December 18th, 2009

chart pros needed

can anyone tell me if I have ovulated by my chart? I know its a little hard to see or understand, so I will explain a little. I was on a very long period for over 3 months until November. My doctor prescribed me provera November 11 to stop the bleeding, and I had to take it for 12 days. I stopped bleeding completely by the end of the 12 days which was the 23. I started spotting very lightly the 24, so I started taking my temps as my doctor asked me too. I stopped spotting the 29 of November. I've been taking my temps until today because I go see my doctor in the morning. Here's my chart, and here's my temps from the 24-November to 17-December. Please help. Collapse )

Spotting on the pill?

I'm currently on the active pills of birth control, (I take one called monofeme if that's relevant) but today I had some spotting. Pretty light, but I'm not sure if it's stopping or if I'm going to get my period (I'll update in the morning with which)
I've heard before that getting your period while on the active pills can be a sign of pregnancy? I had sex with my boyfriend a few days ago now, we always use condoms although there is some penetration before we put one on. I don't take my pill at the same time every day, I use it as more of a skip periods when I need to thing than a birth control thing (But I am planning to start taking it more regularly soon)
So, should I be freaking out that I'm pregnant or is it nothing?

Peeling, itchy nipple.

My left nipple has been SUPER itchy lately. It peeled majorly, then scabbed a little where I scratched the itch, then tonight it peeled again.

No discharge, no pain really, just a little extra sensitivity.

I'm not on ANY medication- no HBC, no antidepressants, no vitamins, nothin'.

I recently cut most dairy, especially cheese, out of my diet and have had a little more soy than usual in the past few weeks. I believe I have a lactose problem. I have no idea if the dietary change, which is minor overall, could have any impact on my left nipple; certainly my breakouts and digestion have improved since cutting way back on dairy.

No family history of gynae-related cancers... no personal history of breast weirdness...

So, VP: WTF?

Change in Luteal Phase

Per here, I was scheduled to have Day 1 of my period coincide with my cross-country holiday flight.

The good news: that is not happening, at least not to the full extent of the awful that I had feared.

The less good news: my period is here now.

While this could mean that I've misread my fertility signs, I really don't think this is the case. Cervical fluid, cervical position, and waking temps all pointed to ovulation on December 7.

Adding this to my other recent cycles, it's looking like I now have a very consistent 11 day luteal phase. That's not abnormal in itself, but it's a not-small shift from the very consistent 15 day luteal phase I had about 4 years ago, before I started on hormonal birth control.

I'm not concerned about the shorter luteal phase; in fact, since it lessens the duration of my PMS experience, I am all for it. I am, however, curious as to what may have caused such a substantial reduction in my luteal phase. The two factors that seem most obvious to me are time/age and HBC use, but I don't know if there's any evidence that these can actually affect luteal phases.

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Hey everyone! Happy Friday!

Here is my question...

This is my first month on Nuva Ring and so far it's been good. Technically my 3 weeks are over tomorrow. I've read on here and on other sites that some women leave their ring in for 4 weeks so they quickly become on a 5 week cycle.

My question is if I forget to take it out tomorrow (Saturday) and take it out Sunday instead will I have thrown myself completely off or will everything be fine, I may have cramps tomorrow and from now on Sunday will be my day-o-ring in/out?


p.s. I don't plan on doing this every month to screw myself up... tomorrow is a big day and I'd rather not run around with my period. Plus, Sunday is an easier day to remember for me than Saturday.... so we're really only talking about leaving it in longer this one time.
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very frequent periods, constant YIs, OBGYNs in Madrid?

I'm getting desperate.... Basically I am currently having my fifth period since October 12-ish. Yes, I've had 5 periods in 2 months.

On top of that, I've had this relentless yeast infection since early last summer... tried various things like vinegar douching, the usual monostat cream stuff.... even the garlic.

I've been living in Madrid for 3 months now, so I'm still somewhat new here. I went to a clinic that another american english teacher like myself recommended. I went this past monday. All they did was take a culture and give me an appointment to return on January 19 for a sonogram I guess (ecografía). So great, I get to wait for a month. I'll probably bleed to death by then, considering my periods seem to only get more frequent. :(

I would have asked to be put on birth control but the people there were in such a hurry and the doctor who saw me was rude to me, so I didn't bother asking. I've been on birth control in the past. I got off it about a year and 3 months ago or so. My period was sort of irregular at first, but then it adjusted to being off birth control and was regular for awhile. I'm so effing sick of getting my period all the time that now I'd love to get back on it ASAP, not have to wait until Jan 19 to see the doctor who was a jerk to me anyway.

To sum up, these are my questions if anyone can help me with any of them-

1. Why am I all of a sudden getting my period every 1-2 weeks? PLEASE DON'T SAY STRESS. OK, I am not any more stressed/depressed than I've been in other times, seriously. I'm sick of people suggesting stress or depression, though I know that can be a cause.

2. Does garlic induce periods??!?!?! I've noticed that the two times I tried the garlic (I put it in over night), I literally started bleeding the next day. But I've been getting such frequent periods it's hard to tell if those times were just a coincidence.

3. Is this on-going YI related to my frequent periods?

4. And finally, do any of you happen to know any good OBGYN clinics in Madrid (that accept MAPFRE insurance)? VPs so big I figure maybe someone here knows... :)
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Itchy: discharge or toilet paper reaction?

My period ended over a week ago. (If that's relevant) Occasionally, once a month or so, I have a lot of discharge. But most of the time, it's a fairly "normal" amount. Today while out shopping, I soaked through my panties. My jeans were ever so slightly damp.  It was quite a gross and uncomfortable feeling, though. So I went to the restroom and cleaned up (just wiped really well) and then folded up some tissue and put it in my panties til I could get home and change. (I was at Publix - if this matters. Their tissue definitely isn't Angel Soft.) It was at least 45 minutes before I removed the tissue from my britches. No problems at that time and there was no remaining tissue on my crotch. I still had lots of discharge.  Now about 1.5 hours since removing the tissue - my labia (near my clit) is insanely ITCHY. Yes, I scratched it. I thought maybe because my pubes are growing back (I do a bald shave on my labia) maybe it was just prickly and stabbing [more] senstive skin due to excess moisture and became irritated. So I shaved it back down -  which I needed to do anyway.  After I did that, I noticed about 3 small bumps - welt like. Just tiny little welts. Could this just be an irritation from the tissue or maybe i'm getting a yeast infection? After writing this all out, my vagina has calmed down and is no longer itching. For now. What gives?

Infection or just semen?

I have been reading the little things on the side about discharge but I dont really fit all of the symptoms. I have a mildly not quite itchy not quite burning feeling mostly felt a night when I go to sleep. I also have a lot of goo. Its not thick like a paste but not thin, kinda like hair conditioner or semen. the goo itself is off white. Its not chunky I am also noticing a slight smell. Its not fishy but more like sweaty/sex smell?

Im just not sure whats going on, I havent really ever had an issue with my bits. I am on the second pack of birth control pills and I didnt take the placebos. This has just started when as I was taking the pills. I havent ever took pills before. I was on the depo previously with no problems. I havent had a period in over 1 1/2 years. Could the pill be cleaning out my vag? I let my bf ejaculate in me, could it be all the semen coming out?

also I have noticed increase in having to pee. Could adderall cause this? I just started that the same time.

Any insight? Im pretty new so anything could help. I have never had a yeast infection, urine infection or STD. the only thing that has ever happened to me was a swollen glad.

I have only had one sex partner in 2 years.