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Birth control side effect woes =o=

I was recently prescribed Aviane 28 (which is the generic of Alesse 28), and I started taking it on August 5. Previously, I had been on Loestrin FE, but that was from August to October (maybe?) of last year. When I was taking the Loestrin, the most annoying side effect I had was major boob hurtage (which is normal for me when I'm PMSing anyway). With this new HBC, I'm having the same issue, though I also have some minor cramping. I'm assuming the cramping will chill out once my body gets used to the hormones (the cramping wasn't an issue with the Loestrin), especially since I started in the middle of my cycle, but what about the sore boobs? When I took the Loestrin for the few months I did, I had no relief. Since I plan on taking my Aviane for a somewhat longer stretch of time, can I expect the soreness to go away after a few months? I have the feeling that it's just my body's response to the hormones (natural and synthetic), and I'm wary of switching up brands every few months. If the pain is something that will be constant, what suggestions do you all have for decreasing some of the tenderness/soreness (especially since my boyfriend loves to touch my boobs)? I don't want to be taking Ibuprofen constantly, though I'm open to heating pads and the like.

(PS, sorry if you get this twice; I'm x-posting this to birthcontrol)
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