Betty (im4ft12) wrote in vaginapagina,

opinions on when to pregnancy test

Ok, while I have posted similar things myself, as have many, many other people, there's nothing quite as calming as slowly typing out your fears, searching the internet for help from strangers.

Whew, with that out of the way: Since going off the pill a year ago, my periods have changed somewhat but are still very predictable in their timing and patterns. They always show up between the 17-22 of the month, usually with very light spotting for a day or two, a day of nothing, then at least 3 days of cramping, heavy bleeding, and moderate to severe depression and/or irritability (I've been diagnosed with PMDD and work hard to live with it). Then it usually tapers off gradually over at least 2 more days, sometimes with that day where it disappears then comes back.

This month it came on time and started out typically, complete with moodiness and cramping, but it looked like it was going to get heavy but then it never really did. So really I had like a day and a half of heavy-ish bleeding then an abrupt stop. The last time I had sex was about 3 weeks ago, and we used a condom, but you never know. This is especially alarming to me as I have recently decided to stop sleeping with said person because I don't want a further relationship with him like I did previously. It also doesn't help that I watched that stupid I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant show the other day where people continued to get periods throughout the pregnancies they didn't know they had. Complete with negative pregnancy tests.

So VPers, what do you think? I'm also very strapped for cash right now so I really don't want to buy a pregnancy test unless I really need to. I know it is definitely for some peace of mind, but when should I test to be most accurate? Just trying not to freak right now, thanks for your patience and understanding.
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