December 6th, 2009

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Plan b side effects - long term?

Hey guys. Lately I've been feeling.. very anxious and rather depressed. It's been more of a really happy, really sad, or I'm feeling nothing at all. It's been kind of a long term thing, off and on since last.. March. Lately it's been pretty consistent, and I'm really not digging feeling like this all the time because it's starting to worry my husband who is currently deployed and unable to do anything - he is not liking me being alone at all right now.. I'm not on any kind of HBC - but I was wondering, I did have two accidents earlier this year and ended up taking Plan B - Once in March, and once in May. Unfortunately I think I may have taken one in April as well but I can't remember because everything was so hectic then and I can't remember. I know Plan B is basically a massive amount of hormones (I really don't know much about it.. lol) and I was wondering if it's possible they threw off my balance so badly that I'm still feeling side effects? I never had this problem before March, ever, but I can definitely remember having problems since then.. And at the moment I'm not terribly alone, I'm with family in FL until my husband comes home.. so I was just wondering if it's possible?
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vag smells disappear when I shower?

Okay, so whenever I don't shower for a day or so my vagina smells pretty....gross.
I can't really describe the smell--it's very acidic, and kind a weird italian dressing?
LMAO. Disgusting I know, but according to my gyno there is nothing wrong with me.
[A few months ago though, my gyno said I had bacteria in my bladder which caused my clit to smell in the process]

Anyhow--whenever I shower and wash my vulva [with Dial soap] the smell afterwards is just the normal, musky vagina scent.
(1)Is this how everyone is? If you don't shower for a day or so the smell is bad/worse than if you had?

p.s. I know washing your genitals with soapish stuff in general is bad for the PH of your vagina, but I've never had problems with it.

Oh and what's even weirder is that my boyfriend says (2) my nipples taste like my vagina! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? And it's true, I've kissed him after he's had my vag and nipples in his mouth and they're the same taste! What is wrong with my nipples?? Oh, and they usually taste like my bad vag smell, even if my vag smells normal. WEIRD.

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bleeding duration, after stillborn delivery

on november 22, i gave birth to a stillborn baby. i was totally surprised by the pregnancy. my periods have never been 'regular', i'm 40 and have had only one pregnancy before this,17 yrs ago. also, i had intermidt bleeding over the 5 months, enough to make me dismiss the indications of pregnancy. since the delivery/miscarriage, i'm unsure what to call it, i have been bleeding. i know that some light bleeding is normal after a DNC, or a birth, and that's how it started. painless and light flowing. but the past couple of days, the blood seems to have increased instead of coming to a stop. it's blackish, and it has small clots at times. i guess it's all over the place. my question is this: has anyone had a simular experience, in which they can give me some kind of idea of where i should be, recovery wise? i'm not having sex, by the way. just thought i'd add that. thanks!

HPV Question

Hey everyone - So, I'm seeing a new guy whom I've yet to sleep with. I've had HPV for a little over a year - not the strain that causes warts, it's a possible cancerous strain. I'm debating whether or not to tell the guy I'm seeing. I'm a very honest person, which is why I think I should, but a part of me is afraid he'll re-act badly because so many men [in my experiences] know so little about the STI. I've also been told by many girl friends that it's not an issue worth telling and that some have even been advised by their doctors that they don't necessarily have to tell their future sexual partners.

What's everyone's opinions here?

why must a woman's orgasm be so complicated?

I feel the need to vent.

I just recently mastered the art of reaching orgasm while having sex. As some of you can imagine, I'm freakin' thrilled. It took me ten years to figure it out, so it's about time! However, I pretty much have to go through the same motions, stay in the same position, and repeat the routine step-by-step in order to get there. It works every time, but it takes so much of the fun and spontaneity out of sex. There's no variety and it's getting repetitive. I've tried switching it up or sacrificing my orgasm to do something different, but I'm left feeling unsatisfied. I never minded sex without an orgasm before and I do now that I know it's possible if I want it.


I'm gradually training myself so that the same strategy works in different positions, but it's really making sex feel more like work rather than play. It's frustrating.

Can anyone else relate?

Gyno question / orgasm inquiry

Hello everyone! First time poster here....

I have 2 questions I wanted to raise just to get some opinions/insight...

1) I've been to the gyno once before and have scheduled an appointment for December. It didn't even occur to me until after the appointment was made that I may be on my period on the day scheduled. I'm not completely certain though because my period's irregular (hoping to get on birth control for that after this visit)... do you think I should reschedule for a day that I know for sure I won't be on my period? I imagine that could get pretty awkward in the doctor's office...

