1:06 am - 11/08/2009

pregnant or not?

I'm really nervous about this, so I knew this was the place to come before I beat myself up with stress in the home-pregnancy test aisle at the pharmacy..

OK, at the beginning of my birth control pack, Monday (tomorrow is my last day of sugar pills- for reference) I was unable to renew my pack so I couldn't take my first pill until Tuesday at like 5ish? (I usually take them at 9pm), also later that same week (it could even have been Saturday) I forgot to take my pill until several hours later.

That Saturday (the first week of my pack) my boyfriend and I had sex with a condom, he then took off the condom- but didn't really make an effort to wipe off his penis after removal. About 15 minutes later we had sex again, for the first little bit we didn't use a condom, and then when we were really going to "get into it" he put a condom on.

Do you think any of this is grounds for pregnancy?

For the rest of the month I've had more than usual discharge, my period did come this Thursday (a day or two earlier) but it was pretty light (only a bit lighter than usual) and finished last night/this morning. Usually my period runs into the Monday (just the gross after-stuff).

Am I stressing myself over nothing? I took a basic quiz on about.com and they said because of the discharge& stuff I should take a test.. The idea of getting a test really scares me- plus I really dont have a spare $20 to throw down on a test if you all will say its not necessary.

I'm so mad at myself because before and after that week I have been RIDICULOUSLY GOOD at taking my pill within half an hour.. Which I usually can never do.

Thanks in advance!
Or, more appropriately, signs my period controls too much of my life. (Disclaimer: Though this is written in the second person, here "you" only necessarily means "me," though anyone else who also identifies with this, well, does.)

-- You believe you may have a physical and/or psychological addiction to heating pads in their various forms.

-- You have trained your dog to function as an insta-ready self-heating pad and to lie down and curl up at the appropriate location next to your body.

-- On the street, you're not at all embarrassed when the driver next to you catches you with your hand down your pants. That was just you, inserting a new stick-on heating pad.

-- On one hand, you laugh at the idea of ibuprofen and acetaminophen managing pain. On the other, you wonder why it's not available in IV form.

-- In order to be able to quantify your bleeding more precisely, you develop a new bleeding scale -- only with yours, heavy bleeding doesn't start until you're going through more than one menstrual product per hour.

-- You wonder whether it makes more sense to measure your blood/fluid loss in pints or litres.

-- Every time you take a shower, you have the overwhelming desire to watch the movie Psycho (be forewarned: links to video containing partial nudity, violence, and graphic depictions of blood).

-- You plan your errands around accessible public toilets; if the place doesn't have one, you don't go.

-- Your largest goal for the day involves not leaking blood onto anything overly expensive or irreparable. All washable surfaces will just have to deal.

-- You seriously consider moving somewhere that sells Tylenol 3 over-the-counter.

-- You have conversations with the characters on your cloth pads. The peace frogs are okay, and the bloody pirate skull is seven kinds of awesome -- but those cheeky little smiling monkeys piss you right the hell off.

-- You have enough focus/energy/pain tolerance to do exactly one physical activity (anything that requires walking or even standing upright for several minutes counts as a physical activity) before you retreat back into the Land of the Fetal Position for the rest of the day.

-- You spend so much time wearing your back wrap heating pad that you forget you are attached to the wall... until, of course, you reach the end of your little electric leash.

-- You're on intimate terms with your bathroom floor.

-- During your period, you regularly misuse Benadryl just so you do not have to be conscious for this anymore.
11:19 am - 11/08/2009

nuvaring question

last week out took our my nuvaring and i put it back in for this week. i just realized i took it out one week too early. i was suppose to have taken it out this week, not last.. so i pushed my period up a week. next month will my period come the week i take the ring out after the next three weeks when i take out the ring or do i have to take it out when im orginally suppose to?
i looked through the memories already but couldnt find what i am looking for. today when i went to the bathroom i noticed i had blood in my underwear, nothing heavy just kinda like spotting. the reason im concerned is because im on birth control and i ALWAYS start my period on the same day each month around the same time. im 2 weeks away from the day i usually start, so this spotting is really unusual. ive been on birth control for years now and this has never happened once. my boyfriend and i had sex last night for the first time in a few weeks, but we've done that before and i never spot. so im wondering what your guys' thoughts on this is and if its ever happened to you
several months ago (around 6) i had casual sex with this guy. i was safe and used a condom (like i ALWAYS do). for some reason though i can't stop freaking out about stds. i convinced myself several times that i had contracted herpes (though never getting any symptoms). i think i'm mostly posting here to put my mind at ease. over the summer i got 2 canker sores in my mouth a couple weeks apart (just one sore each time, which according to everyone i've asked canker sores are very common during your early 20s).
mostly i'm concered with these bumps i have on the crease between my labia majora and minora. i've had them for a long time, they are flesh colored and slightly raised. they are in a straight line on both sides. they never really bother me until i find another reason to throw myself into a panic and i start "examining them"...which just ends up irritating my entire area vulva (which then convinces me again that i have herpes. i know i should definitely just get tested and get it over with...but i'm kind of nervous.
any words of advice?
9:12 pm - 11/08/2009

