soxy_nurse (soxy_nurse) wrote in vaginapagina,

Need some help with the ol' vag... she doesn't seem too happy.

I have been experiencing a number of symptoms for awhile, and was managing to live with them, but am just getting more and more bothered by them. They're not horrible to live with or anything, but I find some of them a little embarassing and worry that it's a situation that's just going to get worse.

Background: I'm in my early thirties, have had one baby by c-setion, very prematue if that matters. I'm overweight and currently weigh the most I ever have. I've always had a sensitive bladder. I've only  ever wet myself as an adult, duing pregnany. I suffer from hemmorrhoids.

Anyway... the first thing I noticed was that the front wall of my vagina has become... it's hard to desribe. Droopier? It bulges out a lot more than it used to. Im not sure when it started, but I've been noticing it for quite a few years, My uterus acts the same as it always has. However, now when my cervix is really low, the front wall droops all the way to the opening of my vagina; I could pinch it if I wanted. When my cervix is high, my vagina feels more normal. I'm suspcting that ths isn't vagina- or uterus-relalted at all, but that my bladder might be sagging. Or maybe it's both. I also think that I'm having a lttle bladder leakage-- not a lot, but enough to dampen my underwear and make them smell lke ammonia. I get kind of a combo of the urine smell (a bad ammonia smell) with the odor of my natural healthy vaginal discharge (a smell I find pleasing; I don't think I have an infection). I often feel a little gush after pulling up my pants after urinating, but can't tell if it's urine or vaginal discharge. I can often smell myself through my clothes and worry that others can too, which is so embarasing. Any idea what it could be?  I know this is silly, but I fell too self-conscious to bring it up to my doctor yet. My doctor <i>does</i> think I have vaginal thinning from low estrogen. and has presibed me a suppository cream

I also think I may have a varicose vein on my inner left labium. It's not at all painful and I usually only notice it when Ive beeen sitting on the toilet for awhile or when I strain (not sure atually which of those two things it is that makes it pop out since they tend to go hand-in-hand). I did  not get these during pregnancy. I have them nowhere else. AFAIK, they do not run in my family. I dont have spider veins either. As long as it's not bothering me, I'm not too worried, but I do worry it could become worse and possibly more painful during a future pregnancy (I've read that's common), but am expecially worried that it could be a precursor of them developing in my legs. Basically-- do I need to do anything about it and can I prevent them elsewhere?
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