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So In the past years I've had some history of Gardnirella which I've treated with Metrogel and last time with Cleocin (i didn't like the clumpies the metrogel left behind, and thought maybe the bacteria wasn't quite going away with that medication because 2 months later I would come back with the same symptoms) and was tested after to find everything was all set, and I was great for a while. Then I was having a slight problem with any penetrative sex, where I'd find myself burning/itching the next day for no apparent reason. The doctor did all sorts of tests and we never determined the cause (it was very odd because it would happen sometimes the next night, so it wasn't any type of immediate friction reaction). Eventually this went away and I chalked it up to little tears that would itch when they were healing that eventually stopped as I got used to having sex again after a big break.

Fast forward a few months: I started Lo Loestrin FE birth control so that I could stop using condoms with my current partner (I've been on Levora before but took a break because I had headaches when I would start the placebo week from estrogen withdrawal.!). We've both been tested for STIs and come up negative. The first week on the pill was great but then I started spotting and did not stop for 2 1/2 weeks. The first Saturday of the pill I had sex (all sex protected) and felt an IMMEDIATE burning discomfort the next morning that was terrible and lasted all day long, not at all like the itching I was used to feeling the day afterward. This went away and I forgot about it. The next Saturday, same thing, gone by Sunday. Then two days later on Monday I had a day of terrible burning without any sexual encounter, so I called my doctor who gave me a prescription for Diflucan because I was leaving on vacation. Tuesday I was definitely on the mend, and then Wednesday I was uncomfortable all day and it morphed into the terrible burning discomfort by the end of the night. Then on Thursday I seemed to be on the mend again, but I went to my doctor for a swab test on Friday because I was afraid of the terribleness coming back, as it seems to not have been kicked out by the Diflucan. The doctor prescribed Cleocin for BV without my test results just so we could cover both ends of the spectrum. It was three cleocin suppositories which I used Fri, Sat, and Sunday night. Then on Monday I again woke up with burning pain and it lasted all day. I called my doctor but she said to wait for the test results which would come in Tuesday. But yesterday passed with no phone call (and a break in the burning pain, though I still feel slight discomfort). Today I woke up with the burning again, and I called this morning to my doctor's "answering service" and now need to wait for a call back which usually takes place around 5PM.

So it's obviously not yeast or BV (unless it's some type of resistant strain) because the medication didn't make the burning go away. The most noticeable thing to me is that it's really a burning pain, almost like my vagina is too acidic/not acidic enough. Usually when I have discomfort I have itching—but in this case I really want to stick an ice cube up myself!

My one guess is that the pain is caused by my constant spotting—perhaps the blood and PH of my "period" which has lasted for weeks (and is not the flowy, red blood, but the spotty, brown blood) is irritating my vagina? When I said this to the doctor, she told me I should not be spotting all month and had me skip to the inactive pills in the pack (there are only 2 in lo loestrin) to try to regain control of my cycle (but didn't really answer my question...). So I'm now at the beginning of a new pack and my bleeding is tapering off, almost completely gone but I suppose I can't be sure. The burning remains as strong as ever. I actually have one more guess—years ago I tested positive for Strep B but there was no symptoms so it remained untreated. I've since undergone rounds of antibiotics for ear infections/other, so I'm not sure if it could be this infection flaring up.

My old Gynecologist, who had a nurse I strongly disliked to the point where I eventually stopped seeing her, would give me results every time I had a problem: oh, it's Gardnirella, oh, it's Strep B. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new doctor, but I've never actually had any positive results from tests with her (which I always thought was a good thing—it's always a sheet and BV/YEAST are checked off as negative.) But could they be doing different cultures?

I've been slathering Vagisil on the area which seems to numb it and allow me to get some work done. I bought a vinegar douche but have read things about the dangers of using douches when you might have an infection, and am worried about making the burning worse!

I know I still need my test results before I can really ask anyone to be able to help diagnose my discomfort, though I'm totally open to ideas. I'm more looking for moral support/commiseration. I know my problems could be way worse but I feel so overwhelmed. This experience has made me appreciate the crap out of my boyfriend because he has been so gentle and understanding about the whole thing, especially as it was a big blip in our 2-day vacation. Having these types of problems is killer on anxiety, and he's been so sweet in letting me rant and cry and generally overreact. It just feels to me that if the results were positive, they would have called me yesterday—the fact that I have to call and ask tells me that they might call back and say nothing came up on the swab and there's nothing they can do for me. Should I go back to my old doctor if this is the case, or am I putting too much faith in doctors? I'm just dealing with a lot of fear and anxiety and would like some sign that there is an end in sight! All I can do all day is walk around looking at people on the street and think "does her vagina hurt like mine right now?" I sit at work on important projects and all I can think about is my burning crotch! It feels like I may never wear jeans again—I've been living in skirts and dresses, but the weather's getting colder! And I'm terrified of having sex, which is bad news for my budding relationship. It doesn't help that I commute about 2 hours to my job and therefore work 12-hour days, and though at this point my vagina health is obviously going to come first, it's stressful to think I may need to take sick days in the near future and not know exactly when I'll be able to see a doctor.

I apologize for the long rant, thank you for reading and letting me share with you.

ETA: Just got a call from my doctor's nurse: negative for BV, Yeast, and Strep. I asked if she checked for pH levels, and her response was that that would show up as BV or Vaginosis or something related. She said the only thing they can do is recommend I "check my soap"—I said I've changed nothing except the birth control pill, and could this be related to birth control, and should I go off of it. She sounded very annoyed and said she would ask the doctor and call me back.
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