November 6th, 2009

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Bladder/G-spot stimulation?

I've got two burning questions :)

1) As soon as my bladder is full, I usually get extremely turned on (I'm assuming it's because of all the added pressure on my lady bits). While my bladder is totally full, if I apply pressure to my lower abdomen I get these intense bursts of pleasure... which don't seem to be connected to anything I've felt before. Since I've never directly stimulated (well, even discovered) my g-spot, I'm wondering if the full bladder is somehow hitting it when I apply that pressure?

2) Being that all this pressure feels so amazing, I sometimes go over half an hour with a full bladder until the pleasure and "pain" are totally intermixed. I'm nervous that holding it in for extended periods of time will be damaging to my bladder, though I don't do this very often. I'm more worried that applying that extra pressure on my abdomen could be a worse move, especially since I'm essentially pushing down on a bursting bladder. Thoughts?

None of my friends have felt this bladder/arousal connection before. I haven't googled anything to suggest that it's common, but I'd like to hear from all of you. Thank you!

Anonymous Post: Swine flu, late period, pregnant?

Greetings, fellow Superstars! As you probably know, from time to time the VP Team makes posts on behalf of people who wish to remain anonymous or who do not have LJ accounts. This is one such post. Thanks in advance for your helpful comments. :)

P.S. For more info on anonymous posts, see this link.

For the VP Team


This is basically a paranoid "am I pregnant" question. I am a woman in her mid-30s, and have been on hormonal birth control pills continuously for many, many years. I am currently on Seasonique (have been on it for the past year), and have always been very good about taking the pill each day at about the same time. [Before going on Seasonique, I was on Seasonale for 3 years, and Ortho Tri-cyclen before then]

My long-term boyfriend and I do not use condoms, relying on the pill for birth control.

I had the swine flu last week, which was also the last week of my 3 month cycle. This week I should have had my period starting Tuesday mid-day (my period is like clockwork on Seasonique), but instead got only bloating and light spotting. I took a drug store pregnancy test (EPT) this morning (Friday morning), and it came back negative.

I called my doctor, and she said that she thought that there was extremely little chance of pregnancy, given my continual use of HBC and the negative pregnancy test. She's willing to give me a blood test, but she doesn't think it's necessary, especially since the H1N1 is a likely explanation for the missed period.

I'm inclined to agree with her, and not come in for a blood test. My plan is to take another EPT pee test next week, and if it's also negative, to not worry about it at all.

So question is: am I reasonable in relying on the negative drug store pee test and the fact that I'm on birth control? Or should I be insisting on a blood test?

[nb: I am planning on discussing with my boyfriend, and if he really wants the blood test, then I'll get it for his peace of mind, even if I think it's not needed]

Bleeding and pain when pooing

I am sorry for the slightly immature terms. I have been experiencing pain and bleeding when I poo for at least the last year. Recently it has seemed to get a lot worse. I had a gyno exam last month. Would she have said anything if she saw anything weird with my poo-hole? Can she see that area of me? Does anyone else have trouble with this and know how to ease the pain/bleeding? Is it serious enough to go to the doctor or can it be treated at home? I am getting very sick of wanting to cry when I go to the bathroom. Help?

Change in cramps...

I've always had bad cramps, so bad that I would often stay home from school when I was young.  I was on HBC from Feb 04 until Dec 07.  During that time my cramps weren't so bad, but I got the Paragard IUD in Dec 07, and my cramps have been different ever since.  Before my IUD, my cramps were fairly normal cramps, I guess.  It was my lower abdomen in which the pain centralized, though I sometimes felt a strong ache in my vulva, kinda like all my innards were trying to fall out. :)  The cramps would feel better after I took some sort of NSAID, and the ache was quickly comforted by sitting down. 

Since my IUD, I hardly ever feel pain in my abdomen at all.  The pain is always directly in my cervix.  I can feel a very sharp, intense pain during cramps, and it comes in waves.  I can tell it's my cervix, and nothing helps.  They are the worst cramps I've ever had, and I have such a hard time relieving them.  Before, strong pressure on my abdomen or a hot bath or heating pad would take the edge off, but now that the cramps are actually centered around my cervix, nothing can touch them.  Pain relievers don't work, and hot baths and heating pads are only touching areas that don't hurt.  Actually, the only thing that relieves the pain is having sex.  I thought before that with my cervix in so much pain, anything touching it would be horrible, but I can feel as soon as my bf's penis touches my cervix, and it's like immediate relief.  A cervical massage, I guess.  Now, I have no objection to having sex to cure my cramps, I love to have sex with my bf all the time (he jokes I'm in a constant state of horniness,) but this is not something that is always feasible.  He works long hours, and if we're ever out or have the kids here, we obviously can't have sex.  Not to mention that it's not fair for him to be expected to drop everything and be ready to have sex with me every time I'm cramping. 

I guess I'm wondering if anyone else has cramps like this, and if they have any suggestions for relieving them.  They are so intense, I can 't sleep when I have them, and everytime one hits, I just feel like I have to drop to all fours and scream.  Thankfully, only about a day or two of my cycle is like this (normally the two days prior to my period starting.)

Extreme cramps

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So when you have painful cramps, are there things you do besides the traditional pain pills, heating pads, or eating healthy? Orgasm doesn't work for me (it's hard enough getting one when I'm not in pain) and I don't know yoga, so any positions that might help would have to be kind of basic. I'm probably asking for the impossible and if so, then strategies to try and forget the pain?
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Boric acid for a mild YI?

