would barely even register with me; but this time it went straight to my head. I then started crying uncontrollably about some little thing that came up in conversation, and had to go up to bed to cry/sleep for a few hours. This is very out of character for me. I wouldn't even have connected it with the withdrawal bleed except that when I woke up, it had started.

I just wondered if anyone else has had these kind of symptoms after skipping a withdrawal bleed, and if not whether this is anything I should worry about. I'd hate to have to stop using Yasmin; it's been great for me in every way until now.
Hi all!!

I'm going on a vacation with my boyfriend this weekend and would like to stack my pills for the first time. I'm on Lutera and should be starting my period on Saturday. I just, however, noticed brown discharge and am pretty concerned. I've had this once or twice before my period but I'm thinking that stacking this month might not work effectively if there's already some kind of bleeding going on. Is there reason to be concerned that there's something medically wrong? And how would this affect stacking?

Also, just to be sure, if I do choose to stack, I just skip the placebo pills and start with the new pack immediately? And this shouldn't compromise effectiveness at all?

Thanks SO much!
10:50 am - 01/12/2010

irregular after taking HBC

 Hi everyone-I just found this community about two seconds ago from IUD Divas.  I was just wondering if anyone else was in a similar situation when stopping HBC.  On October 6th I had paragard inserted and stopped taking the pill after three years; I had a period then and another on November 9th.  I went to the doctor for blood work on January 6th (I was going crazy) and she told me I am not pregnant (HOOORAY) and there is nothing wrong with me that has stopped my period-so I am healthy and fine.  After my blood test I started spotting a tiny tiny tiny bit until the 10th.  I have had extremely bad cramps every since the 6th and have them right now but no real period.  Before I started taking the pill I do not know if my period were regular or irregular--rarely had sex before starting the pill so I never tracked them.

I am just wondering how long it took for everyone else to get back on schedule after taking the pill.
1:05 pm - 01/12/2010


Hiya VP! I have a question about my husband and his bits. I reallllly enjoy having sex with him, really really. I somehow remember him being able to go longer than 3 minutes but I might be off. I know that for a while (since mid july/august) know we've not been able to do anything rough, or fast, because he finishes quick. I'm talking like, in in in in, finish (this is EVERY single position we try, too). And if I've given him head or a handjob before that? Forget it, it's like he gets inside me and instantly has to finish. I love him, I love having sex with him. But considering his sex drive has been/is low (we used to have sex like 3 times a day.. and it just stopped) and now we only have sex like every other day and if he finishes he doesn't want to have sex again till tomorrow and I'm left unsatisfied.. which really isn't a big deal but it kind of sucks because I feel like I'm just giving him is, and then getting nothing in return. He doesn't really like going down on me, and it's like it kills him to use a vibrator/his hand on me. All of his reluctance makes me feel unwanted and just kind of.. bleh in general. It's starting to bother me.. a lot.
Soo.. I was wondering if there was any way to desenstize him? We've tried using condoms and they don't help... and as for the other problem, well I don't know. My guess is the weight he's gained has been effecting his sex drive but it could be any number of reasons and to be blunt I've given up trying to figure it out.
1:15 pm - 01/12/2010

how to be on top?

super basic question, but i couldn't find anything in the memories -- does anyone have any tips for being on top? i get so self-conscious and don't know what to do with myself up there (i'm not a virgin, but not particularly experienced). thanks!
i think i can ask this here, please calm my nerves (:

i should first say i'm on birth control (ocella), don't know if that adds to the equation, but i think it might

i'm not expecting my period for another week or week and a half and my last was "normal" (you know, by my own standards). So the week after my last period i feel that "you just passed a clot" feeling down there. i thought it was not possible, but decide to look and OH HEY... there it was when i looked. no blood, just one pretty good sized clot. weirded me out.

then today i just got up to go to the bathroom to pee and (didn't feel a thing down there) my underoos had an ample amount of blood on there... but when i wiped... there was none.

is my birth control screwing with me? WHAT IS GOING ON, i have had pretty normal periods before starting birth control... and in the year-and-a-half since starting.

has anything like this happened to you before? is there something i can do?
4:05 pm - 01/12/2010

ovulation bleeding

I posted a few days ago about a pain in my right ovary... that's finally gone away, and thanks to all who responded and quelled my fears.