2) I've recently begun doing more sexual things with a guy for the first time. We haven't slept together ('m a virgin) but we've done everything else, oral and otherwise. I've noticed that when he's fingering me or going down on me, my clit gets super sensitive right before I orgasm. I have to pull away from him and I know he didn't understand why I did it. It gets to intense to the point of almost painful. Is this a normal reaction? I also notice it whenever I masturbate on my own... I know when to stop touching it. The feeling only lasts about a minute or so... is there any way to have my clit not be as sensitive?

Thanks for any help you guys can give me!!

hair removal question - silk'n product

i saw a commercial for Silk'n hair removal product.

Basically its pulsed light. from what ive gathered it sort of burns the hair off, or something like that. im not really sure because the videos and stuff on their web site seems sort of vague.
its like $600 USD so not exactly cheap where id buy it to just give it a go and no big deal if it doesnt work.

im a little concerned with the safety issues, but the site refers me to their booklet, which comes with the product. anyway, skin safety concerns aside, the product can be used on the under arms, arms, legs, and "bikini line"

if i were to get this id not want to use it just on the line of my bikini area. id want to use it on my mons pubis and outer labia.

so my questions are:
1. has anyone ever used this product anywhere, and has it really worked?
sub question: have you ever used it on your mons pubis/labia for hair removal, and did it work out alright, or where there complications because the skin is more sensitive down there?

2. does anyone have any ideas as to if there would be more health concerns with the area getting so much light, since it never does otherwise?
(im a little fuzzy on this, but im under the impression that you must apply sunscreen before giving yourself a "treatment." that being said, is it safe to be rubbing sunscreen down there? is there a special sunscreen people use for tanning booths, or for sensitive skin? i dont know what all is in sunscreen, but if anyone has used sunscreen down there please let me know.)

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Weird discharge, normal?

Help me out Vag Pag... The other day I noticed a dischagre from my vagina that looked as if I sneezed on my finger, it looks like snot. The day before the discharge happened, or at least I noticed, I had bled a tiny bit. Is this nromal?
Info that may help or might be further help in my "is this normal or not" question: My last period was a week early and it started out a bright orange color and returned to a normal period blood color a few hours later. I also expierenced a different kind of cramping which almost felt like a burning pain. At the time I was weight lifting so that could have caused the weird cramps, not sure. But, I've never had spotting between periods before and I know that is normal but I just thought I'd ask with the discharge happening an all.
Thanks for any help in advance.


Hi everyone, just a quick question about discharge. Tonight I noticed what looked like little black strings in my normal vaginal discharge. Is that anything to be concerned about or just one of the many variations in discharge? Thanks!

Nuvaring, breakthrough bleeding, and St. John's Wort (and Paragard just for fun)

In the next week or so, I'm planning to hit my local student health office for a birth control prescription. I'm getting married next month and while my divacup has made my life so much easier, the thought of trying to empty and reinsert it while wearing a pouffy dress has me terrified. Hell, terrified isn't even the word. So I'm planning to stack some hormones and just skip the whole damn thing.

I've been debating whether to go the oral route or give Nuvaring a try so I decided to do a little reading on the Nuvaring website. There was a note that use of St. John's Wort can increase your chance of breakthrough bleeding. I knew it could decrease your protection, but my brain never clicked that anything that decreased your protection could also cause spotting due to the dip in hormone levels. Now I'm wondering just how common that is. I don't take St. John's on a regular basis, but I do use it on occasion when I'm going through a rough patch.

I've had a Paragard IUD since March 2007 so my hormonal protection can be compromised all it wants. I'm looking at this strictly for stacking purposes. Any thoughts? Or experiences with stacking Nuvarings period? Anecdotally, it almost seems like people experience more breakthrough bleeding with stacking the ring as compared to other methods, but maybe that could be alleviated if I stacked them after three weeks instead of four? (Since I'll only be using it for two months, I can eat the cost of a week less use time per ring.) The only thing I have any experience with stacking is the patch, but it makes me itchy and seeing it on my skin isn't a sight I enjoy.

Any thoughts? I'll also openly admit that I'm hopelessly lazy about daily pill taking which is another reason I'm looking at the ring. (And why I currently have the IUD--cause even the weekly patch was starting to ask a bit much of me.)