cold sore "tingling"

this isn't exactly vag-related, but i wasn't sure where else to ask it.

when people say you feel a "tingling" before a cold sore develops - what exactly does that mean? is it constant or on and off? is it like an itch, or a pain, or like pins and needles...what?

i've never had a cold sore, but occasionally - like right now - i'll feel a tingly spot on my lip (almost like it's vibrating a teeny bit) and freak out and ponder running out to buy abreva or whatever. but yeah, it's never developed into a sore, not once. so i'm just wondering if there are any tell-tale signs that i should be looking for if it is, in fact, going to become a cold sore. i'd love to stop freaking out over nothing. :)
10:05 pm - 11/08/2009

An update on a previous post

I want to thank everyone who responded to my post a few months ago on behalf of my friend with vaginismus. (I can't find the original post right now--I lost a beloved pet last night and am almost too doped up to function.) She wound up ordering a dilator kit from the internet and after several months of patient effort on behalf of her and her husband, she finally consummated her marriage of three years!

Thanks a bunch for all of the suggestions and kind words. I'm so happy for those two, I could squee. I mostly wanted to post this to give hope to anyone struggling with the same problem.

Y'all are the best!
10:43 pm - 11/08/2009

Femcon FE?

My doctor at my campus health clinic just prescribed me Femcon FE and told me it would be cheap. I went to Walmart to pick it up, and expected to pay like $10. It was almost $70. Did they mess up, and give me the brand name or something? Is Ovcon the generic? I was horrified at the cost but luckily the college health insurance will reimburse me up to $75...but damn.

So, users of Femcon FE...Do you like it? Do you chew them or swallow them whole? I personally don't like the idea of chewing my pill so I'm not gonna do that. I'm switching from Microgestin, the generic of Loestrin, because I have break through bleeding ALL the time. Like every other week. It sucks. I was told by my doctor since the dosage of estrogen is higher in Femcon, it would lessen my break through bleeding...and maybe my zits too? But would more estrogen make me gain weight? I am very happy with my current weight and do not want to gain or lose any. Also...has anyone who has tried Femcon had dryness issues because of it? I'd hate for that to happen. Sigh. All these toss ups when it comes to HBC is starting to make me wonder if it is for me or not. I was on Yaz for a really long time and it was wonderful, but I couldn't afford it. I wish I could. It depends on my family's new health insurance. We'll see. Meanwhile...Thoughts on Femcon, even though I know any pill will effect any given person differently?

Thanks in advance :)
10:47 pm - 11/08/2009

Missed pill

Hi VPers!

First off, thanks to everyone who commented on my previous post about my questionable bladder infection/UTI. I did end up going to the doctor on Friday morning and my suspicions were correct. Yay antibiotics! However, I have a new conundrum.

I'm on the pill and am a fairly perfect user. I've never missed a pill before. I went to take my pill tonight and noticed it was Saturday's pill and not Sunday's. Now I know that if you miss the previous day's pill you should just take the missed pill as soon as you remember or along with the recent day's pill. This would not be a problem if I could remember whether I missed Friday's or Saturday's. Either day is plausible and neither myself nor my fiance can remember me taking my pill pack out of my purse both days.

Pregnancy protection is not an issue as we also use condoms, so I'm not worried about that. I'm wondering if I should just take the pill anyway or if I should just take the rest of the pack as normal, including the now extra pill. Or just forget that pill altogether. I'm sure this will probably throw my period off a bit.

I know, I know. Big convoluted question for something I probably shouldn't be worried about. Thanks in advance!!
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