Now, however, I have another question. How common is it to not ovulate EXACTLY mid-cycle? I was supposed to ovulate yesterday according to the online period tracker I use, and I had a teeny tiny bit of spotting (normal for me for almost the past year), but today I've felt a little crampy and had quite a bit heavier spotting, which I've never really had previously. Is this normal? Last week I made an appointment with a gynecologist and will be going at the beginning of February, but I just don't want to have to worry between now and then. (FYI I'm not sexually active and not on any form of BC.)

6:02 pm - 01/12/2010

Hello VP, please help

I noticed the outside of my vagina (outer skins) and entrance is a bit red and one lip is a little swollen (sometimes when I have too much sex, I get irritated down there) I think.

I have some anti-inflammatory cream (from the doctor) and I applied it to the outside skin. As I was applying it, I felt some bumps on one of the lips. There are only three and they are very small. There little or no pain. Nothing is itchy. Just two bumps and the area is reddish-pinkish. I've also been having menstrual pains but my period won't come til next week. I read that pressure under the stomach was a symptom but it feels like menstrual cramping (plus I've been having mad gas... hello pressure)

I've been tested at the end of August and looked at for genital herpes and was negative. I'm with the same guy (and I know he's not sleeping around) but I still get paranoia since I've taken notice to things down there lately. But I know you can still catch GH even if they seem to have no symptoms. I have done oral sex since August and have not had a herpes outbreak on or in my mouth.

I included a picture also... I saw someone else do that and thought it was a good idea.... I apologize if it not so pretty... I took these with my iPhone and it was hard not to make anyone go ew... And it's a bit shiny from the cream..


username: vp
password: vagina

You'll be asked to fill these in.

Please help me VP... I'm worried! It could be many things like warts, irritation bumps, or GH. I was just at my doctor getting test results for UTI and HIV (both negative) and now I can't go until Friday morning...
I posted earlier here (http://community.livejournal.com/vaginapagina/17736997.html) about brown discharge in relation to stacking pills. Since then, the discharge has gotten darker and heavier and seems almost like a period at this point. I've only been on Lutera for about 4 months now but have never had my period come before I started the placebo pills. Could this be implantation bleeding? I take the pill within a few minutes everyday and use condoms too...so I'm really hoping pregnancy is not a possibility. Could it possibly just be an "early" period? And if so, would stacking the pills and starting the new pack halt this or would it be better if I just continued with the placebo pills as normal and hopefully today would be day one of my usual 3-4 day period?

I hope this made sense. And thanks again in advance.
9:03 pm - 01/12/2010

external YI?

I've had yeast infections before and know the telltale smell and discharge.

For the past while, I haven't been able to detect a change in smell and I don't really have an unusual discharge (nothing cottage cheese-y, at least) but I'm feeling itchy and just.... off... down there. It almost feels like my skin has been rubbed raw. To me, that says "yeast infection!!" but there's no smell or discharge...

So I'm just wondering if it's possible to have another YI but with different symptoms. Could it be an external YI? Is there such thing? What else could this be?

Does sex typically hurt around your period? It does for me, but I'm not sure if it's my endometriosis or if the lower abdomen is just tender at that time. I let my body have a period every 2 or 3 months (I typically leave my NuvaRing in 4 weeks) but usually don't have sex during that week....I've noticed the last few times I have had sex during my period, it was super uncomfortable, similar to the pain I experience during sex when I'm not on HBC (since HBC supresses endometriosis pain). I wasn't sure if this was related to my diagnosis and due to the lower level of hormones during this week or if this is typical for this time in the cycle.


I'd never thought about looking into my vagina until maybe several months ago (never occurred to me to check it out - I pee from it, I wash it in the shower, that's pretty much there's all to it). Anyway I did the Charlotte from Sex in the City thing and got a mirror, spread my legs, and checked out the situation. The thing is, after looking at countless images of the vagina anatomy, I can't find my clitoris and clitoral hood! It sounds crazy, but could it be possible that I'm MISSING a clitoris? I don't have anything that looks like it, just a urethra that seems to be HELLA sticking out. Ugh, I'm sorry if my ignorance is giving anyone a headache. At first I thought that I just had a long clitoris that stuck out, but pee comes out of it, so it MUST be my urethra. There's no "hood" covering it, and it doesn't look like a little round thingy. When I open up my vulva, I see the opening orifice of the vagina (where the penis would be inserted) and just a urethra above it. It really sticks out like no other urethra I've seen. please help!
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