October 21st, 2009

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YI - Apple Cider Vindegar-Soaked Tampon

Hey everyone,

I've been having some itching around my vaginal opening lately which is usually typical when I start to get a yeast infection. I usually use yogurt to soothe and prevent further infection but I'm all out. Is it okay if I use a apple cider vinegar-soaked tampon the same way I would normally use yogurt? I already feel less itching.

Sorry if this question has been asked before...I've tried looking through old entries but I didn't come across a comprehensive answer to my specific question.

TIA! ♥
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Spotting/Discharge but no period?

I have recently been sexually active, and it's always been protected by a condom. Ejaculation would happen inside me, but still in the condom.

The last time I was sexually active was last Tuesday night, and this past weekend I had some light spotting on my underwear. One morning when I went to the bathroom, I flushed the toilet and noticed what appeared to be a thick brownish (or reddish, I don't remember, it was really late in the morning and I wasn't wearing my glasses) discharge floating around in the toilet.

Unless I have the world's worst memory, I haven't had my period this month. What could be wrong/causing this?

Thanks in advance!

confused about butt...jizz? And other pegging questions (edited)

hey vagpag!

I have quite a conundrum for you! I've started I new thing, something I've been curious about but I finally had the opportunity to do so. I'm talking about buttsex. But not in my butt, in his!

I have a few questions:

1) We've been using a (rather large) dildo, and I've just been maneuvering it by hand. I would like to use a harness for a more natural feeling, but I weigh 300+ pounds, and I think I'll have to macgyver something together because not only do I have a low income (I cant really spend a lot of money on a harness right now) but I also cant really find anything online that will fit me. SO! if anyone has any ideas on how to accomplish such a thing, please help!

2) After he orgasms (I'm not even sure how that works? a buttgasm? I dunno! Any enlightening info on that would be great as well) there seems to be jizz that comes out of his butt. It reminds me of the secretions my vagina makes after I orgasm. A similar viscosity and color, and I havent smelt it but he has and says it smells like jizz. We use Wet Platinum lube, in case its that? We are just kinda confused about what it is.

3) I have a history of sexual abuse and anal sex is triggering for me for reasons I dont want to get into. I tried it a few times but when anything gets near my butthole I freeze up and just start saying "nononononononono!" So I feel quite un-informed about how it feels and what to do. He has been a great teacher but if anyone has any recommendations on where to get good information on being a good pegger (?) I would really appreciate it.

EDIT: in reguards to question number 2 (hahahahhaha omg thats funny) he says it keeps coming out for quite some time. I just asked him and he said 2-3 hours.

heavy discharge and sex

Lately I've had heavier than usual white discharge, and it's starting to put a dampener on my sexlife. I think it's from my BC, because I had the same white kind of discharge off BC, but I feel like it's picked up since switching brands a few months ago.

Anyway, because i ALWAYS seem to have discharge a'goin on inside me, it's bothering me when i have sex. It's to the point where I don't want to have sex because it really grosses me out seeing my discharge on my SO's penis. My SO has either never noticed or never said anything, but it really bothers me personally.

I read on here somewhere that depending on how hydrated you are affects how much discharge you give off. Is that true? 


Anyway, am I the only one and is there anything I can do to at least make this less of a problem?

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can i enduce an early period?

so my partner is going away next week and i was wondering if i could stop taking my bc pills on sat in order to enduce my period so that i have it while he is away.

I'm technically supposed to get my period in 2 weeks. but i wanted to make it early because i've been away this week and he's leaving friday and won't be back til the first.

If I skip the last week and start taking the placebo pills i should get my period next wed and it will be over by the time he gets back.

i just wanted to make sure that would be ok or would that throw off my protection?

thanks for the help

Stopping/Swapping HBC

Hi folks!

