November 7th, 2009

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Severe Cramps & Prolonged Period

Please help me. :( I went to the doctor yesterday about this issue and was told to wait it out, but it's become increasingly worse.

I have had my period for about six weeks now. At first I didn't think anything of it because I'd missed a couple pills of my birth control and thought the next pack would regulate it. I'm now almost finished that next pack and it hasn't gone away. The bleeding is fairly light, though has become heavier over the last five days or so.

Tuesday night I had this pain in my abdomen. Nothing like menstrual cramps, it was like every muscle is my abdomen was tensed up. At first it was just uncomfortable, but Wednesday it became painful. Yesterday I lifted something at work and was brought to my knees in pain, could only hunch over holding my stomach. This is when I went to the doctor.

He said the pain and the period is absolutely related, but said to wait a week to see if it goes away. Said something about the uterus cramping and contracting???

But today the pain has only gotten worse. I only made it an hour at work and literally could not stand. I was hunched over, almost nauseus from the pain. And it's still only getting worse. I don't know what to do.
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Waking up with serious menstrual cramps while on BC

Almost a year and a half ago I was prescribed birth control pills (Trivora) because my period would not regulate and I was having debilitating cramps -I started menstruating at thirteen and was nineteen when I started the BC. The BC really has helped regulate and get my cramps under control, so that I am not bedridden every month. However, I did notice that every once in a while I'd wake up (usually a week or two before my period was due to start) with very severe menstrual cramps. They'd wake me up and I'd have to take a dose of Motrin. They usually went a way fairly quickly. A couple times, immediately after I'd take the Motrin they'd just stop instantly -strange! I chalked this up to the fact that I don't take my pills at exactly the same time every day. I'm not taking them for actual birth control, so I never felt the necessity to be so careful. Also, these cramping episodes have been few and far between, not a regular occurrence.

However, this morning I woke up at six in the morning with EXTREME cramps. They were so extreme, I was woken from a deep sleep and thought that I desperately needed to pee. After I did, I realized it was cramps, so I took some Motrin. Like I said previously, they usually go away pretty fast, but these didn't! They're still around over an hour later, though not as strong. This is weird because I have been taking them almost the same time every night this month... Argh.

So, I have some questions: Do you think these nighttime/early morning cramping fits are connected to by BC pills? Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Do you think that these cramps might be caused by something psychological or that they are exacerbated by something psychological (because they usually go away so fast?) And finally, do you think this is something that I should be concerned/ go to the doctor about?

Thanks you all so much in advance! This is a great community of supportive, intelligent women and I am happy I found you all!

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Possible Semen Allergy

Hey VPers,

I am curious if anyone has heard of/knows that they have a sensitivity (allergy?) to semen. I have been doing some research on the possibility that I have one as I always experience a painful stinging in my vagina after condomless sex. However, there is not pain until ~1-2 minutes after withdrawl. I have toyed with the idea of a latent yeast infection but assuming its that and treating it doesn't appear to have any effect. If it gets anywhere else on my body I get little red spots all over the area that sting/itch a bit. I am a NuvaRing user, if this may be a factor? Has anyone heard of this before?
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Boric acid!

I just went to the pharmacy to purchase some boric acid powder and empty capsules to treat a minor yeast infection. When the pharmacist handed me the bottle, I looked for a concentration on it, because I read somewhere in the archives to use 2% concentration. When I asked the pharmacist, he said it was pure boric acid. I immediately explained to him what I wanted to use it for and he said that it was fine, that's what this could be used for. I was surprised and asked, "So I can use this as a vaginal suppository??" and he said absolutely. One capsule per night in a 00-sized capsule.

I mean, I believed him, but that sounds really scary to me. Pure boric acid in my vagina? Are there like different kinds? On the bottle it has a huge skull and crossbones that said "POISON - for technical use only, not for internal use." Is this normal?


Possible Endo, Surgery, Cloth Pads, and Bleeding All Over the Place

There. I think that covers pretty much everything.

After seeing a specialist earlier this week, yesterday, we got the go-ahead from my insurance company to do a laparoscopy to diagnose and treat potential endometriosis that is hanging out in my pelvic region. Now I have to decide if I want it.

1) So first, anyone have experiences with laparoscopic surgery to diagnose and/or treat endometriosis? I had one lap about... 12?... years ago, but they didn't find anything. Now that I know more about this type of thing, though, I'm not sure if that was a limitation of the lap or of the person performing it. Particularly if you had surgery to remove endometrial tissue (this is assuming they find it in me this time) a while ago, how's its success long-term? (I'm not so concerned with what to expect from the procedure itself or with short-term recovery.)

2) My next factor to consider is cost. I hate that it's a make-or-break factor for a procedure that has the potential to majorly impact my quality of life, but the truth is, cost is a Big Deal issue on this. Anyone know a ball park estimate for the total cost of a laparoscopy? (Fortunately, I won't be paying the full cost, but since insurance policies are so different from one another, knowing the full cost is what would best help me estimate my own cost.) I'm going to contact both my doctor's office any my insurance company on Monday to try and get more specific-to-me numbers, but in the meantime, a general idea would be helpful to letting my brain try to compute things.

