1:01 am - 11/24/2009

Placebo Pills for HBC

I am currently taking Trinessa. In the past, during the placebo week, I have skipped over the placebo pills and just started taking the new pack a week after my off-week. Recently my roommate has told me that I shouldn't do this because the placebos are what keep you from getting pregnant during the placebo week. I am not sexually active, but I am still wondering exactly how important it is to take the placebo pills. Thanks.
8:51 am - 11/24/2009

increased fertility?

I had a baby in June. I was on birth control (orthtricyclen lo) for two months from July-September. Since then, my discharge around ovulation has been, um, plentiful. Is this typical? Would this indicate higher fertility? I love my daughter, but I am in no position to have another baby. HBC sucks for me, and condoms are really uncomfortable. We've been "pulling out" and avoiding sex altogether when I am ovulating but I'm still a little freaked out. Especially if I am extra fertile.
11:01 am - 11/24/2009

Beautiful Cervix!!!

I love this so much and thought y'all might find it interesting too. Warning - it is not remotely work safe.


I consider myself pretty well-informed about sexual health and female anatomy and I found this fascinating and new. Enjoy!
I'm sorry, I'm at work and can't quite scroll through the archives, so if this as been asked, just point me to the way and I will delete this.

However, back in September, I went to the health department (horrible experience to be told another day), and to be put on the pill. I'm not sexually active, but due to horrible, horrible mood swings whilst on my period, I chose to go on the pill. At first, they put me on Ortho-tricycline lo. During the entire month, I spotted heavily. Sometimes that brown discharge that comes right before/after your period, sometimes actual period blood.

I called and had them change me to Yaz. I've had some success with it in the past. I started taking it last month. Yes, it seemed to help with the mood swings, but seriously, I have had a brownish discharge for *two months* off and on.

I'm on Trileptal, which can affect the efficacy of the birth control, I assumed and was assured it meant that if I did become sexually active, I would need an alternate form of birth control. No one told me that it would decrease the efficacy and make me spot for a month!

Has anyone else had this experience with psychiatric medication and birth control? Should I assume this would be the case with all birth control? I do not have insurance, the money, nor the inclination to try multiple different ocp. It should be said that when I'm not on the pill, my period is normal, no spotting, bleeding normall for three to four days. But the mood swings are outrageous.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to combat those?
When I was on depo provera (the three month shot), I had a slew of physical, emotional, and mental problems. I broke out in acne pretty much everywhere, gained 50 pounds in three months, my personality changed, and I became severely depressed. It took at least a year for my skin to clear and my emotional state to improve.

I stopped going to my previous doctor who said my side effects had nothing to do with the shot and said there must have been other things going on in my life that caused all of my problems. I found a wonderful doctor that knew right away that depo provera was giving me side effects and she put me on Orthro-Cyclen (Sprintec) and I haven't had any side effects since. Sadly, I moved about 2,000 miles away and am no longer under her care.

I miss the one perk of the shot: not having to remember to take a pill everyday. My job has me working anywhere from 7AM-11PM and I find it hard to take the pill consistently as is required for maximum protection. I've tried taking the pill at several different times, setting alarms to remind me, but it's not uncommon for me to have to take the pill early or several hours late. So far I haven't become pregnant but I feel as if I'm playing Russian Roulette.

I'm looking into the Nuva Ring as an option for myself and plan to discuss it with my new doctor once my Sprintec prescription runs out. I am fearful that of any possible side effects since I did have a bad reaction to depo provera and was just seeking general advice on the difference between the ring and the shot: if the side effects are as bad or if anyone has had a negative reaction to the shot but been fine on the ring.

Thank you.
2:01 pm - 11/24/2009

possible yeast infection

Hello everyone! I know this has been asked a million times before, but I'm having a hard time finding a specific answer...

I think I may have a mild yeast infection. I have a bit of clumpy white discharge (I'm pretty in tune with my discharge, as I use FAM, and this is close to "sticky" but definitely clumpier and different for me), I constantly feel like I am "dripping," and I am itchy. The discharge has no smell, though. I have never had a vaginal YI before (one time I thought I did, but now I think it was BV), but I had a ton of candida/intestinal yeast infections when I was younger due to antibiotics.

I'm pretty sure this one came from me using shaving cream, not drying off well enough after a shower and putting on nylon/spandex underwear. :| Question is, should I use an OTC treatment? I'm kind of afraid to just because I'm not positive it is a YI, and I don't want to create any super resistant yeast especially with my past issues. I think I have a diflucan prescription somewhere but I don't really want to deal with that. I am going out of town today so I can't verify this with a doctor. What is best when you just want to stop being itchy and are not sure what is going on (and you are going to be spending the next few days staying with family)? OTC treatments (probably easiest for me to use/procure)? Yogurt? Acidophilus pills? Garlic? Help me, VP!

