November 20th, 2009


Crooked Cervix + Birth Control Questions

I just got my first annual exam and pap smear done today--- and I learned that my cervix veers to the left. The doctor said it was more common than you'd think and that it was no big deal. But internet surfing led me to a lot of information about problems with chilbirth and sex. I've a virgin, so I have no clue how this would affect me sexually. Do any of you have crooked cervixes? Has it made sex painful or difficult?

Also, I have very irregular periods. I got blood exams done and my hormone levels are normal, so the doctor decided that the best route to take would be to put me on Yaz. My questions about Yaz are: Has it helped any of you with clearing acne? Also, I'm a social smoker. I don't smoke often-- I generally smoke about a pack a month. Will this pose a great threat if I start taking Yaz?

Thank you!

ETA: Thank you! You've all been so helpful. :)
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vaginal taste in others, sex drive + possibly being bipolar, "squirting"

1. i recently found myself in a situation where i could have engaged in girl-on-girl oral, for the first time, and found myself balking.
let me preface this with saying: 99% of the time i like the taste of my own bits (quite a bit). no problem with that, it's not like i have some disgust with or phobia of female anatomy or secretions.
but i have this fear that someone else's would be so different from what i expected that if anything like that happened, i might end up not enjoying being on the giving end of it, or might be "bad at it" due to not enjoying it. that's what's kept me from doing it more than once in the past.
i guess, not to be gross, but i think of it kinda like gas (not the overpriced kind, the body-related kind). most of the time you can deal with your own, but others' is often... um... unpalatable.
from females who have given oral to a female: is this anything you've experienced, or am i just being ridiculous in my worry?

2. my sex drive has gone up a lot in the past 2-3 days, and i'm also definitely going through a manic phase (which is why i'm up at 3 am, my time, posting here about questions on my mind instead of sleeping). i realize this is normal when manic. but, i don't feel particularly "turned on" more easily or even more. i've felt the desire to masturbate but not in a particularly sexual way, just in a "i should get off now" way. conversely, i haven't been able to orgasm easily at all (frustrating, but beside the point). has anyone else experienced this? the desire to masturbate that's not at all based in arousal?

3. i think i finally figured out what causes female ejaculation with me, whereas before it was something that has randomly happened for what i thought was no reason. i'm kinda proud of myself for figuring out my body in that respect :) so i suppose this last bit isn't a question but more of a "yay!"

thanks in advance.

VP's opinion on new guidelines for mammograms and pap smears

Hey VPers! Women's healthcare has been in the news for two big issues recently. Just today, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommended that women start getting pap smears at age 21 and only have them done every other year.. On Monday, an "an influential group that provides guidance to doctors, insurance companies and policy makers" recommended that women start getting mammograms at age 50 rather than age 40.. Links to New York Times articles on both subjects.

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I don't know what to think. I've heard some women say that these changes are purely to minimize costs to insurance companies. This makes a lot of sense to me. However, the Times reports on this as though the benefit to women actually does outweigh the potential risks. What does VP think?

Complete with the new "Female Sexual Dysfunction", I just wish that I could trust that someone out there had my best interests at heart. It gets so tiresome to have to constantly be on top of issues like this to make sure that I'm not getting scammed, or duped by my insurance company into reducing costs to them.
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Clitoral orgasms are suddenly lame

I have been on Lutera for 3 weeks and it's my first time back on hbc in 4 or 5 years.

I haven't had any side affects but my clitoral orgasms are lame! Getting there is awesome and intense and what I am used to. But getting off is such a let down! It's like the build up before a sneeze that never happens. How awful is that?

Is this normal? Is it just my body getting used to the hormones and next month will be better?

Thank you!
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Hair help

Hi everyone,

This is an issue that's been causing me quite a lot of distress.

I'm 18 and am in my first relationship. Both of us want to take it slowly but it has gotten me thinking and worrying about the sex that (hopefully) will happen later in the relationship...

Currently I shave the bikini line and trim the rest of my pubic hair but I still think it looks a horrible mess with the constant stubble/red spots/scraggly hairs etc. and am wracked with nerves about what he will think if he goes anywhere near it (this isn't just for him, it's for me too). Worse are the hairs around the perennial/anal area that I despise and am desperate to get rid of most of all.

I don't really want to get rid of all of my pubic hair, just tidied so the rest can be kept trim and neat. I am considering investing in an Epilator to deal with the troublesome areas of hair, especially those further back. Would this be a better, in any way less painful idea than waxing?

Please please help!
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Leaking water or pee?

Hi Long time lurker first time posting.

I tried to see if there has been anything posted previously on this topic but I guess not.

I've been finding when I have a bath and get out I have a huge urge to pee. This is despite going right before I get in the bath. I also seem to leak a little for the first while after I'm out. I'm wondering whether it is just water that has got up there whilst I've been in the bath or whether I'm leaking a bit of pee. If I go to pee afterwards when I feel the urge there isn't really a lot coming out. Does anyone else experience this leakage?
It's not something I'm worried about just curious and a bit narked as obviously I've just washed and want to smell fresh ready for my day. It has been happening for the last couple of months only and one day recently after putting fresh underwear on after getting out and dried they got so wet I had to change.

Thanks in advance for any help.