4:54 am - 10/22/2009

Period stuff

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Is it coincidence that I started having pain in the ovaries areas yesterday and had kind of a brown discharge after having unprotected sex last week? It's not much, just enough to wipe with toilet paper. It lasted a day. The pain in my ovaries are gone, now it's just a dull ache, if you get what I mean


ETA: Hey, I got my period this morning. Thanks for the help - I need to go to the doctor's anyway. Since there is high risk with cervical cancer (my mom had it at my age), I like to keep up with getting checked out.

Thanks for the help!
8:51 am - 10/22/2009

Uterine lining shedding?

I never thought I'd be posting here, but here it goes.

Last night I had massive massive painful cramping, and at one point I felt like a massive clot went through, but when I got to the bathroom a big chunk of what looked like slimy skin came out. I've seen posts on here before about shedding the uterine lining or something, and what came out looks similar to that (triangular shaped, about three inches long an inch and a half wide at the base), but I've tried googling it to make sure that it's not a sign of something bad happening, and found nothing.

I can't find the tag about it on here, and I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't dying or something. The massive cramping pain stopped after whatever it was came out, but I've never had it happen before.

9:23 am - 10/22/2009

UTI, or more?

I realize that vaginapagina isn't a doctor, but I have some odd symptoms that I'm trying to decipher before I see my doctor tomorrow, and I've found everyone here to be most helpful. I've battled 3 UTI's in the past 6 weeks. Each lasted 2-3 days, then was gone. This last one, however, also went away, but left me with a continual urge to pee (but no pain when I pee), and now, traces of blood when I wipe and back pain. I also feel weak and sometimes woozy. Could my string of UTI's have led to something more, like a bladder or kidney infection, and if so, what can I expect when I do see my doc? Thanks, all!


I wound up at the ER today, because of a concerned husband and mother. Sure enough, kidney infection. I had some IV pain meds and antibiotics, and sent home with prescriptions for both. They drew lots of blood and took urine sample, as well. This was a very good (and bad) lesson for me to learn. Any time a UTI happens, get yourself to a doctor!
9:51 am - 10/22/2009

Pregnancy and Sex

 Pregnancy and sex: yay or nay. Why?

I love sex and feel very sexual when I'm pregnant. I especially love that semen can help facilitate effacement and so I like having lots of sex right up until the baby is almost born. (I'm due on Monday and plan on having sex all weekend!)
I've heard of some women stopping sex completely when they're pregnant and I'm curious why. I figure that since getting pregnant isn't a risk anymore, enjoy it for all its worth! 
I do understand that some women simply can't because of risk of miscarriage/early labour and I'm also curious about that. 

So I was wondering, have you, would you, do you enjoy sex while you're pregnant? Why or why not?
This is going to be a long one, but I'm trying to include all the details that people may need to know. It's basically about trouble with UTI and yeast meds, with other possible factors included.

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2:40 pm - 10/22/2009

HPV concerns

So I've had this pink bump thing on my mons pubis for around 6 weeks now. My GP said it was nothing, so I assumed it was a spot or irritated hair follicle, but it hasn't gone away or shrunk since then at all. As I generally tend to fear the worst, I googled around about HPV and I found a lot of things saying a spot like this which doesn't go away quickly is likely to be a wart. I'm really hoping it isn't, as I already have the high risk HPV and abnormal paps.  I read a few pages which said warts are normally found in moist areas, not the mons pubis, but others say they can happen anywhere on the vulva. Is there any way such a spot can NOT be a wart? And if it is, are warts considered something you can cure? I've read contradicting info on this - some think they are for life, others say that once the warts stop appearing you can consider yourself cured. 
I have made an appointment but the earliest I could get was next week, so I'm freaking out until then :(
I posted about my wonderful kidney infection experience here :(

That was a week ago. My pain cleared up within 48 hours and I've been taking my antibiotics twice a day as recommended. I have another week's worth left.

I went in today to have my urine tested at the college health center (just to check up on me and make sure it was going away).

And I'm still showing signs of infection. They apparently found blood, proteins I think? and either bacteria or white blood cells, I don't remember - in my urine. I told her I'd taken my birth control a few hours late day before yesterday and that might be the source of the blood but she told me the other stuff is also a sign of infection and that she doubts that's it.

What the heck is wrong with my body? They asked me today if I wanted to be referred to a urologist and I'm wondering if I should. I went to one when I was younger because of the persistant urinary tract infections, but they found nothing physically wrong (even with an x-ray of me urinating... wasn't that fun at five years old).

I just don't understand how I could still have an infection when I'm on these heavy antibiotics for a week and feeling fine. Has anyone else had this happen?

Also, they've given me a horrible yeast infection. The campus doctor said she'd prescribe me Diflucan. If I had her do that now, I'd just get another one before the antibiotics had run their course, right?
Has anyone heard of NGU? It's stands for Nongonococcal Urethritis and I just found out about this infection today. I think I might have it but I was wondering if any of who have been diagnosed with it (or know anyone who's had it) and what were your symptoms? Did your partner have it as well?

The frustrating thing about NGU is that there's no real way to test for it if you're a woman, the most common cause of it is Chlamydia but I had an STI test done and I don't have that.  The reason my doctor thinks i may have it is because I've had recurring UTI's for the past 4 months (ever since I've been sexually active again with my partner) and the antibiotics dont see to work...  I'm getting very frustrated and have no idea why I keep getting UTI symptoms every two weeks or so. The last urine culture showed no sign of any bacteria, yet I had all the symptoms of a UTI. I guess it could really be NGU then... Also, my partner presents no symptoms at all, should he get checked at all?
Thanks so much!!
I'm curious, but I've always gotten mixed answers - so, superstars:
Will you have your withdrawl bleed if you are pregnant?
8:57 pm - 10/22/2009

plan b and periods

I had unprotected sex Saturday night and took Plan B on Sunday morning. My period's not due for another two weeks, but today I started bleeding. The Plan B box says light bleeding is normal, but this is heavy period-like bleeding.

How do I know if this is bleeding from Plan B, or my period coming early? I'm usually very regular but I know emergency contraceptives can mess with your cycle. I don't want to get too excited about it being my period (which would mean I'm not pregnant, which would be awesome) if it might just be bleeding from the pill...
Hi all,

I hope this isn't too much info but I had diarrhea a little while ago, which was approximately 7 hours after I had taken my HBC for the day. I believe I've read on here that vomiting will not hinder protection as long as the pill is taken more than 2 hours before the vomiting occurs. Would the same apply for diarrhea? Will it affect the protection of HBC at all? Should I take another pill? I'm on my second to last pill of the pack if that makes a difference at all.

Thanks so much!
*possible triggers*


A woman was denied health coverage because her precautionary anti-HIV meds she was taking because she was raped raised too many medical questions.
The article also goes on to say how it is common for insurance companies to deny health coverage to sexual assault survivors because PTSD and STIs are "preexisting conditions."

What a step in the wrong direction. RAGE!
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