November 5th, 2009

cysts while on HBC, and Genital Warts


Two Questions:

1- Do ovarian cysts necessarily mean that one is ovulating? My sister is on HBC, but she swears she gets ovulatory pain. Then she went for an ultrasound, and sure enough she has ovarian cysts. Does that mean she's ovulating while on her HBC? (She's on Nuvaring, for the record)

2- I'm in a complicated sort of situation with a guy I know...there's been major sexual tension between us, and I think I want to hook up with him, but I happen to be fairly certain that he gave one of the last girls he was with a really stubborn case of genital warts. (Well, I know for sure she has them, and she'd only been with 1 guy before him, and that was almost a year prior to him. The warts appeared soon after she slept with him...also, not that it's relevant but I feel the need to mention that she's a good friend of mine,in a serious relationship with someone else, and has completely given me her blessing to hook up with him...) Some things to consider: it's been more than a year since she slept with him, I've had the guardasil shot (my friend hadn't), and he has had no symptoms (I don't even think he's aware of her situation, actually.)

The questions this situation has raised for me are: 1-can I sleep with him? obviously that depends on whether it's an acceptable risk for me, but can anyone help me figure out approximately what that risk is, exactly? and 2-if I decide I'm not willing to have PIV sex with him, what are the risks of contracting a genital wart strain of hpv through other sexual behaviors (ie, is it possible to get warts on one's mouth?)

GRRR, i really wish they could test guys for HPV. I know it's usually not a big deal at all, and I'm sure it's even possible (probable?) that I've already had some strain of un-symptomatic HPV, but in this case it would be really helpful to know if he's carrying a strain that guardasil hasn't protected me from.... (also, typing that made me think of another question that's not clear to me: does an HPV infection ever go away? I've heard a doctor say that they sometimes clear themselves out of the body after a few years, but I've also heard that it's one of those viral infections that never goes away. Just curious...)

Birth Control and the Flu

I had what I thought was just a stomach bug all last week, in which I just felt awful. Still, I didn't miss any BC (Ocella) pills. In an attempt to "make me feel better" the boy and I decided to have no-condom sex 3 times over the weekend (Friday & Saturday night).

I decided to go to the doctors only to find out I won the swine flu lottery. xP This is my period week (starting Monday), and I have yet to get my period. It tends to be late, but I'm starting to worry if me being sick at all reacted badly with my BC and wasn't as effective. D;

Can the flu reduce BC effectiveness?

May not exactly be vagina, but..

It might be because this might be due to pregnancy. I've felt that my feet are swollen for about a week now. Has this been happening to anyone else? Is it the drastic change of New York City weather that could've brought this on? I don't think I'm pregnant, I've only had sex once since my last period, with a condom, and I'm on the pill. I AM PMSing this week, but I felt like it may have started last week.

Is there anything I can do to get the excess water weight out of my body, and more specifically my feet? Thanks!

biking post IUD insertion?

Hey! I am getting a Mirena on Friday and I am SO STOKED. Here's the thing, though. I don't have a car, so I'll be train/biking there, but I have to go to a different appointment after my insertion. The easiest thing for me to do would just be to bike there, but is that a no-no if you just had an IUD inserted? I figure if anything will be sore it's my cervix, so it should be okay, but?

Ocella Concerns

I posted before about my concerns, read the great advice and links provided and have been taking it for the past month or more. Out of all the HBCs I've taken in the past, Ocella has given me ZERO hormonal grief. It's been GREAT, tbh. Cleared up my skin, minimized pores.. No weight gain and I poop on the clock EVERYDAY (had issues prior with constipation).

But I'm a little concerned about two things - at night when my legs are relaxed, I feel pain in my calve muscles. No pain throughout, but it's almost as if someone were to take their thumb and press down HARD on one spot. I've also noticed that I've a swollen, painful lymph node under my armpit.

I do smoke less than 1 pack of cigarettes a day and am by no means overweight. I'm not physically active, meaning, I don't walk for the sole purpose of exercise, and majority of my day (8hrs), I'm sitting at a desk. :"\

So my questions are - could the pain I have in my calves be cause of blood clots and if so, although this sounds really dumb, do I need to treat it like an emergency or just consult my OBGYN and get off the pill ASAP (it's not causing me pain unless I'm lying down/no breathing problems)? Are there alternative HBCs a lot like Ocella but with a different chemistry?

Many thanks!

Edit: So I called my OBGYN and she wants me to come in first thing tomorrow morning for a leg scan-thing (forget the actual name) for a "study". I was told to stop taking the pill immediately. Now I'm really scared.
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So out of stress, forgetfull ness, and weeks of working 13 hour shifts I forgot to take my ring out last night as scheduled.

Should I take it out tonight and put a new one in wednesday as I'm supposed to or is it safe to change my "nuvaday" to thursday and insert a new one then, just so everythings spaced out evenly?

Hysterectomy - total or subtotal?


I'm 37 and will be having a hysterectomy shortly, due to excessive fibroids and the very heavy blood loss, constant periods, constant pain and accompanying anaemia that accompanies them.

