Sarah (1girl) wrote in vaginapagina,

UTI or something else?

For the record, I've had both UTIs and BV in the past and both displayed very classically. Every UTI I've had started out with me feeling like I had to pee constantly which then progressed to burny, cloudy urine.  BV has always just been greenish-yellow stinky discharge.

Last night after peeing after sex, I noticed that my pee seemed to burn a bit, but then that area continued to burn for most of the night.  My vulvar area has burned to varying degrees for most of today, but it is worst right after peeing.  I also feel kind of abnormally moist in general. I am urinating at a normal rate and the urine is clear/light yellow.  The moistness makes me think it's not a UTI and I was wondering if you all agree with that assessment.  I'm think it is either maybe the beginnings of BV or possibly just an irritated urethra or vagina in general, as I've had sex every day for several days in a row (whereas it's normally more like every other day).

My insurance is not the best, so if it's BV or irritation I'll treat myself, but if Dr. Internet thinks it sounds like a UTI, I'll head to the walk-in clinic tomorrow.
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