Question regarding boric acid yeast infection treatment. Is this recommended only for more stubborn yeast infections? I'm kinda prone to them, but I've been yeast free for a few weeks. I just started getting a new one (due to switch in BC I think)and I was going to just jump right into a boric acid capsule treatment. It is really rather mild, I think, but I was hoping to nip it in the bud. Because it's a mild one, would anyone recommend trying a gentler solution first, like a saline bath or garlic clove (I just really don't want to smell like garlic)? Is there any harm in jumping into boric acid first?

Post Partum blah!!

At my 6 week post partum visit, they did all the usual stuff. I get a phone call back saying my pap smear came back with abnormal cells. I go in to get the in-depth microscope + biopsy to check it out further. Turns out I have moderate dysplesia. Now, I have to go back to get the LEEP procedure.. Anyone have experiences with this? I know it's fairly common thing and treatable, but I'm still freaked out about it. And not about the pain (hey, I just had a baby.. nothing can be more painful than that to me), but more about it coming back/being worse/leading to cancer and blah!!

Words of advice?
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Sex Flush?

I've tried looking , but I didn't really find anything that I was looking for ...

My SO and I have regular sex , and only sometimes I would get flushed . And when I say only sometimes , I mean pretty rarely . I've only had it happen three or four times , and we've been together for more than a year . There isn't a pattern of it happening that I can identify , it's usually just when I'm really enjoying what we're doing .

Most of the time it happens during PIV in special positions but once it happened while he was fingering me & rubbing my clit .

So my problem is , I've never had an orgasm with him , and I'm really excited because I think this may be an indicator of an orgasm soon-to-be ! The only way I was ever able to orgasm was through clitoral stimulation during masturbation , and no matter how hard he tries to do the same , I can't get off from what he does (even though its pretty much the exact same thing !) And don't get me wrong , the sex is quite amazing and I'd still be very content without an orgasm .

During these bouts of sex flush , I can distinctly feel the blood rush towards my face , however it fades pretty quick ... and I really wouldn't know if I was able to make them last longer because they're so illusive. Also , I always seem to get flushed right when we get really into it and he's about to cum so it often ends after that and I can't get the same feeling again .

I tried googling it and I didn't find much about it so I guess my question is : Do you ever experience sex flush ? Is it a regular thing that occurs ? When you become flushed , do you orgasm afterwards ? How long does it take for you to orgasm after you've become flushed ? Is sex flush a direct indicator of an orgasm coming ?

I feel like I'm just so close , and if I knew more about it I would be able to try to help it happen .

Thanks in advance !

Going off HBC

I am on the HBC Seasonique. I have been on birth control since I was 15 and I'm about to turn 23. From age 15 on I have suffered from depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and an eating disorder. I've been doing a lot of research about HBC and I feel like maybe I should do a trial of not being on it to see if that has contributed to any of my issues.

Is this a bad idea? I'm actually quite scared since I've been on it so long... I like knowing when my period is going to come. Also, because of the ED, I'm scared that I will lose my period without the pill which would cause some bone loss (which I already have some of).

I finished my pack on Sunday and haven't started the new one yet, since I know if you are going off the pill, it's best to do so after finishing the pack. How long does it normally take for the hormones to get out of my system? Any advice would be great :-) Thanks

question about effectiveness of pill

Sorry if this is confusing, I'll try to be clear as possible.

I'm on Yaz and usually start my new packs on Wednesday, but didn't have the money to get my new one until today (Friday) and I went ahead and took the first pill. I know that I could technically go 7 days hormone free and still be protected (last active pill was taken on Friday Oct. 30 which makes today day 7), but I'm wondering if my protection may have been compromised throughout the month.

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Pregnancy risk which I'm probably overthinking...

I took my last dose of my antibiotic (generic for Vantin; used for my UTI/kidney infection) on Thursday the 29th. I took it for two weeks before that.
I took Diflucan that night as well (which if you remember my last post apparently has a birth control interference warning now).

I had sex Friday night; I only had one condom and we didn't use that for PIV...
He came, inside me as per normal... I totally forgot about asking him to pull out in the heat of the moment. I know, idiotic of me.

Saturday and Sunday I took my birth control on time as I'd been before the sex Friday. Monday, I took it an hour early.
Tuesday and Wednesday I totally forgot to take it due to stress. I started again yesterday.
I went to the campus health center yesterday and took a urine pregnancy test (standard procedure) and was negative... but I'm 98% if I had gotten pregnant (that's not the correct term technically) it wouldn't show in urine that early.

I'm kinda freaking myself out over this. I'm worried that I might have ovulated due to the antibiotics, and that I might have fertilized the damn thing that Friday night.
Do I have enough of a chance of being pregnant that I should go back to the health center and ask for a blood test, specifically? Or am I being overly paranoid?

Ocella Concerns - UPDATE

Previous post here:

They performed an ultrasound on both of my legs, which were negative for blood clots. WOOHOO! But I'm not totally satisfied...

I spoke with my OBGYN about Ocella, and that I really, really LIKE taking it, but she was very adamant about me getting off of it ASAP. When I asked about other HBCs I could take similar to Ocella but with a different formula, her answer, "NO - I don't want you taking any HBC." And her only reasoning? I smoke cigarettes.

I totally understand smoking increases your risk. However, I really wouldn't categorize myself as super-HIGH-risk (not overweight, not over 35, no past history of blood clots/the like). But it irritates me a little bit she was the one who PUSHED, and HARD, I use HBC knowing I'm a smoker. And knowing I tested negative for blood clots, why not another HBC if Ocella is the proverbial Big Bad Wolf out of all that's out there. Or majority, anyway.

So, I'm stuck. If I quit smoking, can I still take Ocella or a DIFFERENT HBC? (Asked this of my OBGYN and she was quick to brush it off/handed me a pamphlet of non-hormonal methods of BC.)

Again- thanks!