ETA: The discharge has let up but I bought some plain yogurt anyway. Will be doing that later.
I am 20 and i don't get my period. I have boobs and all that good stuff. I have been given hormorne tests, bone density tests, brain scans,ultra sounds, been put on estrogen, still no period! I smoke marijuana daily though and haven't quit long enough to find out if this is effecting it. Oh yeah, my ovaries were small ( underdeveloped ) and they grew a little bit after i was put on estrogen. But i started experiecing heart pain so they took me off. Will the estrogen effect me otherwise? Like in a bad way?

I have been around 95 pounds for a few years now and my weight isn't dropping anymore. I am 5ft 2in .I have never gotten a period.

I first told my regular doc who reffered me to a gynocologist, who referred me to a bunch of random vagina doctors, who asked me questions like "Do you have diahrea everyday?" and have had a handful of people look up my vagina. I currently go see an endocrinologist, she says shes even emailed professors at Harvard, but no luck :(
5:34 pm - 11/24/2009

I'm confused.

I've been dating my current boyfriend for the last 8-9 months. The other day he dropped a doozy on me.
He told me that he wouldn't be upset with me if I wanted to sleep with other men. We've always had the understanding that I can sleep with any women I want as long as I telling him about it afterward. But he doesn't mind other men?
He explained it to me by saying that I'm a very sexual person, (totally am) and that he never gets jealous about my masturbation habits ( at least twice a day) because it's not that he isn't satisfying me it's just I need it to get though the day. I know he doesn't mind the woman because it's a strong part of who I am and he can't give me what a woman can give me.

BUT, the men idea baffles me. I know he knows that I love him more than anyone. No good dickin' is going to change that. But I still can't help be like "uh what". I'm afraid he doesn't know what he wants and if I do it he's going to be hurt.

Comments? Anything?
This is a weird question I know, something I've been reminded of today as I just got my period after a year of not getting it because of Cerazette. When I bleed, I often get like little 'bits' in my period blood, I don't know how else to describe them. They give the blood a grainy kind of texture. They're not clots, and it's not dried blood, as it comes straight out of me like that. As it's so difficult to describe and check for, I haven't mentioned it to the doctor, but I was wondering if anyone here knows what I mean and if it's normal. I don't remember always having this type of period blood, I started noticing it in 2007 I guess. Anyone have any clue?
6:11 pm - 11/24/2009

2 week long period

Hey everyone,

My best friend just called me freaking out that she's had a 2 week period that shows no signs of abating. She takes no HBC, and has never had this problem before. Her periods usually last 5-7 days and are really regular. Any idea about could cause this?
6:26 pm - 11/24/2009


Another question I have and was wondering if anyone had any advice. Basically, I have a lot of 'little' problems and for the first time I'm starting to wonder if they could be connected. Having a Google around results in many link for PCOS. My main issues are oily skin and acne, which I still get at 24. The combined pill did wonders for my skin but when I came off it, it went right back to being spotty. I've had this problem since before puberty, since I was around 10 years old, which I don't know is a good or bad sign. I am also very hairy, I've always had super hairy legs, very bushy, strong eyebrows, hairy arms and upper lip. Now, again even as a kid I was pretty darn hairy, and I do have Italian genes, but I don't know when 'Mediterranean hairy girl' becomes 'hirsute'. Every time I get my eyebrows threaded, I get comments about how incredibly strong and thick the hairs are which makes me feel totally abnormal.
Another thing is, my hair seems to have thinned out quite a lot in the last few years. It doesn't look thin to most people, but it used to be very thick, so much so that I'd need 2 or 3 bands to tie up a ponytail. I've also had a few brown patches on my legs, but doctor told me they're fungal infections.

So these are the things I DON'T have:

*Weight gain - my weight is very stable, no matter what I eat. I've been the same weight for 10 years or so, which is on the lighter side of normal.
*Irregular periods - my periods are very regular
*High blood pressure - my blood pressure is better than most peoples, apparently.

Should I mention it to the doctor or am I going to sound like a hypochondriac?
...I KNOW better than this. I really, really, really do. I am 27, and this is the only time I have EVER had unprotected sex. It was totally a heat-of-the-moment deal, and now I'm terrified.

Here's the scoop:

in my September my cycle was only 21 days
in October it was 28
this month, it was 28 days--my period started on November 15 and ended on November 21st--the morning I had unprotected sex.

Let's assume my cycle decides to be 21 days again. Obviously, my chances of becoming pregnant are greater than they would be if it runs for the full 28 days.

I wish I had taken Plan B, but now it's too late. What kind of likelihood of pregnancy is there? I watch my body carefully and can almost always tell when I'm ovulating, but ever since this sexual encounter, I've been terribly aroused (thinking about it), and I've been pretty wet down there. SURELY I wouldn't be ovulating yet....but the "what ifs" are killing me.

11:34 pm - 11/24/2009


I have a 17 month old and my kegel muscles are crap right now. I try to remember to do them, but I can never be consistent. It's really getting tiresome to put a pantyliner on when I go and work out...

What are some ways to help you remember to do your kegels?
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