This is being cross-posted in the "birthcontrol" community (sorry if you see this twice!), but wanted to hear from the VPers on this one. Collapse )

Thanks much in advance and sorry for the lengthy verbage. I can be long-winded sometimes. >.<;
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PCOS + BCP +bleed timing.

So it would seem that I'm on BCP for PCOS (to regulate a cycle that normally doesn't exist) and each month I've taken it (Yaz) my period has gotten later and later, Now it starts on the day when I'm supposed to start the new pack of pills... which if I recall, sets up the body to stop the bleed, and get on with the beginning of the cycle.

So: should I:
-delay the new pack by a day or two to allow the bleed to happen, and clear out the extra chances of endometriosis.
-take it on schedule and trust the medicine
-something else?

I'm using condoms as a back-up method, so, the pregnancy risk is a non issue.

Thanks muchly!

implantation bleeding vs. period?

well..  what i thought was my last period might have been implantation bleeding.  i usually pass a lot of clots and have long heavy periods but it was short and light pretty much.  my lower back usually hurts when i get my period, and that happened last time, but does back pain occur with implantation bleeding too?  i was very very sick at the time of my last "period" too so it might just be that my body was all whacked out..  i'm not sure.  i'm going to get a pregnancy test but i was mainly just wondering about the back pain/implantation bleeding thing.  i read that some of the symptoms are backaches and headaches but i have those every day anyways .. i don't have food cravings.. i'm just convinced for some reason that it was implantation bleeding instead of a period.  i mean.. when i googled implantation bleeding it said it was a pinkish or brownish discharge, but i think it was more bloody looking than pink or brown.  how long does implantation bleeding last?  sldkjflsdkjflskdj sorry it's so jumbled i just can't think straight.

Persistant Itchy Labia

Hello superstars!

I am having a major issue. For the past three weeks I've had itching in the labial area.

Collapse )

Has anyone else had this kind of itching before? Is there anything that helped? I've read a few places it could be herpes, but I've had a full STD work up and a PAP (all negative as well) just before this problem happened, and have been with the same partner for five years (the relationship was previously open, but hasn't been for a year now, hence STD checking.)

Any help at all would be very, very appreciated.

Edit: Just for clarity, the itching is mainly really bad towards the front, and not really near the vaginal opening, if that helps at all.

Nuva Ring and Spotting

So I got myself in a little bit of a predicament...

I am supposed to take my Nuva Ring out tomorrow Thursday October 22nd (I put it in on October 1st so its 3 weeks).

In the past I have taken it out and dont start spotting until 2-3 days later. I was hoping to stack this month because this weekend and this week I get to see my boyfriend for the first time in a while because we're in a LDR. I was hoping for no period.
The planned parenthood I go to is closed and I wont be able to get and insert my ring until 3pm Friday. I'm hoping I catch it in time before the spotting starts but I am already showing major pre-period symptoms ( increased thirst, couldnt sleep last night, mild cramping, increased appetite). Im leaving my ring in until I get the new one, hoping that there are enough hormones left in it to help delay my period for a few more days.

I guess my question is, If I start spotting before I get the ring, should I just wait it out and have my period (and re-insert 7 days later)? Or will inserting the ring cause the spotting to stop?

Thanks in advance!

Scrotum wart or pimple?

Today is my mans birthday so I was giving him a full body massage. Once I reached his scrotum I noticed a raised white bump. At first glance it appeared to be a pimple. A closer second look and I thought maybe it's a wart.

Can men get pimples on their testicles? In the 2 years we've been dating, he never has before so it seems kind of odd. I tried to pop it (bad probably) with a pin needle but it hurt him obviously being poked there and all I got out of it was a very very small amount of clear fluid.

I tried to find photos online of what it may look like but all I could find were wart cluster pictures. He only has one. As I said, it's a raised white bump.

Any ideas? I'm afraid to have sex with him now til it has time to disappear or something. So much for birthday booty.

Articles about empowerment?

 Hello, friends!