I have now to decide whether to have a total (where the cervix is removed) or Subtotal (where it isn't) operation. They will definitely be leaving my ovaries. It is most probably going to be an abdominal surgery - again due to the size and number and location of the fibroids - so those decisions aren't for me to ponder.

I have been looking online, but so far the links I've seen have been pretty non committal as to which option is 'better', and I wondered if anyone had personal experience, or could point me at helpful sites to aid me in my decision.

If anyone has info re the operation itself and/or recovery that would be helpful also, as mostly all I've had in rl is a number of women sucking in air through their teeth, then telling me how they "nearly died" on the operating table...

Hope this is appropriate for a first post, I've read the FAQ and checked teh tags. Thanks for listening!

HSV False Positive Update

So, I posted last week about a possible false positive from the HerpeSelect ELISA IgG test.

I was told not to get my hopes up, so I didn't really. I just told myself, yes, you have it regardless.

Nevertheless, my doctor really believed it was a false positive. He said for a year and a half to go by and to not have had ANY symptoms EVER it was likely. I had a low positive to begin with on the first blood test, a 3.0. I never had a symptom. Never an outbreak. Nothing.

So I got retested last Thursday with the HerpeSelect IgG IMMUNOBLOT test - supposed to be highly sensitive and highly specific. My doctor just called me. He said "Do you want the good news, the good news, or the good news?" I said all of it. He proceeded to tell me it was negative for both HSV 1 and HSV 2. That there were some later found problems with the first test and I was the third FALSE POSITIVE in the office.

He said he thinks it's safe to say I do not need the acyclovir anymore. That he's sorry I thought I had it for so long and that it was a mistake.

Now, last week I did some research and when compared with the Western Blot test the ELISA test only had a 35% accuracy rate. If you have never had a symptom, I urge you to get the IMMUNOBLOT test by HerpeSelect.

This diagnosis changed my life in so many ways. To begin with, I lost all of my self confidence. I became withdrawn and insecure, and while I do have a boyfriend who has accepted it, I was so terrified of losing him that I acted like a nut a lot of times. I put our relationship at risk. He has always loved me anyway... but I judged myself harsher than anyone else. I thought I was beneath everyone. I punished myself for a year and a half.

Looking back, believing that I had herpes forced me to open my eyes. I forced me to stop being judgmental and to accept that sometimes things happen and it does not make you or anyone else a bad person. I learned a hard lesson but this week I really learned that prayers really are answered.

Where do I go from a 32DD?

I've read past posts, but now I am just confused and I'm hoping someone can help me.

A little back history-- I've worn a 34D for a while now and for as long as I can remember it was never really comfortable. My bras had to be worn on the tightest band hooks, usually with the straps as tight as they would go. Still, it never felt supportive, like it was always moving around, the piece between the cups never laid flat and I noticed recently that there was some gaping where the cups met the straps. This is pretty much every 34D I own.

I decided to try a 32 band size and somewhere got the idea to move to a DD. I ordered one online and I know it's not the end all be all of 32DDs, but all of my problems are fixed but one:

now I am overflowing the cups just slightly at the top.

Where do I go from here? Try a different 32DD? Try a different size altogether? The main problem is that I can't seem to find anything that works in stores and have to rely on the internet. I live in a smaller town for school and it leaves a lot to be desired as far as lingerie shopping goes...

Thanks in advance for any and all of your help!


 Hey folks!

I have very dark hair everywhere. My arms, face, legs, tummy, back and bikini area. I bleach my upper lip which is fine, and shaving my legs isn't too much of an issue, however I get pretty bad rashes from shaving my pubic area. I've become interested lately in the idea of electrolysis though, and wanted to know if any of you have had any experience with it? I was looking at DIY home electrolysis kits on Amazon, and pretty much all of them have awful reviews, but the idea of paying out once for something I can use again and again is more appealing than getting anything done at a salon, however a salon would probably be more equipped for dealing with larger areas of hair, rather than smaller or individual hairs like the home kits do.

I've heard about dangers of using these kits, and wondered if anyone knew about them? Will the effect they have be different on different hair types, eg; light, fine hair on the face, for example, could work fine, but on coarser, black, pubic hair it might not work? The areas I'm most interested in targetting are my bikini region, upper lip, and possibly my stomach.

Really any advice or experiences anyone can share would be greatly appreciated :)

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Possible bladder infection or UTI

Hey VPers!

Ok so I'm convinced that I have a bladder infection. It doesn't burn when I pee, I don't pee more than normal, no pain, BUT I do have very strong smelling pee and sometimes it's a bit cloudy (but not always). I had a bladder infection in April and had these same symptoms. The only reason I knew I had one was because I wound up in the ER with horrendous back pain and they needed a urine test to make sure I wasn't preggo so they could x-ray me.

Anyway, my current symptoms have been around for the past week. Does anyone else get bladder infections like these? I'm just wondering if I should make a doc's appointment ASAP to find out if my suspicions are correct. So inconvenient but might as well use my health insurance while I have it :(

Thanks in advance!