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So, it's been over a year...

Hello Community :)

I've been lurking around for about a month, learning new things and answering what I can. Now I have a question of my own that's been plaguing me for over a year.

Last year, in the middle of May I started taking the pill. It was mainly to help with my cramps and other period symptoms as at the time I used condoms as a contraceptive. About two weeks later I noticed a change in my vaginal discharge. It was much whiter, with spots of some kind of  brown, yellow, orange mix (like a tan or sandy kind of colour). It smelt odd and it made me itchy. I imediately jumped online to see what it could be. I read that the pill could disrupt the balance of your vaginal environment, resulting in things like yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis.

I decided to let mother nature run it's course and waited for my period to rectify the situation. To my disappointment, my symptoms were back about a day or two after my period ended. I bought a yeast infection kit and it appeared to work for a day or two, but then it was back. I tried to go all natural and ate lots of yogurt, took probiotics (which upset my stomach), wear cotton underwear and use a pad during my period. Nothing helped.

By this point it's almost the fall and I go see a my gynaecologist. She did a bunch of tests for HPV, STI's and what not. She looked around and felt my ovaries and said she saw nothing abnormal and could call me with the results. A few days later she calls and there's nothing wrong with me.

I decide to go off the pill in September and I spend the next little while reverting back to my own ways of dealing with this (diet change, cotton underwear etc). I expected that all effects of the pill would be gone by November and by the new year, I was still suffering.

Another three trips to my gyno, pH level tests, all holistic yeast and bacteria remedies and still nothing. It's been over a year that I've had this and there's still "nothing wrong with me". I know this can't be normal as I still have itching and there's an odour present.

If it's any help I'm 19-years-old, not all that active anymore (as this problem makes it a bit difficult and embarrassing) and my diet or lifestyle hasn't changed since before this all started and now.

Has this happened to anyone? Any suggestions? Any input would be GREAT!!
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