4:11 am - 11/01/2009

pregnant paranoia

I'm on ortho tri-cyclen lo and have been for the past 6 months and I ALWAYS get my period the first day of the placebo's. This week however I haven't gotten it yet and it's been three days.

Around the second week of my pack i missed one of my pills and remembered to take it the next day. However i then forgot to take that days pill but took it the next morning, and then that days pill at the normal time. Other than that mishap i have not missed any pills this month. I also did not have sex those two days or the day before and after. Should there be any reason for me to worry?
7:53 am - 11/01/2009

Bleeding during/after sex


For about the past 14 months, I have been bleeding after sex with my long-term partner. It seems to happen sporadically - it won't happen for awhile, and then, bam! It's always a LOT of bleeding, too, and I can't trace it to "rough" sex or anything (it happens no matter what the position). This morning it was just all over the place (all over him and me). I have been through all kinds of gyno stuff in the last year, including laparoscopic surgery to try and diagnose endometriosis (which I do not have). She's run every test in the book and says that I am fine (vaginal ultrasound, endometrial biopsy, etc.). I used to have pain during sex, but she put me on a low-dose antidepressant that's been working wonders for the pain part.

I just don't know what to do next - should I go back to my doctor? Should I find another doctor? Luckily, I have a great partner who does not freak out and just says he's worried about me. But, of course, it's devastating for me when we've both just come and then, hello! Blood! I cry and am embarrassed. And worried, and frustrated. My doctor has kind of "ruled out" everything that could be causing it. I've read tons of stuff online about what it could be, but of course that just makes me nervous.

Any ideas? Anyone else experienced this?
12:47 pm - 11/01/2009

I'm partially worried.

It's my first time posting, so feel free to correct me if I do something wrong.

Every time I shave the area around the lips get red and irritated, it's not so much as razor burn. It will gradually go away but still remain a bit red, it doesn't hurt or sting.

Last night, I feel asleep with a pad and extremely tight shorts. I woke up this morning with the area around the lips being red, irritated and well, painful. The pain is decreasing, but it's still red none the less.

Is it likely that it's simply irritation or some sort of infection?

Also, my lips always have these little bumps on them but I figured they're just sweat glands, they don't bother me at all.

Anyone ever had these?

P.s. I'm 100% I don't have an STD. So that's not a possibility.
1:43 pm - 11/01/2009

Second Puberty

I'm 24 and I feel like I'm going through a second puberty. I've gained some weight but not enough to account for this (I'm mos def not pregnant and not on HBC or any other medications).

My boobs gained a cupsize, I have stretch marks on my hips and my body just seems a bit more....hourglassy.

I don't think I have a medical issue, this is just somewhat odd.

Anyone else with me on the 'needing to go bra shopping with mom at 24 because I'm apparently 12 again' train?

Is this is a legit thing or did I just coin the term 'second puberty?'
I can't get wet on the drop of a hat so how do you become more prepared for quickies iwth a guy?
7:04 pm - 11/01/2009

(no subject)

I take Ortho Tri Cyclen and skip periods every so often but I've never tried to skip 2 periods in a row and I would really prefer not to have my period this month either.

I use the 1-2-3-3-2-1 method to skip. I just finished my last pack (going 3-2-1) so do I go in order 1-2-3 on this pack to skip??
I have my birth control patch on my lower stomach. And the area is VERY sensitive, and hurts like hell when it comes time to peel the patch off. Are there any tricks to help make it less painful????

P.S. I dont have the balls to just rip it off all at once. lol
10:42 pm - 11/01/2009

Hypothyroid Questions

Hi all--

This isn't really vagina related, so feel free to delete/direct me to another community if necessary...

My sister has a node in her thyroid that she is getting biopsied. She also has many symptoms of hypothyroidism: she's tired all the time, always cold (especially her hand and feet), prone to depression, constipated, and unless she's taking adderall, she has trouble keeping her weight down.

The thing is, she got a blood test, and they told her her thyroid levels were in the range of normal. I remember reading that "normal" numbers for thyroids are a point of contention amongst health care professionals (I think I read that in a fertility book, but I can't seem to find it in TCOYF...maybe Garden of Fertility? but I don't have a copy of that right now). Anyway, I'm just wondering if maybe she is actually hypothyroid, and her doctor is just using outdated information.

Any thoughts? Does anyone know what "normal" thyroid numbers should be? (I don't have her exact results, but I'd love to be able to send her this information...)

11:10 pm - 11/01/2009

dark vagina lips [haha]

 Okay so I'm a white female. You would assume I would have pink pussy lips, but mine are actually more of a dark purplish color. It's kind of embarrasing---especially on my butthole because it looks like I have poop stains around my butt but it's actually just because my genitals are dark :(

is there anyway to get them lighter? Can't you bleach them?
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