Also a couple of random-ish other questions:

3) Anyone know how large a wetbag I'd need in order to store 10-20 (and regularly on the high end of that range) cloth menstrual pads? (Regular length pads, not postpartum or overnight.) Even with my menstrual cup, I go through that many in a regular work day, and I'm trying to figure out a discreet way to store them. I have limited personal (or private) storage space in my classroom. And stuffing them in Ziploc bags in a tote bag in the corner is not as private as I'd like to be. I've been browsing Etsy for wetbags designed for cloth diapers, but I'm not sure what constitutes an accurate cloth-diaper-to-cloth-pad ratio.

4) Last one. Waiting for me at the pharmacy right now is my new diaphragm. I'd like to test it out (*coughcoughhavepivsexcough*) before my fertile days. However, given the gloriously long periods and short cycles I've been running, I will have an estimated 1-2 days after my period but before my EWCM shows up. Assuming the pain in my uterus/back/hips stops sending shards of stabbity doom throughout my pelvis, will I be able to do this? I know I can use a diaphragm when I'm bleeding, but can I do it while I'm basically gushing blood? Or is it likely to slip out of place and whack me in the cervix? Anyone have experience with this one?



Hey guys, I need a bit of help!

After my period, I often have a bit of pain externally near my vagina. The pain is very localized, and I only notice it if urine touches the area, or hot water in the shower touches it. Usually it's on the right side - that labia is a little longer, so I figured maybe it was getting pulled into my vagina by the tampon applicator. I recently switched to Diva Cup, and I'm noticing the same pain but on the other side - my period ended a week ago, so this is a while to have the issue.

I checked it out in a hand mirror just now and there is a thin red line that is irritated. Could this be a tiny tear? If so, will it just go away on its own? I put a tiny dab of Neosporin on it with the hopes that would help it heal. 

does anyone have any experience or knowledge about this? At what point should I make a doctor's appointment?? It's not majorly painful, but I want to have sex with my husband and I feel like it might irritate it! 

Thanks, ladies!

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Possible pregnancy or reading too much into this?

I'm going to start this by saying that I'm well aware that the only way of knowing what's going on for sure is to take a pregnancy test, and I have one all ready to go for when the time comes. Regardless, I need some insight or at least a place to vent, and vaginapagina has always been a great one for me.

How do I even begin this? *sighs*

Okay, so. My husband and I are currently TTA (trying to avoid pregnancy) and our main source of birth control is FAM (fertility awareness method) coupled with withdrawal/condoms. I'm usually pretty meticulous in checking my signs and temperature and I've been startlingly regular for the past 8 months that I've been charting. This cycle, though, there have been a number of changes and here they are:

1. I'm exercising 6 days a week and have been since the start of my last period (early October). This could be a factor so I'm throwing it out there first.

2. My ovulation seems to have been considerably earlier in my cycle than usual. I typically ovulate around CD 21-23, and this time I ovulated on CD 18, although I'm not entirely sure if that's the exact date because I didn't use OPKs this cycle, just cervical mucus and temperatures. As a result I'm not sure if our "careful" was careful enough because we did have intercourse pretty much the whole week I was ovulating, just with withdrawal.

3. Since about 5-7 days past ovulation, I've been feeling weird. My head is stuffy, my back and lower abdomen are crampy and achy, I'm having a significant amount of heartburn eating the same foods I've been eating for months and my breasts are extremely tender. None of these are typical PMS symptoms although I have had my typical PMS symptoms as well (particularly hunger, fatigue and bloating).

ETA: I am currently 10 days past ovulation and my typical luteal phase is 11 days, so that means I'm expecting menses either tomorrow or Monday. At least I don't have to wait much longer to find out!

*sighs* So, what does vaginapagina think? Pregnancy yay or nay? Am I overreacting or does this sound at all like early pregnancy?
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Hello Girls! For the past few months before my period I have been noticing something weird. It's hard to vagina just feels "off" like it feels uncomfy down there, and not to be gross but smells really funky /strong..... When i get my period, and after I don't notice it anymore...... Does this happen to anyone else?? Thanks!

herbs and interactions with HBC

Hey VagPagers!

My fiancee has recently become very interested in herbal pharmaceuticals (using herbal concoctions to treat everyday ailments and generally get buzzed legally) and he's been pestering me to try some. What we're mainly interested in (at least, me) is an Damania, which is used to regulate the menstrual cycle and has a reputation as an aphrodisiac. I'm on HBC (Lutera/generic Alesse, if that matters) to regulate my very irregular periods and to keep me baby-free, but it's also had the somewhat annoying side-effect of decreasing my libido noticeably. It's like I want to have sex, I just can't make my body catch up with my dirty mind. ;) Anyway, if this Damania tea can make a difference there, that'd be super coolio. But I would hate to screw up my HBC's effectiveness in the process!

Has anyone here used herbal supplements or know if they can interact with HBC? I know not to use St.John's Wort, for instance, but I'm not having much luck finding anything on other herbs.


Extended antibiotic use, YIs, and dissatisfaction with care

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So anyway, I took a week off of school to get this resolved, and I am not any better than when I left. No one knows what is wrong and though everyone agrees that I don't have a bacterial infection in my throat, I'm still on antibiotics. When I finish this course on Wednesday, I'll have taken antibiotics for 27 out of the last 31 days.

Is it safe to continue treating my resulting YIs with tea tree oil? What about Monistat? Is it even wise to try to treat when I'm still on antibiotics?