I'm taking a theology class (at my Jesuit university) called Sex, Gender, and the Human Body. Our mid-term assignment is to pick any topic we've discussed and write 15 pages about it, and I'd like to look at the Church's view of female empowerment and the proper role of women and contrast that with the modern/feminist view. This is where all you come in! I was wondering if anyone had any articles bookmarked or favorite websites that would discuss empowerment. I'd love to get a variety of perspectives, so anything you can suggest would be great! My email address is drakeel@bc.edu if that would be easier for anyone. Thank you all so much!


external itch cream for YI, will it interfere w/ condoms?

So it seems like I've gotten a little bit of a yeast infection, probably from a new soap I've used. I have a fair amount of discharge (usually I get none), no overly yeastie smell and VERY minimal itching, so I'm not too worried about it. 

I think I'm going to go the yogurt route because it's so minor and I rely only on condoms for safe sex, and let's be honest, it's almost the weekend and I really wanna be able to get it on, especially if it clears up in 24 hrs! 

However, I do have some Monistat external itch cream (the kind that comes w/ the suppositories) leftover. If I use it on my labia but not IN my vagina, is there any chance this could weaken the condom? I'm not going to be using it while we're having sex, obviously, but I'm wondering if it has the mineral oil in it that causes the suppositories to weaken condoms.

Input would be appreciated! Thanks!


Bleeding After Intercourse

Last night I had sex with my friend and it was just normal fun, nothing rough or insane. Afterwards I went to use the restroom and there was some mucus-like blood that I wiped away. It kind of freaked me out a bit. It's been a few years since I've lost my virginity and have never bled before during sex. I have never had spotting in between my periods and it's not like it just ended or it's due or anything. I am on Yasmin and have been for 2 years and have never had any problems with it. This morning it has stopped and I haven't come across anymore blood.

Is this kind of thing normal? Maybe it was just some blood he dislodged from my last period?

Weight loss and breast sagging

So... I want to lose weight. I'm 145 pounds and want to get to around 115.

Right now I'm a small C cup and do have a bit of "crease" under my breasts. I'm afraid that I'm going to lose the weight and my breasts will sag sag sag.

Is there a way to avoid it? Do you think it'll even happen all that much? Any thoughts at all?
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Pregnancy and UTI prevention questions!

I have two unrelated questions. The first is: how soon would I be able to tell that I was pregnant/how soon would my period stop if I was pregnant. I'm on Loestrin 24 and I use it basically perfectly, but I worry every month that I am pregnant, so this month is no exception. I'm in a long-distance relationship, so the first time I had sex this pack of BC was October 8th and the last time I had sex with October 12th. I am on my second day of placebo pills, and I have yet to get my period. Should I worry about my so-far missing period? They usually come the second day of my placebo pills. Would my period even be missing, even if I was pregnant, since the implantation would have happened so recently? Does this question even make sense?

My second question is about UTI. I got one around October 9th, and it was the first one I've ever had. I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to prevent it, since it was terrible. Specifically I'm wondering if the fact that I completely shaved my pubic hair before October 8th (meaning I had no pubic hair when I got the UTI) caused the UTI? This sounds ridiculous even as I'm typing it, but does pubic hair keep bacteria out of my vagina?

Also, would the antibiotics I was on because of my UTI have anything to do with my absent period? I'm obviously fishing for an answer, I'm just terrified I'm pregnant.

Any help/answers you can give would be wonderful!

Carrying pills in a small box

For about a month and a half now, I've been keeping my pills in a little Smint box (basically a pocket-sized candy dispenser). It's incredibly easy and convenient, plus it allows me to take my daily pill in public without anyone having to notice.

But I've been wondering - is this perfectly safe? The box is water tight and can't accidentally open, but would it make the pills less effective to be carried around in my pocket all day? (heat factors, air exposure, anything...) I've noticed each pill had a slight minty flavor the first few weeks, but that was only to be expected I suppose. Should I be worried about anything at all?